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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is integral for efficiently building and maintaining relationships with customers. For the most part, CRM systems contain an extensive database of customers including information that will be important for sales teams, such as message history, and notes, which make it easy to categorize customers and identify their needs. Most CRM systems focus on making the sales process more efficient by providing an insightful overview of all the deals, leads, communications and sales in the pipeline. In addition, a CRM is not only useful for maintaining relationships with existing customers, but it is also useful for acquiring new ones.

This ranking was published on August 22, 2017. For the most up-to-date Crozscores, user reviews and other information have a look at the full CRM product list.


Salesforce (173) Market Leader

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As the market leader in operational CRMs, Salesforce has a solution for just about everything relating to customer management. This includes marketing automation, sales management, forecasting, and lead management. Additionally, the Salesforce AppExchange offers several thousand add-ons to cater to virtually any specific requirement you might have. More Information...


Copper (1140) Most Google-Friendly

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Known for its integration with G Suite, ProsperWorks is a modern Google-centric CRM solution that is great at collecting data and excellent at managing contacts and correspondences much to the delight of sales staff, who are able to incorporate it into their workflows easily. More Information...


Streak (388)

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With Streak, users can have the power of an easy-to-use CRM solution right in their Gmail inbox. This unique browser add-on can categorize your emails so they are are grouped in stages, based on a company for example, and add it to a pipeline. The software can ultimately make Gmail more powerful by giving inboxes more utility. More Information...


Pipedrive (1772) Lightweight Pick

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A CRM solution purposefully designed to help small and medium sized businesses sell more, with a powerful interface designed to minimize the number of actions it takes to complete a task, while providing a clean overview of sales performance and revenue in the statistics section. More Information...


Highrise (4)

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A CRM solution aimed at small businesses, Highrise can manage contacts and track communications with customers. Highrise will keep a concise record of all external and internal communications. Low-cost and remarkably easy to learn, Highrise can have sales teams managing tasks and contacts in no time. More Information...


Salesflare (124)

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A CRM solution that prioritizes efficiency and cohesiveness, Salesflare can enable your sales teams to achieve more in less time. This sales CRM software can input data automatically, remind salespeople of who to contact, log all customer interactions, and a myriad of other functions that take the busy work out of sales. More Information...

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM (269)

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A CRM aimed at small businesses, Less Annoying CRM is straightforward and prioritizes ease-of-use through its simple and clean contact management interface. With Less Annoying CRM, you will also be able to make use of task management, note-taking and extensive lead-tracking functionality. More Information...


Contactually (232)

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Contactually is a CRM solution that can help users identify and nurture key relationships. Aimed at smaller companies, Contactually can be used to action custom pipeline activities, relieving users of repetitive tasks. It also has an interesting time management edge, as the CRM will consistently remind users of impending activities, akin to a virtual assistant. More Information...


Membrain (90) Sales Mentor

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Membrain is a highly customizable CRM software with emphasis on the sales process. Membrain actively coaches sales teams during sales cycles through notifications and reminders, fostering an environment based on improvement. In addition, Membrane contains the standard features of a CRM, including a user-friendly pipeline view. More Information...

bpm'online CRM

bpm'online CRM (4)

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Bpm’online is a CRM software driven by a Business Process Management (BPM) solution stack including applications for marketing, sales, and service, allowing users to centralize the management of the entire customer journey. With its intuitive interface, bpm’online CRM enables deeper coordination between marketing and sales processes. More Information...


Nimble (825)

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Nimble is a lightweight CRM software alternative that comes with a nifty browser extension to incorporate users’ workflows effectively. Its features like ‘stay in touch’ make follow-ups a piece of cake and its integrations with Gmail, Google Contacts and social media are great to stay on top of client activities for smart relationship management. More Information...


Capsule (45)

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Capsule is a CRM solution that helps its users organize their emails, contact history, notes, tasks, and calendars all at once. Small teams will find that Capsule helps manage sales pipelines rather well, even when on the go - thanks to mobile apps that fill-in the gap during interactions with prospects. More Information...


SugarCRM (493)

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Powerful and highly customisable, SugarCRM can help businesses discover new opportunities and track contacts. SugarCRM comes ready with social CRM capabilities and integrations with the most popular social media sites. It is also offers a wide range of integrations with Google products, Outlook and more. More Information...



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After acquiring Hybris in 2013, SAP SE has developed their CRM solution to serve medium to large enterprises in a cloud environment. The SAP CRM software is equipped to handle sales and client management completely, whether it is pipeline creation or forecasting, and it integrates seamlessly with SAP’s other offerings, such as ERP and Business Warehouse. More Information...


Sellsy (8)

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Sellsy is a cohesive CRM software solution that contains many sales management functions and can be scaled to the the needs and size of any business. It’s easy-to-use interface uses drag and drop functionality to allow users to utilize invoicing, document storage and team collaboration features. More Information...


Insightly (571)

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As a free web-based CRM solution that doubles up as a project management system, small businesses have good reasons to be fond of Insightly. It has integrations for both G Suite and Office 365, MailChimp, and social media, as well as an API for further customisations. Its mobile apps are also designed to ensure users connect with clients with ease. More Information...

Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems (122)

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It’s really simple to keep all your customer sales information in one place with Really Simple Systems. It does a good job of tracking calls, business opportunities and team members with a report management module that is very effective at analysing the sales databases. More Information...


GreenRope (152)

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Greenrope will streamline operations by enabling important functions to be accessible in one unified interface at the same time. It offers standard CRM functionalities as well as some unique features, like its learning management system that helps train staff. More Information...


Pipeliner (7)

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Pipeliner is a robust CRM system that helps automate sales. It is characterised by its attractive graphics and visual approach towards data, ensuring that the sales process is transparent and easy to understand. Sales teams will easily be able to prioritize customers, tasks, opportunities and leads with Pipeliner. More Information...

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