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BNTouch Mortgage CRM
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Real estate customer relationship management focuses on streamlining processes related to lead tracking, marketing automation, contact management and appointment bookings. It works like most CRM software solutions but focuses entirely on realty businesses. This means taking careful consideration of buyer and seller leads, appointments with interested customers and sales pipelines.

The need for real estate will never cease. As long as people are looking for homes and businesses are in need of offices or storefronts, closed deals will always be made. Statistics have shown that 88% of buyers bought their homes using real estate services. It’s important to be mindful of what exactly the customers want in order to ensure closed deals. This is where real estate CRMs come in—with tools fit for email marketing, transaction management, customer support and more.

Real estate businesses belong to a highly competitive industry. Without the right tools, you could easily get left behind. However, real estate CRMs can help you to effectively serve customers to the best of your abilities without wasting unnecessary time. As such, a 300% improvement in conversion rates and a 41% revenue increase per salesperson can be observed by real estate businesses, provided they use CRM to its highest potential.

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Contactually is the leading intelligent CRM for real estate professionals. A web-based CRM suite that allows people to oversee and manage their communication activities through easy to use interface. View Listing...

Contactually helps real estate business to share contacts and take on specific roles while remaining well coordinated, by allowing users to create contact categories, merge accounts, set up templates as well as automate processes such as follow-up emails.

How is CRM used for real estate?

Agents and brokers use CRM platforms to improve their real estate business. It has become one of the most effective tools to have in building strong relationships and closing deals. Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, you can send them drip campaigns and emails of new offers. What this software solution does is it also targets specific customers and keeps in touch with them years after, despite having already closed the deal.

Contactually is a web-based real estate CRM tool used to perform a variety of activities closely associated with a virtual prompter and virtual assistant. It sends notifications to remind you of client appointments and pending contacting activities. Additionally, it also performs a series of tasks under a certain pipeline and takes off the workload from your hands.

Contactually has several shared key features found in most real estate CRM software solutions. They are highlighted in the following:

Task management

This feature refers to the ability to keep agents and brokers on track. While it’s helpful to have the task management feature in scheduling appointments and managing follow-up duties with customers, it’s sufficient in dealing with administrative duties. Real estate firms are not just about selling houses—it’s about promoting business. You can do this through social media, websites, emails and more. The task management feature helps in making sure these aforementioned key strategies are well managed and completed.

Lead management

Lead management refers to managing all existing leads you have and ensuring they become valuable customers later on. The process of nurturing leads can be a difficult one since they demand constant and equal attention. If these leads are not interested in your services or offers yet, they’ll go through the nurturing cycle. For those interested, they’ll be directed to the sales team. However, managing all of these leads can be draining and difficult if done manually. Nowadays, most CRM software solutions have the lead management feature integrated into their system. Additionally, you’ll get to see an increase in calls from referrals and later on your overall business.

Contact records

A complete record of all your contacts and clients minimizes the time and effort it takes to look for specific details you need. Having a centralized location for all information gives agents access to it. This lessens miscommunication and erroneous data to be passed through multiple channels. Additionally, if a customer has several inquiries regarding a house or an office space, your agents are able to respond quickly and accurately.

Marketing automation

Repetitive tasks can be annoying to deal with, especially when you want to focus on boosting your business than facing hours of creating specific marketing strategies from scratch. However, using a CRM’s marketing automation features lessens these problems as they automatically streamline most online marketing processes.

What are the benefits of real estate CRM?

Real estate CRM benefits both agents and brokers. It’s an effective software system designed to keep client information in a centralized location, allows agents to view appointments and automates everyday tasks. This improves the overall flow of business as lesser time and energy is spent on doing routine operations. Instead, time and energy are now focused entirely on closing deals and developing better relationships with customers.

Here are the five main benefits real estate businesses get from using CRM:

It saves time

Since real estate CRM automates processes and streamlines daily operations, you have an increased amount of time on your hands. This is especially useful in a competitive industry as you can spend more time promoting offers, nurturing leads into loyal customers and responding to several inquiries all at once. This opens opportunities for you to keep in touch with past clients and constantly improve your firm’s way of doing business.

It lessens headaches

Several tasks are involved in real estate—this includes invoicing, scheduling and promoting. If done manually, it can take a chunk of your time and energy since these tasks can’t be easily done. But real estate CRM lessens headaches and stress by automating these tasks and improving the overall flow of your work. The need to remember every client’s complete and information can be tiring to look for amidst outdated technology. Remembering appointments will never be a hassle on your part as well. With real estate CRM, you no longer have to worry about it as the system records everything for you.

It provides more closed deals

Houses are difficult deals to sell—customers need to look at a variety of factors before choosing one to be their new home. The same goes for small businesses looking for office spaces. This is why real estate agents need to be accommodating and informative regarding the sale. With CRM, you can collect information about the client especially in terms of their interests and needs. To close more deals, you need to guide your clients to the best offers you have and make sure they are satisfied.

It allows customization

Customization is an important factor to have when you want to stand out from other real estate firms. You can choose the details to show to your prospects such as the price range, lot size and the number of floors. Being able to personalize specific details in email marketing lets customers know how much you care about their interests. Even if they’re not ready to purchase a home, there is a possibility they will choose you as their agent later on.

It offers customer support

Customer satisfaction is vital in the real estate business. When given efficient service, most clients refer their relatives and friends to the agent who sold them their house. Maximizing customer support allows you to gain interested people coming your way. Additionally, CRM software solutions have a range of contact information for customers to use such as phone numbers, emails and chat boxes.

Overall, real estate business becomes even more difficult to manage without CRM. Automated tasks, streamlined processes and efficient campaign management are the key features to deliver stellar customer service. At the end of the day, if you want to close more deals, CRM is the most critical tool you can have.

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Pipedrive CRM 88


Pipedrive is a sales-focused customer relationship management tool that teams of all sizes love using. View Listing... From: $14.00/month trial/premium Pipedrive CRM Pricing

7 Award(s)

BNTouch Mortgage CRM 86


Best for Mortgage Professionals: Loan Officers, Loan Advisors, Mortgage Brokers, and Mortgage Marketers View Listing... From: $69.00/month premium only


Kommo 85


The world’s first messaging-powered CRM. Engage with your customers on a whole new level by using this versatile, cloud-based sales automation tool. View Listing... From: $15.00/month trial/premium Kommo Pricing

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Product Leader

Act! 85


Act! is a flexible customer relationship management et marketing automation software built for small and midsized businesses. View Listing... From: $79.00/month trial/premium Act! Pricing

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Web4Realty 81


Web4Realty provides a suite of marketing apps that allow real estate professionals to manage and grow their business. View Listing... From: $24.00/month trial/premium


Gmaven 64


Gmaven is a cloud-based platform that automates back and front office processes for professionals in the commercial real estate industry. We manage customers' data and feeds. View Listing... From: $99.00/month trial/premium Gmaven Pricing


Aaram CRM 63


Aaram CRM is all-in-one real estate sales platform that offers better lead management and the control over your customers deals sales and properties management View Listing... From: $25.00/month trial/premium Aaram CRM Pricing


Dwellingo 50


Dwellingo is an Open House digital sign-in platform designed to help real estate agents grow their business by collecting leads and transferring them into their existing CRM. View Listing... From: $5.00/month trial/premium Dwellingo Pricing




Contactually is the leading intelligent CRM for real estate professionals. A web-based CRM suite that allows people to oversee and manage their communication activities through easy to use interface. View Listing...

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