Best Real Estate Software in 2018

Products in this category focus on all the aspects of the real estate industry, from construction to sales and from advertising to budgeting. These solutions help automate a majority of the tasks performed by individuals and organizations. For example, the same program can be used by a potential buyer to find and inspect a property and by an owner or an industry specialist to market the property, sell it and manage other properties in their portfolio. Estate brokers rely on these programs to share the details of the properties they manage, perform accounting tasks or promote their portfolio in the travel and tourism niche. Users can schedule projects, manage the workforce and keep track of the progress during construction and renovation processes. 


Brokermint 74


Brokermint is a Real Estate Back Office Management Software that integrates with the MLS and Quickbooks. Can also handle transaction management and commission tracking. More Information...


Properly 59


Properly’s is a web and app based tool for short-term rental cleaning of properties. More Information...


AppFolio 87


AppFolio is a web-based property management software designed for residential property managers. More Information...


SkySlope 85


SkySlope is web-based transaction management software for real-estate brokers. More Information...


VTS 67


Founded with a mission to revolutionize commercial real estate through innovation, VTS is the industry's leading leasing and asset management platform. More Information...

Accruent 360Facility

Accruent 360Facility 63


Accruent 360Facility is a Real Estate and Facility Management Software used to increase operational functionality. More Information...


Corrigo 62


Corrigo provides cloud-based facilities management, work order dispatch & time tracking software. More Information...


Hostfully 61


Hostfully allows property managers to create digital, personalized and platform agnostic guidebooks, so guests have the best local experience possible. More Information...


BrokerSumo 52


Back office, commission management and accounting software for real estate brokerages and agents. Manage your agents, commissions, accounting, reporting, payments & billings. More Information...


PlanningWiz 49


PlanningWiz is a consumer-facing web application tailored to enhance the success and productivity for the residential and commercial industry. More Information...


Contactually 82


Contactually is the leading intelligent CRM for real estate professionals. A web-based CRM suite that allows people to oversee and manage their communication activities through easy to use interface. More Information...


Roundme 79


Roundme is the world's most hassle-free 360 VR publishing and panoramic tours authoring platform. Roundme community members are photographers, real estate agents, travellers. More Information...


Web4Realty 46


Web4Realty provides a suite of marketing apps that allow real estate professionals to manage and grow their business. More Information...

Property Matrix

Property Matrix 44


Property Matrix is a powerful, user-friendly, and fully-customizable property management software. More Information...

Visual Lease

Visual Lease 43


Visual Lease is a SaaS platform that manages and visualizes your leased asset portfolio, while enabling compliance ahead of 2019 FASB/IASB accounting changes. More Information...


Katipult 42


Investment management software for commercial real estate. Raise capital and manage investors with a full cycle product, from deal marketing through to investor reporting. More Information...


Greetly 74


Greet visitors, accept packages, and get more done! Start your free trial without a credit card. More Information...

Enertiv AI

Enertiv AI 39


Enertiv AI tracks all of the critical systems in a building, from the boilers and chillers to the elevators and exhaust fans, predicatively detecting issues in real time. More Information...


PapayaPods 39


PapayaPods helps landlords and housing professionals manage the entire rental journey digitally, in one place. From a single property to large portfolios. More Information...

Ramco ERP

Ramco ERP 72


Ramco offers post-modern and cognitive ERP software on cloud transforming organizations to digital enterprises. More Information...

Bricks + Agent

Bricks + Agent 37


Bricks + Agent is an online property management platform that matches vendors with agents in their area. More Information...

Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline 69


Paperless Pipeline is cloud-based Real Estate Transaction Management System. More Information...


Innago 34


Innago offers a cloud-based property management platform for landlords with small to midsize property portfolios. More Information...

Switch Automation

Switch Automation 34


A cloud-based SaaS Platform that empowers building owners and managers to aggregate and analyze building data while controlling and automating real estate assets in real-time. More Information...


Vreasy 67


Empower your vacation rental business. Built-in channel manager, master calendar, total automation, and guest experience platform. More Information...


Emphasys 27


Empahsys is a Real Estate Back Office Management Software that integrates with QuickBooks and is designed to help brokers easily manage transactions and commissions. More Information...


AutoAlert 26


AutoAlert Job Management helps companies with remote workers manage their jobs and raise their invoices. This helps in reducing admin, reducing costs and increasing profits. More Information...


AirGMS 57


AirGMS is an all-in-one guest management platform specifically for Airbnb businesses that allows users to control bookings and alterations, guest communications, and more. More Information...


Ninox 57


Create custom business apps without a single line of code. Ninox is a human-friendly database on the web and as an app for Mac, iPad and iPhone. More Information...




ADDA provides every tool needed for smooth and efficient running of any Residential Community. It is a facility management,billing and accounting,security management platform. More Information...


AgentDrive 44


The data-driven sales, marketing and advertising platform for real professionals. More Information...

DEXCell Energy Manager

DEXCell Energy Manager 41


DEXCell Energy Manager is a powerful, hardware-neutral energy analytics platform that helps facility managers detect, analyse and control building energy costs. More Information...

ADDA GateKeeper

ADDA GateKeeper 39


App Based Visitor Management, Intelligent Security Management Platform. More Information...


Syncbnb 38


Syncbnb is a vacation rental channel manager. We help property owners list their rentals on multiple channels and we synchronize bookings across 100+ channels. More Information...

New Avenue

New Avenue 38


New Avenue is a national group of architects and contractors who you can trust. Our platform makes communication easier, reduces mistakes, and builds trust. More Information...


iRooms 35


iRooms Virtual Data Room is an online platform used for secure online file storage and collaboration during M&A, real estate, and other highly sensitive transactions. More Information...


Vabooki 29


Vabooki is a drag and drop website builder built to meet the needs of vacation rental property owners. More Information...


SnagTick 28


SnagTick is a cost-effective web and mobile application for snagging and defect management for construction. More Information...


AtAssist 24


@Assist is an all-in-one solutions company that creates affordable and easy-to-use solutions for small to large businesses. More Information...


WaterworksLMS 23


Perfect solution for water utilities, municipalities, and HOAs looking to replace their old PC program with an excellent billing, CRM and payments platform. More Information...

Crowd Valley

Crowd Valley 14


The Digital Back Office for Online Investing and Lending. Build your own fintech application without worrying about your own backend. More Information...

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