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Ryan K
25 Feb 2020
"iDevAffiliate saved me ! "

- I like that you can develop Marketing groups within iDevAffiliate - Coupon Code commissioning is an excellent feature. - US ba...

G-Core Labs
Abel Griffith
25 Feb 2020
"I was lucky with G-core hosting"

Their customer service responds via tickets in 15-20 minutes. That's cool! I was looking for stable hosting and I found it. Currentl...

Site Search 360
Stephen Hesterman
25 Feb 2020
"Site Search 360 Experience"

The user interface is quite intuitive, and I appreciate the feature set, especially the ability to include multiple base URLs (websi...

Simply CRM
Benjamin Lucas
25 Feb 2020
"Fabulous tool for sales managers and team"

The best part that comes along with Simply CRM is its power to collaborate with internal staff as well as the worldwide customer bas...

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