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Sneha Mittal // Marketing and Customer Service Manager at SuperSaaS - Online Appointment Scheduling
23 May 2018
"Amazing for small and medium businesses"

The software is very affordable and highly customizable. I use it to manage my personal time and schedule my meetings. The best feat...

Google Drive
Sander Weegels // Marketing & Event Manager at i-team Global
23 May 2018
"Google Drive: everything in ONE place "

Google Drive is a very easy to use storage program. It’s easy to install and you only need a Google account to do so. After installi...

Derek Henmi // President & Co-Founder at VividPayments
23 May 2018
"Excellent! Must have software"

• Easy to use – simple interface • Automation that actually helps • Great onboarding and customer service whenever I need help • ...

Michael Youmans // Sales Manager at Red Bull Distribution Company
22 May 2018
"Excellent product with a lot of cool features"

Freshdesk is smooth, clean, efficient and easy to use. It is an excellent support channel for users, which allows you to create tick...

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Software Explained in Simple Terms

ShiftNote is a web-based employee management and scheduling software solution designed for any type of business that deals with shift-to-shift changeover with employees and staff, such as restaurants, retail stores, healthcare offices, hotels, manuf... read more

TimeForge is a feature-rich workforce management software solution comprised of a variety of modules designed to work together to share crucial information and enhance core operational and HR processes. The labor management platform is: affordable a... read more

Picnic is a gamification software product made by game designers for businesses that want to increase engagement and loyalty among its customers. It features leaderboards, points, badges, and points. The goal is to enhance the user experience by mak... read more

Abhisi is a web-based customer service and helpdesk software solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses in need of a collaborative platform to provide quality support for customers. As a cloud-based helpdesk solution, Abhisi is a tool de... read more

ClearCompany is a cloud-based HR and talent management solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises, across multiple industries. The platform facilitates a wide range of HR processes, including finding, hiring... read more

ParkMyCloud is a SaaS-based cloud management software solution designed for all business sizes, from small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Any business or organization with cloud computing resources will find ParkMyCloud quite useful.... read more

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SaaS and Cloud Startup Report 2018

SaaS and Cloud Startup Report 2018

Crozdesk took an in-depth look at the SaaS and cloud economy, analyzing over 19k companies to compile its 2018 rankings. The report features the top 25 SaaS and cloud startup ecosystems around the world and takes an in-depth look at funding patterns / development across North America and Europe. It also includes market values, trends, predictions and much more. Available for download free of charge.

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