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reviewed by Langley Simmons
30 Jun 2022
"Customer portal and project management mod..."

Like the new customer portal and project management modules in the platform. Navigation in the platform is smooth and... All BuildOps User Reviews

reviewed by Louise (Lolly) Martin
30 Jun 2022
"Easy to Use"

This program is very user friendly. It has well written directions and videos to support whatever you need to do. I u... All Gradelink User Reviews

reviewed by Carolla Jensen
30 Jun 2022
"The most effective recruitment software in..."

You can connect Gmail to Manatal so that all of your emails are saved there. As someone with minimal technological ab... All Manatal User Reviews

reviewed by Rahul Raj
30 Jun 2022
"slack app review"

Collaboration is made easy and transparent, huddle offers clear and perfection in class. screen sharing option is goo... All Slack User Reviews

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