The Crozscore

Crozdesk's Ranking Algorithm Explained

What is the Crozscore?

The Crozscore is a clever little algorithm, which calculates the overall quality of business cloud software in relation to its competitors. It is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. This fully automatic predictive scoring mechanism, analyses qualitative and quantitative characteristics of software on the basis of large amounts of data gathered from around the web.

The aim of this is to simplify the process of choosing online software providers for your business. The system has been purpose-built to synthesise performance data from a wide range of sources into a single clear aggregate figure. Without any human influence or intervention.

Robot Algorithm

Why is it useful?

It can be tough to choose between two products from two different vendors within the same software category when both promise the same features and results. Software reviews can sometimes be biased or not available for new or small products. So a neutral scoring mechanism gives you a quick overview of how good a software is likely going to be compared to others in the sector.

Score Breakdown

Components of the Score

User reviews

We collect user reviews from a diverse range of sources around the web. This element aims to capture what users are thinking and saying about a particular software, across the Crozdesk network and beyond. This review data is updated regularly and our team is continuously increasing the reach.

Buzz Score

The Buzz Score is an indicator of how popular a software is. We compare pages which are closely related to it within its particular field. This includes press mentions and related authoritative sources to give users an idea of a software’s relative popularity on the web. The higher the score the more 'buzz' a product is generating.

Relative recent interest

The relevant recent interest score monitors trends in web traffic and mentions relating to that particular product. It then analyses the overall trend over a 3 months period to determine whether the software is gaining or losing popularity. A software with little 'buzz', but high growth, might just be the next big thing, for example.

Other factors

The primary purpose of the score is to determine how well a software performs in 4 areas: general user satisfaction, usability, features and overall popularity. With this in mind we are constantly testing and adding new data sources and ranking factors to the Crozscore to make it more and more accurate in these areas.

Can I trust the score?

The score is calculated automatically on the basis of large amounts of data. We never edit or tweak individual results and do not prioritise vendors who are customers of ours. To avoid abuse, the calculation and analysis process is fully automated and we keep our data sources diverse so that the score can't easily be influenced.

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