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Less Annoying CRM
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What is single-user CRM software?

Single user CRM software is catered specifically for individuals, freelancers and independent business owners to assist in managing and organizing their customer database. As its name suggests, it’s perfect for users who work alone.

Customer relationship management or CRM software solutions have always been expected to work primarily for businesses of all sizes. However, single-user software assists those who work alone.

CRM software has features and functionalities tailored to assist you with customer-related processes. A conventional CRM system often needs a handful of people to keep it running properly. This is not the case for single-user CRM. If you spent all your time making sure your systems are running, then it would be detrimental for your progress.

Individuals and independent business owners don’t have the luxury of a large workforce to assist them in their daily operations and need a solution that helps manage essential daily processes and operations.

There are many simple and easy-to-navigate single-user CRM software solutions available, with platforms that are capable of handling sales pipelines and customer information. An example is Less Annoying CRM. The software vendors offer free trials as a way for customers to try their products. Additionally, the price range varies differently between each solution.

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Streak 89


Streak solves the frustration of constantly switching between your inbox (where we do our work) & external systems - making it simpler to manage your everyday work processes. View Listing...

Streak is an intuitive CRM solution that offers simple collaboration and CRM features. Users can collaborate with a single click, easily share contacts, email, files and provides everything needed to get the job done.

How is single-user CRM software used?

Single user CRM software is primarily used by people working alone, including sole traders, private consultants and independent business owners. Single user CRM solutions provide users with the flexibility and scalability to deal with a growing organization.

However, since they’re only starting, using a single user software solution is the first step to allow for further development and improvement.

With this in mind, people use single-user CRM software due to its following characteristics:

Easy to set up

Automated tracking

Low learning curve

Updated customer database

Seamless integration

These characteristics are what make single-user software solutions perfect for their target audience. They're not too advanced and complex to warrant unnecessary issues and troubles along the way. Instead, with free CRM software, you can sit back and let the system work for you. This ensures your business processes are taken care of, without any delays or setbacks. Also, it doesn’t take up all of your time as compared to finishing these tasks manually.

Streak has an intuitive feature available for users—turning Gmail emails into a functional CRM. Its plugins are particularly focused on your emails, turning them into promising pipeline leads and categorizing accordingly into groups. As it focuses only on emails, it is a perfect fit for freelancers and small businesses. Additionally, it offers four pricing plans: free trials, personal (free), professional ($59 per month) and enterprise ($129).

Some of Streak’s features are similar to what other single-user CRM software offers:

Contact management

This feature provides a centralized location for all the information regarding a customer. This includes everything in their records such as name, emails, contact information and transaction history. For example, if they’ve paid for your offered services a year prior, the system automatically sends a reminder or a follow-up. Additionally, this feature tracks the progression of nurturing leads as well.


Cloud-based CRM software solutions are perfect for people who are constantly on the move. Since single users often deal with several tasks all at once, this feature is critical. They don’t need to be tied to a physical location just to access valuable information. Instead, they can bring their business everywhere they go—using either their laptop, mobile device or a desktop.


Analytics should be a sought-out core feature in single-user CRM software. Not only does this type of software collect and record all data from customers, but it also provides trends analysis and statistical figures to back it up. This is helpful in utilizing effective marketing strategies in the future.


Customization options allow you to customize every aspect of your solution and ensure that the relevant features and functions you need are available to you.

Marketing automation

This feature is integral in lead management. Through automated processes, it allows single users to coordinate and manage their existing marketing campaigns to ensure they’ve gathered promising leads. Additionally, it also helps in converting leads into potential customers in the long run.

What are the benefits of single-user CRM software?

Single user CRM software offers several benefits for people working independently in their business. With the help of CRM solutions, their business can thrive within a vastly competitive industry.

The premise behind single-user CRM software is to ensure strong and lasting customer relationships. The main objectives a CRM solution focuses on is simplifying the processes involved with customer support and boosting sales opportunities.

There are many benefits of using single-user CRM tools, including:

Streamlined business processes

This type of software provides complete and total visibility over your customer’s demographics, such as their contact information, transaction history, shopping behavior and many more.

Boosted sales opportunities

Paired with your existing knowledge of your audience, using CRM software solutions can drastically improve your ability to enhance your marketing strategies.

Data-driven decisions

You’re more equipped to make data-driven decisions for your business, especially with features such as reporting and analytics integrated into the CRM system.

Accelerated data collection

Automation and organization are some of the features these software solutions can utilize effectively. Collecting data from emails and calls will never take up longer than necessary.

Consistent marketing and sales strategies

Better understanding and management of customers through a CRM platform ensures you can build and provide better marketing strategies.

Overall, single-user CRM platforms are an integral solution to have in a growing business. This type of software simplifies your tasks, builds better opportunities for improvement and improves your business through automation of tasks and better lead generation and management of customers.

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Less Annoying CRM 95


A simple customer relationship manager made just for small businesses. Manage contact info, track leads, and never miss a follow-up. View Listing... From: $15.00/month trial/premium Less Annoying CRM Pricing

4 Award(s)

Salesflare 92


Salesflare is the intelligent sales CRM that fills itself out so you don't have to. It thinks for you so you can focus on thinking for your customers. View Listing... From: $30.00/month trial/premium

6 Award(s)

Freshsales 92


Freshsales is an all-in-one sales CRM built for businesses of all sizes. With Freshsales, businesses can attract, engage, close, and nurture their leads. View Listing... From: $12.00/month trial/premium Freshsales Pricing

5 Award(s)

NetHunt 92


NetHunt is a powerful CRM platform, especially useful for sales and marketing teams who rely on Gmail and other Google Workspace apps. View Listing... From: $24.00/month trial/premium NetHunt Pricing

1 Award(s)
Product Leader

Streak 89


Streak solves the frustration of constantly switching between your inbox (where we do our work) & external systems - making it simpler to manage your everyday work processes. View Listing...

3 Award(s)

Really Simple Systems 89


Designed specifically for small and medium sized business, Really Simple Systems is an easy to use online CRM for sales, support and marketing. View Listing... From: $18.00/month freemium Really Simple Systems Pricing

2 Award(s)
Product Leader

Pipedrive 88


Welcome to the simpler way to sell! Pipedrive is an easy to implement CRM software tool that helps you focus on the activities that drive deals to close. View Listing... From: $14.90/month trial/premium

6 Award(s)

17hats 88


Comprehensive premier business platform that provides a suite of business tools to help you leave the chaos behind by helping you organize, systemize & grow your business. View Listing... From: $45.00/month premium only 17hats Pricing

1 Award(s)
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