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Still unsure what type of Communications software to consider? See which of the 12 sub-types other businesses use.

Relative Popularity of Communications Software

Most Popular Subcategories

What is Communications Software?

Communications software primarily focuses on solutions that provide any form of communications between co-workers, production teams and management, colleagues on site or in different locations, etc. One of the main subcategories of formal and informal communication is centered on email software and platforms. This category also houses other types of business and personal communications like telephony and VoIP services as well as video conferencing. Software solutions that provide support to in-house communications can be found in the internal communications subcategory. We also included presentation programs and platforms in this category as they are a form of communication tools that serve the purpose of transferring information. A great deal of correspondence is dependant on mobile devices and these communication solutions are housed under an appropriate subcategory.

Communication is at the core of both business and private life and this category should allow you to quickly discover, compare and review solutions that serve one purpose, or unified communications demands that allow you to combine all sorts of connectivity features.

How to Choose Communications Software

With so many forms of communication required in the day-to-day of a business, one of the key factors in the decision-making process regarding software solutions of this kind is the intended use. Most of the tools used in digital communications are task specific like email or VoIP services. And while many can perform multiple functions, picking a specific subcategory will enable you to connect with people and perform tasks more efficiently and with ease.

Another important factor is the number of people you are trying to connect and communicate with on a daily basis. Managing internal communications and separating business from personal exchange can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of correspondence and there is a hierarchy involved. Software solutions can drastically vary depending on the number of people that are included in the conversation.

Integrations are important. When looking for a communications solution, you should think about the possibility of integrating it with other services and tools you are familiar or dependent on. This is especially true if you are planning to pick more than one software from this category. Managing emails and files go hand in hand and the ability to integrate the two could streamline your communication and increase productivity.

Finally, you should take into consideration the versatility of the available tools within a communication platform. Attaching documents, sharing files and information, linking content and outside services are all required as an option when it comes to business correspondence. Prior to picking a platform that will suit your communication needs, you should compare and review which of them offer the best features and an easy setup process.

Subcategories of Communications Software

  • Email: This subcategory houses solutions that provide digital correspondence services. Emails are at the core of both business and personal communication and are responsible for a majority of exchanges. Email solutions can vary through all the consideration factors mentioned and depending on the intended use, the number of people involved and the versatility, you have plenty of options to choose from. Ranging from simple solutions that offer the basic email sending functionality to complex ones that allow you to schedule emails and other tasks, using temporary mail servers and integrated functions like sales and conversion rate tracking.
  • Internal Communication: Solutions in this subcategory are focused on communication within the company or creative teams themselves. Collaboration remains as one of the cornerstones of successful business and the ability to get the right information to the right people on time is paramount. Whether you need to connect with individuals in your organization, conduct group correspondence, or brainstorm ideas and track progress, you will find communication software solutions in this subcategory that will cover your bases, streamline the exchange between your co-workers, and provide insight into the core of the business processes for efficient management.
  • Mobile: This software category offers solutions that are specific to mobile phones. Global internet connectivity is best utilized using communication tools that improve your business and personal life alike. Managing all sorts of exchanges while being outside the office has become pretty much standard these days and there are plenty of solutions that offer communication features like file transfer and sharing, calendar, and scheduling, workforce management, instant messaging and chat, etc.
  • Presentations: Software from this category is used for creating presentations and sharing them with your clients and co-workers. With much of the work being segmented and divided amongst people, presentations are often the best way of communicating data to a wide range of audiences. This subcategory offers solutions that enable you to create visual presentations, create charts and infographics, share diagrams and mind maps that will help your audience understand data better.
  • Telephony: Telephony remains one of the most widespread forms of communications and as such, deserves a segment on its own. Many businesses depend on telephony to perform sales, create leads, conduct marketing and provide customer services. This subcategory houses solutions that will enable you to perform these tasks and conduct communication with clients, customers and co-workers.
  • Unified Communications: This subcategory lists communication software solutions that combine features of of other categories. This segment will allow you to discover and compare software products that will streamline your communication by providing you multiple services through a unified interface. Solutions from this list combine features like VoIP services and telephony with internal communication and IT management.
  • Video Conferencing: Software products in this communications segment offer video calls and conferencing services. These solutions provide two-way audio and video communication regardless the participating parties’ location. Saving time and money by avoiding travel is an important aspect in modern business. Communicating data and performing webinars and eMeetings are just some of the features offered by software solutions in this segment. You can also use these platforms to video chat with friends and family and for other personal needs.
  • VoIP: The Voice over IP subcategory deals with platforms specifically designed to provide calls over the Internet. Communication globalized the way we do business and connect with people. Being able to get in touch with friends and co-workers regardless of their location should be a priority. VoIP solutions found their way into sales management and customer satisfaction segments as they provide an efficient way of calling people without worrying about the location and additional operating costs.

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