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What is free VoIP software?

VoIP software utilizes voice over internet protocol to enable users to make voice and video calls over the internet. This type of software is used by businesses and organizations to facilitate both their internal and external communications efforts.

Free VoIP software is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), large enterprises, freelancers and individual users. This is because VoIP software solutions generally have the versatility, scalability and functionality that all types of users are looking for in a high-quality communications platform, without the hefty price tag.

Voice over IP technology refers to both the hardware and the software. VoIP software packages also come in different categories, i.e. free VoIP phones, free VoIP gatekeepers, free VoIP gateways, free VoIP PBX, free VoIP proxies and free VoIP software development libraries.

Free and open-source VoIP software helps to enhance employee mobility, interdepartmental communications and collaboration. This type of communications software provides users with comprehensive call reporting features. It is designed to support a wide variety of functions, including audio/video calling, instant messaging, group conferencing and other features often available with standard telephone systems.

VoIP software solutions allow you to transform your computer, your mobile devices and your tablet into a robust web-based communications platform. This will help you save a significant amount of money when making conference calls to clients and colleagues all around the world.

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Zoom 91


Zoom provides enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing View Listing...

Zoom offers a communications platform that connects people through video, voice, chat, and content sharing. Zoom has an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

How is free VoIP software used?

The advent of the internet brought with it a number of innovative ways for communication, from the basic text-based communication that allows you to send text messages and emails to people all over the world to the more advanced VoIP calls and conferencing.

In a time where remote is becoming more popular, the need for cost-effective voice and video calls becomes more apparent. VoIP software is not just limited to users who want to stay in touch with friends and family through free calls and instant messaging. The technology is a very important tool for today’s businesses and organizations.

Free VoIP software solutions allow you to build a high-quality, real-time communication channel that lets you make audio and video calls anywhere in the world using an internet-enabled device and a stable internet connection. While this is a cheaper alternative for individuals looking to connect with family and friends living in different parts of the world, VoIP technology is especially important for businesses and organizations that make long-distance international calls and share important documents on a regular basis.

VoIP software systems are often cloud-based, which means they are hosted by the vendor or service provider. This also means you don’t have to worry about managing and maintaining the system since all the heavy lifting is taken care of by the provider.

Another option to leverage VoIP is to go for a private branch exchange (PBX) system that is VoIP-friendly. This uses a public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateway to effectively transform public signals into calls. While this particular option is even cheaper compared to standard VoIP software applications, PBX systems can be more complicated and difficult to install.

VoIP technology works on three main principles, all of which are meant to achieve the same objective: to make calls with little to no cost. In a business setting, the most interesting component of VoIP is its diversity, which is what these three principles are. They come from different paths, ending up in the same destination.

VoIP via IP phones

This is the first principle, the method of leveraging VoIP technology through IP phones. These utilize conventional devices that don’t have the standard RJ-11 connectors, but instead, they have the RJ-45 Ethernet connector. This option essentially redirects VoIP calls to your internet router, allowing you to handle your communications online. So as long as you have Wi-Fi, you can make high-quality calls anytime you want.

VoIP via analogue adaptor

The second principle is to use VoIP technology through an analogue adaptor. Like the first principle, this method also requires a stable internet connection to link conventional phone devices to your router. The role of the analogue adaptor is to convert digital data from the internet into analogue signals, making it possible for you to talk with your friends and family, colleagues and partners through VoIP technology.

On paper, this principle sounds quite complicated. It’s actually not uncommon for most people to think that. However, using an analogue adaptor to make VoIP calls is actually the quickest and easiest method. You can set up and start making free calls within mere hours.

VoIP via DSL modem

The third principle is to link multiple devices using a DSL modem and inexpensive hardware. This approach is capable of handling long-distance calls at a nominal cost. In fact, the only cost you or your company will incur is the monthly internet service provider (ISP) payments. This is another reason why you should integrate free VoIP software into your internal and external communications strategy.

There are four main types of VoIP software: integrated access, session initiation protocol (SIP) trunks, managed IP PBX and hosted IP PBX.

However, you don’t have to pay for your VoIP service if you’re just looking for something decent and simple to use. There are many different examples of free VoIP software solutions capable of providing for your basic communication requirements. These include the most popular VoIP systems such as Viber, Skype and Zoom.

Zoom is one of the most advanced and easiest to use platforms when it comes to video conferencing and other communication aspects.

Zoom is exclusively designed for audio/video calls and conferencing. It is the ideal tool for holding video conference calls, teaching online courses, conducting web-based training, virtual meetings and hosting webinars.

The platform offers high-quality audio, video and screen sharing capabilities and it helps to improve communication and collaboration among team members and remote workers with mobile VoIP capabilities. Zoom is available as a free service with an option for a premium upgrade.

What are the benefits of free VoIP software?

Most of today’s VoIP software platforms no longer require you to install some kind of hardware to make the system fully operational. All you really need is a desktop/laptop computer, a mobile device, the right software and you’re ready to communicate with any member of your team worldwide.

Many VoIP solutions also work on a variety of operating systems or they have versions to accommodate these platforms, which include Windows, Mac iOS, Android and more. However, these are not the only reasons why free VoIP software solutions are beneficial to businesses of all sizes.

Cost-beneficial for SMBs and large enterprises

Proper communications infrastructure can be costly to manage and maintain, but it is a necessary component in any successful organization. Free VoIP software, including even the premium options, can mitigate the overall expenses for companies, especially the upfront cost. This applies to every business scale and industry.

Larger businesses will find VoIP software systems especially cost-beneficial with a highly stable broadband connection, as it allows them to maintain multiple voice and video calls while at the same time send text messages without sacrificing the integrity or the quality of their conversations and experiences.

As previously stated, many of today’s VoIP solutions don’t require the purchase and installation of any hardware to get the system up and running. This means small businesses and startups can experience the same benefits provided by the technology as any bigger, well-funded organization. In fact, the free VoIP software versions that most premium providers offer are robust and feature-rich enough to accommodate the basic needs of any startup.

Versatile and efficient solution

Another distinctive benefit of utilizing VoIP technology is how it provides versatility to your workforce and efficiency to your day-to-day operations. VoIP software solutions can be installed on mobile phones through apps. Whether you have a Windows, Mac iOS or an Android device, you can install pretty much most of the free VoIP software available right now.

This is significant as it allows employees to participate in conference calls, virtual meetings and presentations regardless of where they are in the world or whatever time zone they are in. This means you can still get things done, answer queries, resolve issues and ensure projects are submitted on time, even when you have a team where each member is working remotely in various locations.

Robust and comprehensive features

Top-tier VoIP software platforms offer much more than just video calling and instant messaging. While many VoIP vendors and service providers offer more than just audio and video calls, if all you need is the ability to utilize VoIP for making and receiving calls, then go with the most basic solution you can find.

Free VoIP software allows businesses of all sizes to conduct video and audio communication using their desktop computers and mobile devices. Now remote working is becoming more popular, this type of software lets teams and businesses stay in touch and communicate with each other when not in person and conduct private or team calls whenever they're needed.

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Zoom 91


Zoom provides enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing View Listing...

11 Award(s)

Viber 91


Viber is a VoIP tool that allows smartphone users to make worldwide voice and video calls. View Listing...

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UberConference 90


UberConference is a web-based conferencing platform. View Listing... From: $10.00/month freemium UberConference Pricing

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Skype 89


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Hubgets 85


Business instant communication platform empowering people to collaborate via chat, file, & screen sharing, voice and video while turning experience into searchable knowledge. View Listing... From: $2.50/month freemium

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Knowlarity 85


Knowlarity is a pioneer in automated voice technologies with an inexpensive hosted custom voice solution that organizations use to make personalized calls to lots of their customers in a day. They o... View Listing...

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Sylaps 84


Instantaneous, Audio and Video meeting collaborationAs simple as opening on a link to join a meeting on web browser, mobile devices and desktops. View Listing...


Lito 62


Lito is a web-based voice collaboration tool – a virtual office – that lets you better collaborate with your remote co-workers. View Listing... From: $20.00/month freemium Lito Pricing

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