Best Unified Communications Software in 2018

This subcategory lists communication software solutions that combine features of of other categories. This segment will allow you to discover and compare software products that will streamline your communication by providing you multiple services through a unified interface. Solutions from this list combine features like VoIP services and telephony with internal communication and IT management. 


Videxio 53


Cloud video collaboration services and dedicated subscription licenses for purpose-built videoconferencing devices (SIP/H.323 hardware) + streaming integrations. More Information...

Fuze Voice

Fuze Voice 73


Fuze is a global, cloud-based united communications software. More Information...

Fuze Collaboration

Fuze Collaboration 72


Fuze Collaboration is a cloud-based unified communication and project collaboration platform developed to empower all business communications. More Information...


ShoreTel 70


ShoreTel is a provider of cloud-based telephony and unified communications solutions. More Information...


BroadSoft 70


BroadSoft is a global unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform and service provider. More Information...


NetFortris 58


NetFortris provides a unified, end-to-end platform for voice, data, video, and applications. More Information...


Apizee 56


Apizee delivers a WebRTC-based development platform and integrated SaaS solutions for customer engagement and real-time visual assistance on web and mobile devices. More Information...

Blue Jeans Network

Blue Jeans Network 87


BlueJeans Network is a cloud-based video conferencing service for business meetings. More Information...


Tenfold 84


Tenfold is a sales performance application that greatly enhances your sales, marketing, and CRM capabilities. More Information...


8x8 83


8x8 is a cloud-based VoIP solution for small and mid-sized businesses. More Information...


FullContact 82


FullContact is a unified cloud-based address book that syncs contacts across multiple devices and accounts. The app is currently available for web, iOS, Android, and Chrome. More Information...

Jive Communications

Jive Communications 78


Jive provides cloud-based phone systems and Unified Communications services. Jive’s cloud delivery model ensures that you always have the latest technology available. More Information...


Hubgets 43


Business instant communication platform empowering people to collaborate via chat, file, & screen sharing, voice and video while turning experience into searchable knowledge. More Information...


MessageBird 74


MessageBird is a cloud communications platform that connects +15k enterprises to their global customers via the fastest, most reliable SMS, Voice & Chat APIs in the world. More Information...


Sinch 66


Sinch is a cloud-based mobile communications platform that enables developers to add voice, video, verification, SMS, and IM into apps with easy to integrate SDKs and APIs. More Information...


Brosix 65


Brosix is a secure and private instant messaging software for companies of all sizes and industries. More Information...

Video RTC

Video RTC 29


Video RTC solution is fully compliant gateway based in WebRTC, RTMP, SIP specifications to be integrated with most Contact Center software suites. More Information...

Aritic Mail

Aritic Mail 56


Transactional Email Delivery API for Applications & Enterprises More Information...


Groupboard 52


Online whiteboard and web conferencing software which can be embedded in your own website. More Information...


Versature 50


Versature provides cloud-based VoIP communication solutions to Canadian based businesses, boasting superior, cost-effective technology and Canadian-based support since 2003. More Information... 47

(3) is a professional software platform for creating conversational UI's. More Information...

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder 34


Automated SMS appointment reminders to reduce no-shows. Integrates with your existing calendar. More Information...


QoS 29


QoS is a UCaaS Cloud PBX Software developed for the New Zealand market including Voice, Video, Instant Messenger, Staff Presence, and so much more. More Information...

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