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Call center software solutions for small businesses are effective tools for improving customer service, optimizing telemarketing strategies and maximizing efficiency in taking calls. Most companies and enterprises make use of these types of software solutions as a means to enhance their audience reach.

Call centers are designed to meet the demands of a large customer base. They’re typically implemented in client-oriented businesses but it doesn’t mean other industries don’t make use of them. It’s no secret customers have high expectations when it comes to services and resolutions. For starting businesses, this can be difficult to accomplish. However, with the help of software solutions, you can improve on their customer experience while streamlining several processes.

Nowadays, a business has to participate in several engagements to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Without strong customer retention, you can easily fade into the background of the corporate world. Companies that can provide more services in lesser time are always going to remain on top. People expect the best results in a short period—a feat small businesses often fall back on, as compared to their larger counterparts. This is why small businesses make use of call center software in their daily operations.

Small businesses have more reasons to benefit from call center solutions. Due to their small customer base, they need to retain the influx of people paying for their services. In order to do so, their experience must be worth coming back to. With the help of call center software, companies can provide personalized responses and quickly access customer information to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center 87


Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) is a cloud-based call center solution. You can set-up your business call center in 2 minutes. View Listing...

Freshcaller is an ideal call center management phone system for small businesses that provides call recording, call transfers, IVR, customer interaction history, shared phone lines, custom greetings, and much more.

How is call center software used for small business?

The sales team and customer service personnel of a business are typically the departments in need of call center systems. They’re the ones who listen to the complaints and inquiries of the callers and provide answers and solutions. Most of the time, facing the demands of customers can be a tiring task. Without the proper tools to adjust accordingly, a call center agent can easily be overwhelmed. For small businesses with flexible roles, this is most often the case.

In cloud call center software solutions, efficient and quick solutions are the key to increase customer satisfaction. This is achieved through a number of integrated features in the system. These features assist in offering customer support, resolving issues, escalating problems to the higher-ups and handling queries.

FreshCaller, a call center software solution, provides small to mid-sized businesses with advanced methods to handle and facilitate their customer service needs. It allows for flexible and smart solutions in providing the right answers at the right time. You can try it out using its free trial. Some of its features are shared with several other call center applications. The most popular and sought-out ones are highlighted in the following:


When it comes to call center software solutions, it is expected you’ll be dealing with several channels all at once. Examples of this are email, live chat, social media outlets and many more. It can be difficult to keep track of all of them individually so the omnichannel feature seeks to fix that. By providing you with omnichannel capabilities, you and your team can now consistently create good customer experiences for your audience, despite the variety of channels involved.

Call routing

Call routing needs to be implemented with the right setup to ensure efficiency from the customer’s perspective. This helps reduce the number of times they are put on hold.


With this feature, you’ll be able to analyze the performance of your business and the trends involved within each call. This allows you to better prepare for future fluctuations and schedule your workforce around a particular time where more customers are calling in. Additionally, it helps in identifying any problems typically experienced by agents.

Outbound calls

It’s just as important to push out calls as it is to receive calls. This feature often offers implemented tools such as automated dialing and easy-to-call logging features as a way to reach prospects. This is especially useful for the sales team who need to make calls in order to pitch sales, remind customers about updates and renewals and follow up on certain affairs.

CRM Integration

Some software vendors integrate CRM tools within call center software. Once a customer has been satisfied with their services, you can use these tools as a way to secure their loyalty. Later on, this increases your overall profit and retained customers.

What are the benefits of call center software for small business?

Call center software is designed to provide efficiency, agility and organization to several different processes involved in the business. You can gain several benefits through its installation. Taking in calls is an exhausting task. If you have to resort to manually looking for information and pulling up details, it would take forever just to finish with a single customer.

Now, one of the worst things a customer can experience in a call center agency is being put on hold. People want quick solutions to their problems. The second you can’t provide this, they automatically transfer to another agency capable of giving them a better customer experience. To avoid this, small businesses now use call center software. Its features are tailored to make it easier on the company—especially from the perspective of the customer and the agent.

Automated processes – this refers to having automated features involved in streamlining daily operations, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to finish inbound calls.

Improved customer service – the main point of implementing call center software solutions in the first place is to improve the quality of customer service; this is achieved through a number of functionalities, such as quality monitoring, call recording, escalation and many more.

Remote agents – most call center agencies have a physical office for their agents but with call center software solutions, you don’t have to spend on a designated location just to keep an eye on your agents; instead, they can work anywhere, provided they have access to the internet and the application.

Faster dials – speaking to leads and receiving live answers from customers can significantly boost the overall profit of your business; the faster you dial interested customers, the faster you can send a message to them regarding your services or products.

Cost-effective – call center software is a cost-effective solution to customer-related problems; it lets you pay each month on an active monthly user basis and offers several cost-saving answers to each rising issue.

At the end of the day, customers just want answers to their inquiries and businesses want to provide excellent customer service. With call center software solutions, these objectives are achieved. You no longer have to worry about the challenges of managing calls or delivering proper customer support.

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Twilio 89


Twillio is a cloud communications service that allows software developers to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs. View Listing...

5 Award(s)

Ringover 89


Ringover is a communication application that combines advanced phone system, videoconferencing, text and collaborative messaging features focused on team productivity and directly configurable by managers. I... View Listing... From: $30.00/month freemium


Aircall 88


Aircall is an easy-to-use and powerful phone support software for SMBs and start-ups. View Listing... From: $30.00/month trial/premium

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GoToConnect 88


GoToConnect has everything you need to run your business virtually - from VoIP, to phones, to video conferencing, text and chat. Employees can collaborate seamlessly. View Listing...

2 Award(s)

Freshdesk Contact Center 87


Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) is a cloud-based call center solution. You can set-up your business call center in 2 minutes. View Listing... From: $0.00/month trial/premium Freshdesk Contact Center Pricing

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CloudTalk 86


CloudTalk is smart VOIP phone system. 1000+ happy clients as DHL, Yves Rocher, Karcher use CT because of 50+ advanced features and integrations with CRM or helpdesk systems. View Listing... From: $20.00/month trial/premium CloudTalk Pricing

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Product Leader

Five9 85


Five9 is a cloud-based contact center management platform. View Listing...

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InContact 85


NICE inContact is a SaaS-based call center software based on innovative multi-channel technology. View Listing...

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VICIdial 84


VICIdial is a contact center solution with predictive dialer with inbound, outbound, and blended phone call handling, as well as inbound email and customer website chat. View Listing...

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Product Leader

RingCentral 82


RingCentral is provider of cloud-based phone systems for businesses. View Listing...

5 Award(s)
Product Leader

Channels 76


Channels is the way to power up your customer service and put an end to interview-like customer support phone calls. View Listing... From: $24.00/month trial/premium Channels Pricing

2 Award(s)
Product Leader
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