Best Customer Experience Software in 2018

Customer experience is how customers perceive a brand based on their past interactions with the company. These could be direct or indirect interactions at any point in the customer lifecycle. Software products for improving customer experience work in many ways, with different products focusing on different aspects of customer experience. For instance, one product could help create a guided tour for the first-time visitors to your website, making it easy for the visitors to understand what you offer and your specialties. Other important features include live chat, social media support, self service, and mobile support. 88


Social media monitoring, engagement, publishing, analytics & customer experience management. All on one unified, easy-to-use platform. More Information...

Site Search 360

Site Search 360 49


Site Search 360 is an easy to setup site search solution for any website. It is highly customizable to fit exactly your site's look and feel. More Information...


FullStory 85


FullStory captures all customer experience data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. More Information...


LifeRay 81


LifeRay is an enterprise-grade Digital Experience platform (DXP). More Information...


MaritzCX 78


MaritzCX is a customer experience management platform for enterprise-level organizations. More Information...


SiteCore 74


Sitecore Experience Manager is the industry-leading content management solution, giving users the power to manage content with simplicity and speed. More Information...


CloudCherry 63


Listen To Your Customers Anytime Anywhere. The only customer experience platform with 17+ VOC channel. Highly Customization and effective Dashboard. More Information...


Medallia 88


Medallia is a Software-as-a-Service Enterprise Feedback Management and Customer Experience Management platform. More Information...


Bazaarvoice 86


Bazaarvoice is a SaaS solution that collects and publishes authentic feedback from customers. More Information...


SurveyLegend 82


SurveyLegend is the next generation of surveys - engaging, platform-independent & beautiful. We empower companies, large & small & individuals, to create amazing surveys. More Information...


Applause 81


Applause connects users' software, mobile apps, websites and teams to both an intuitive SaaS platform and the world’s leading community of digital experts. More Information...


Smartsupp 75


Smartsupp is a free live chat with visitor recording. Your customers are on your website right now. Chat with them and see what they do. More Information...


Velaro 75


Velaro is enterprise live chat and messaging that drives agent excellence and customer satisfaction. Get real-time feedback, find coachable moments – and improve constantly. More Information...


Freshchat 75


Freshchat is a live chat product exclusively for small teams. It helps businesses to do one thing and do it really well — convert website visitors into customers. More Information...

bpm'online service

bpm'online service 74


Intelligent service management platform to accelerate service delivery and customer delight. More Information... 73

(7) is a multichannel communication platform that makes it easy for businesses to talk to the visitors of their websites and convert them into customers, from anywhere. More Information...


UserReport 73


UserReport is a set of flexible tools, that tell you who your users are, and what they want to achieve. More Information...


Natero 73


Natero is a Customer Success platform that helps SaaS businesses reduce churn, increase adoption, and maximize customer lifetime value. More Information...


Qubit 70


Qubit is online digital experience and customer personalization platform. More Information...


Mopinion 66


Improve the performance, user experience, and increase online sales of your website and mobile apps by collecting, analyzing, and managing online customer feedback. More Information...


PetDesk 65


Improving pet health by helping pet parents stay current, and local pet care providers stay connected. More Information...


Custify 32


We provide a Customer Success Solution tailored for SaaS businesses. More Information...


Amity 64


From chaos to customer success, Amity's Customer Success Software helps you understand which customers need your attention and why. More Information...


99tests 62


99tests provides a testing market place to get 100 Bugs in 3 Days using Crowd of 50 Testers. More Information...


CraftAR 60


Create your own amazing Augmented Reality and Image Recognition branded apps with CraftAR a) Development b) Dashboard c) External Integrations d) Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons More Information...


Oplift 26


Oplift is an award winning employee engagement tool which was designed to improve customer experience. Giving staff the tools they need to deliver the best service possible. More Information...


Lodgify 57


Lodgify’s innovative software empowers vacation rental owners to create their own mobile-ready website with a booking engine, manage reservations and sync external calendars. More Information...


BotEngine 57


BotEngine is a chatbot platform for building and deploying bots for business More Information...


Engati 54


Engati is a chatbot platform to build bots in minutes without programming. Build once and publish across 8 major platforms - FB messenger, kik, telegram, website, etc. More Information...


Bookafy 51


Manage and automate scheduling for phone calls, meeting and appointments. More Information...


brandquiz 51


Whether you’re a blogger or an international enterprise, with brandquiz you can create stunning interactive content for your audience to get more leads and increase engagement. More Information...


Salesbox 49


Salesbox, the #1 predictive CRM for mobile & successful teams. Collaborate with colleagues, get agile sales processes that give accurate forecasts and get the #1 pipeline view More Information...


OroCRM 49


OroCRM is an open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with robust customer management tools, powerful reporting & analytics, and many other necessary CRM features. More Information...


Emolytics 46


Emolytics measures customer experience through the prism of emotion, scientifically, helping businesses make informed decisions impacting results. More Information...

Retently NPS

Retently NPS 45


Retently is a customer success platform for subscription businesses. More Information...

Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud 44


Our solutions work individually or as a platform to build genuine loyalty, foster customer advocacy, and generate impactful user generated content. More Information...


Relay 42


Relay is a new kind of communication channel for businesses to connect easily and efficiently with their customers over a secure, private channel to get stuff done More Information...

Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro 42


Shufti Pro is a digital verification company that combines artificial intelligence and human intelligence to successfully & cost-effectively verify customers in 30-60 seconds More Information...

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback 41


Zonka is a complete feedback Management & Survey Platform. It captures feedbacks from multiple channels; on premises and the Web, email, and SMS. It is also available offline and via tablets & smartphones. More Information...


Zonka 41


Zonka is a multi-channel feedback management software that enables businesses to capture feedback via iPads, Android tablets, Online and via SMS and Email surveys. More Information...


Pypestream 41


Digitally transform and automate customer experience using AI, resulting in cost reduction, accelerated customer acquisition, and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. More Information...

Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric 37


Quantum Metric simplifies discovery of digital customer struggle, helping enterprises identify and prioritize customer experience improvements. More Information...


Moroku 34


Moroku Gamesystem is a financial services focused gamification platform. More Information...


Synthetix 33


A complete suite of attractive, integrated customer contact tools incl. Virtual Agents, Dynamic FAQs, Live Chat, Agent Knowledge-base, Email Management & Intelligent Web forms More Information...


Wantoo 32


Wantoo is a simple, powerful cloud-based platform that makes it easy to listen, analyze, and act on feedback from your team, your customers or anyone else. Set up in seconds. More Information...

Journey Flow

Journey Flow 30


JourneyFlow is a free web and mobile app designed to help marketers and customer experience managers develop and visualize customer journeys. More Information...


Clicksurv 29


Clicksurv uses quick tap surveys and artificial intelligence to keep an eye on customer happiness and deal with issues immediately. More Information...

Agreeable Research

Agreeable Research 29


Agreeable Research is the world’s only provider of Networked Surveys™, mapping the connection of opinions within your audiences, and uncovering hidden points of influence. More Information...

Chat Outsource

Chat Outsource 28


Hire Professional Chat Agents for Better Chat Support & More Qualified Leads. More Information...


Snapsolv 27


Omni-channel messaging for customer support. More Information...

Spinify Leaderboards

Spinify Leaderboards 27


Leaderboards engage and motivate staff to do more of the business metrics and KPI's that deliver company results. Transparent performance tracking enhances company culture. More Information...


UXprobe 27


The easiest and fastest way to test your website, app or prototype with real users. See videos of your users and their screens, UX metrics are calculated automatically. More Information...


AsisteClick 26


A collaborative customer support platform. Chat with customers from your website, eMail, Twitter, Facebook Page and Facebook Messenger. More Information...


ChatrHub 26


Chatr is an artificially intelligent live chat and text software. More Information...


Statapile 23


StataPile is an artificial intelligence platform that automates quality assurance and scores every call with a higher than 92% accuracy rate. More Information...


Wisdom 21


Wisdom is the most accurate live website session recorder available. Wisdom reconstructs a virtual desktop screen for every visitor to capture the true visitor experience. More Information...

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