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Project Management in the Construction Industry

Construction projects can be among the most complex project types out there. Managing the full lifecycle of construction projects, its resources, suppliers, input materials, inspections, and other important aspects, requires efficient organization and skilled project management.

Project managers in the construction industry have a variety of responsibilities in helping guide a project through its entire lifecycle. This usually includes managing subcontractors, planning project deliverables, developing work schedules that cover multiple sites, monitoring building progress and quality, and ensuring health and safety compliance. Furthermore, continuous monitoring of progress and adaptation is usually critical.

Project management software has become increasingly popular in recent years. These solutions help users stay on top of the countless aspects of construction projects in a timely manner. Many repetitive processes can be automated, enabling project managers to focus less on administration and more on the project at hand.

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JobNimbus 91


JobNimbus is the most flexible and easiest to use project management software. View Listing...

JobNimbus is a powerful and flexible construction project management solution. It offers a vast selection of features specific to the needs of the construction industry.

How is Project Management Software Used in Construction?

The main goal of construction project management software is to streamline the everyday processes of project managers. These solutions come equipped with a range of features to help each stage of a construction project’s lifecycle, from the initial blueprints to estimating costs and monitoring progress.

Standard project management solutions generally include features such as project scheduling, project tracking, task management, time tracking, and accounting. They often also provide visual monitoring tools such as Gantt charts or Kanban boards.

However, construction project management software tends to support a range of features specific to the needs of the construction industry that are not usually found in more general project management software suites. This enables these solutions to better meet the needs of businesses in the construction industry.

This is where it can be important to think about whether you need a single fully-fledged solution or whether standalone solutions would be more appropriate. Despite generally being cheaper and simpler to use, it is vital to check what integrations standalone solutions support to ensure greater operational efficiency.

Cost Estimating

One of the most commonly demanded construction management features are cost estimating (also referred to as job costing). Cost estimating functionality enables businesses or contractors to calculate the material, labor, and equipment requirements of a project. These requirements can then be backed by benchmarking analytics to ensure reliability and enable businesses to deliver higher value bid proposals.

Furthermore, solutions offering cost estimation can also allow users to generate and send purchase orders, schedule / track payments and invoices, accept change orders, and submit / approve time sheets.

Many solutions offering cost estimating will also provide resource planning (ERP) and accounting capabilities or integrations. This enables users to perform all budgeting and financial tracking processes within the same digital environment. As such, they can easily further verify that accurate estimates are delivered.

Measure Takeoff

Construction project management software offering the ability to measure takeoff enables users to easily appraise their blueprints and similar digital plans. This enables users to determine the exact quality and volume of materials that will be required to complete a project, as well as for the individual tasks associated with it.

It can be good to think about using a solution that groups takeoff with estimating. This is because measuring takeoff and estimating costs are related to pre-sales processes that rely on similar data. Another option is to opt for a standalone takeoff measuring and cost estimating solution, although it is important to check how well it integrates with complementary solutions.

Proposal & Bid Management

One of the most common features of construction project management software is bid management functionality. Bid management enables users to receive job prospects as well as solicit and procure bids from subcontractors. The best bids can then be automatically compiled to produce a quote for the project. As such, the whole process becomes much more streamlined.

Blueprint & Digital Plan Management

It can be easy when managing construction projects with lots of individual components for the various digital plans and data models to become unorganized. This is especially the case for businesses that still manage physical documents and storage. Construction project management software can ease this administrative burden by providing document management functionality.

Document management enables users to electronically process and store documents online. This means that the stored documents can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. As such, this feature is very useful for construction projects that include multiple collaborators or locations.

Access permissions is another feature that can be useful for blueprint and digital plan management. It allows project managers to set rules governing what team members or clients may access or edit. This is especially useful when important documents are stored in a centralized location that a variety of people can access.

Field Management

Construction projects are often spread across various physical locations and include many different team members. As such, many construction project management solutions provide field management capabilities. This enables project managers to more easily generate and distribute work plans, communicate with team members, and receive reports based on team member activity.

Resource & Inventory Management

Many construction projects can be subject to a shortage of resources, particularly regarding labor. Construction project management software providing resource management data analytics helps users monitor all resources associated with a project. They can also be automatically notified of any potential shortages. This helps prevent delays from happening and requires no extra effort from project managers.

Many construction project management solutions also offer inventory management functionality. While similar to resource management, inventory management mainly focuses on the current inventory of a business. For a construction company, inventory management enables project managers to easily handle equipment, building materials, and transportation requirements. Resource management, on the other hand, is more focused on forecasting and analytics.

Additionally, these solutions can generate insights into employee productivity and how assets are being utilized.

Maintenance Management & Asset Tracking

Maintenance management (service management) and asset tracking capabilities are also commonly bundled with construction project management software. These features enable users to easily monitor the condition of all the assets relating to a project. Project managers can be automatically notified when an asset requires maintenance and work orders can be automatically generated.

Workload Automation

Workload automation in a construction project management software context refers to the ability to easily schedule jobs for completion. This primarily includes the ordering of tasks, resource allocation, and the ability to communicate scheduled jobs to all affected parties.

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GanttPRO 94


GanttPRO is an intuitive project planning tool based on Gantt charts. It allows users to work with tasks, assignees, resources, dates as well as collaborate on a project. View Listing... From: $8.90/month trial/premium GanttPRO Pricing

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JobNimbus 91


JobNimbus is the most flexible and easiest to use project management software. View Listing...


Aconex 90


Aconex is a cloud-based business management and collaboration solution, specialized for the construction industry. View Listing...


EZOfficeInventory 88


Our leading Asset Tracking Software enables you to manage assets and their maintenance schedules, track work orders and POs, and draft custom alerts for greater control. EZOfficeInventory comes with a mobile... View Listing... From: $35.00/month trial/premium


FieldPulse 88


FieldPulse gives service businesses the tools to make customers happier, schedule jobs quicker, and get paid faster. Start your FREE 7-day trial of the app today! View Listing... From: $89.00/month trial/premium FieldPulse Pricing

2 Award(s)

Contractor Foreman 87


Rated as the Best App and Most Affordable App by numerous agencies in 2020-2021, Contractor Foreman is the most affordable construction management system serving contractors in more than 75 countries. Starti... View Listing... From: $49.00/month trial/premium


Wrike 87


Wrike's powerful project management software supercharges team collaboration, boosts productivity by up to 50%, and optimizes project planning, execution, and monitoring. View Listing... From: $9.80/month trial/premium Wrike Pricing

8 Award(s)

AccuLynx 86


AccuLynx is a cloud-based CRM and business management application with iOS and Android apps designed for the roofing, gutter, siding, windows and other exterior construction trades. Contractors can use Ac... View Listing...


PlanGrid 84


PlanGrid is a cloud-based construction document collaboration platform that allows plans and markups to be instantaneously shared with everyone on a construction project, no matter where they are. I... View Listing...

3 Award(s)

Timeero 84


Timeero is a simple GPS time tracking solution for businesses with mobile employees. Save hours in timekeeping and payroll using our mobile and web applications. View Listing... From: $5.00/month trial/premium Timeero Pricing


BIM Track 83


BIM Track empowers teams to resolve issues across BIM / CAD software programs. Users can raise, comment on, and resolve issues in their everyday software. View Listing...


ClickSoftware 83


ClickSoftware is an automated mobile workforce management and service optimization solution for enterprise and small businesses. View Listing...

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Sine 83


Free visitor & contractor management app - save time and go paperless. Easy to use, safe and secure. Use Sine Pro for free to check in to the everyday sites you visit. From contractor sites, offices, school... View Listing... From: $59.00/month trial/premium Sine Pricing

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Methvin 83


Methvin is an online construction project management, estimating, gantt, takeoff and procurement portal. Good software supports your workflow. Great software improves it. View Listing...


Drawboard Projects 82


Drawboard Projects (formerly Bullclip) is a collaborative PDF review platform. Mark up drawings and sketches in real-time across your team's projects. View Listing... From: $19.00/month trial/premium Drawboard Projects Pricing


Skysite 81


SKYSITE makes construction document distribution, project collaboration, project revisions, markups, updates, and archiving fast and simple. View Listing... From: $19.00/month trial/premium Skysite Pricing


Planyard 78


Planyard is a cloud-based budget management and cost control software for main contractors. View Listing... From: $99.00/month freemium


Bridgit Bench 78


Bridgit is workforce intelligence for the construction industry. Our mission is to help the construction industry maximize profits and reduce risk by taking a people first approach. People are the key lever ... View Listing...


iTWO costX 75


RIB are the makers of iTWO costX estimating software; used around the world in over 90 countries by quantity surveyors, builders, subcontractors and estimators, from companies both large and small. iTWO cost... View Listing...


GPS Trackit 74


GPS Trackit is a software product development company that delivers a powerful and highly customizable suite of web-based fleet management solutions. Our solutions are specifically designed to help your comp... View Listing...


ProDBX 73


ProDBX is a all-in-one software solutions for general, pool, roofing and all other type of home contractors. Complete solution to run your business from anywhere. View Listing... From: $45.00/month premium only


Traqspera 70


Traqspera is a tool for contractors that connects field crews and office staff to get everyone on the same page. We help you solve problems, and save time & money. View Listing... From: $100.00/month premium only Traqspera Pricing


ArchitectureQuote 69


ArchitectureQuote is dealflow software for the Architecture Industry aimed at disrupting optimizing an old process of the architecture industry. View Listing... From: $79.00/month trial/premium ArchitectureQuote Pricing


BEXEL Manager 68


BEXEL Manager is IFC certified BIM management software that integrates most important 3D/4D/5D/6D uses of BIM technology. View Listing...




APROPLAN is an easy-to-use project management software designed for construction and construction-related processes. View Listing... From: $34.00/month freemium APROPLAN Pricing


Aimsio 66


Gain control of your field operations. Manage and dispatch resources like equipment and crew. Capture data in real-time in the field with electronic forms and tickets. View Listing...


VisiLean 65


VisiLean is a cloud-based construction management solution that supports lean production planning and offers direct integration with BIM (Building Information Model). View Listing...

Product Leader

SuperWise 64


SuperWise enables Real estate developers, Contractors, Project managers achieve On-time & In-Budget quality delivery of their construction project. View Listing... From: $169.00/month premium only SuperWise Pricing


MarginPoint Mobile Inventory 64


More than 800 companies rely on MarginPoint solutions to manage their inventory replenishment, optimize business processes, and drive revenue. MarginPoint Mobile Inventory can be deployed rapidly without any... View Listing...


New Avenue 64


The leading architect and contractor network. **The New Way to Manage Architecture and Construction** Our Roadmap checklist eliminates surprises and makes managing any design/build easier. Our timeline r... View Listing... From: $49.00/month freemium


JobFLEX 59


**Save more time. Close more sales. Make more money.** Create professional invoices and estimates on the go, and record payments in just minutes. No internet connection required! **Invoicing and Estimate... View Listing... From: $8.00/month trial/premium JobFLEX Pricing


Insite LMS 58


Insite and its Apps (Android, iOS and Windows) track all material on industrial construction sites and is used for material/deviation management and site logistics. View Listing...




What is the task? Where is it? Who will fix it? CHECKD®, the preferred supplier of visual communication, inspection and documentation tools for building and construction. View Listing...


Buildup 50


Buildup is an extremely easy-to-use task management, snag list and inspection software that helps improve product quality, reduce costs and shorten construction timelines. View Listing... From: $200.00/month trial/premium


Defex 49


Defex. A simple powerful cloud-based defect/task management solution, it allows you to annotate and allocate tasks, managing them from start to end using our mapping system. View Listing... From: $50.00/month premium only Defex Pricing




This All-in-one provider for service technicians allows users to automate and manage their businesses from one program, turning any computer into a virtual office, capable of handling a large fleet of dispat... View Listing...



Archdesk is a cloud-based software, specifically designed & developed with the construction, production & service industry in mind. View Listing... From: $250.00/month premium only



Builderbox is a cloud based construction management platform. It helps construction professionals communicate effectively, document everything and make data driven decisions. View Listing... From: $19.00/month freemium Builderbox Pricing



BuilderEdge helps construction managers deliver on time and within budget by automating schedules and budgets, and enforcing quality practices. View Listing... From: $150.00/month premium only BuilderEdge Pricing



OROCON is a construction site management software that provides real-time work overview and precise forecasts for stakeholders especially for a site management team. View Listing... From: $500.00/month premium only OROCON Pricing



JobPointe is an easy-to-use, customizable web-based software for managing employees assigned to projects. It is a labor management tool designed for the construction industry. View Listing...



ZAAR is the world’s one-of-a kind construction app for all the field teams. Our creative software app connects with your field team and assigns actionable project tasks. View Listing... From: $12.00/month trial/premium



BaseStone is a mobile and web based platform enabling engineers and construction professionals to be more productive and collaborate better between site and office. View Listing... From: $15.00/month trial/premium BaseStone Pricing



Homey is a leading CRM SaaS provider of cloud-based applications for craftsmen, tradesmen, and service professionals. View Listing... From: $29.00/month trial/premium Homey Pricing

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