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What is free live chat software?

Free live chat software is used by businesses and organizations to provide real-time assistance to website visitors and potential customers. Most work in a similar fashion to instant messengers and allow existing and prospective clients to communicate with your representatives in real-time via your business website at no cost.

Having a good live chat solution can improve customer engagement, boost sales and enables marketing, sales and customer support teams to instantly address website visitors’ concerns and inquiries. This can increase your company’s chances of converting leads and closing more sales and is an essential platform for improving the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and lead conversion rate.

Some of the best free live chat solutions in the market come with key features as standard, including text-based chat functionality, chat history, video capabilities, helpdesk and CRM features and integration.

The two main types of chat functions available are proactive chat and broadcast chat. Proactive chat is where website visitors are greeted with a pop-up box (most often situated in the bottom-right corner of the page) which they can use to talk with an agent or representative of your company. The broadcast chat feature is where website visitors have to initiate chat conversations in order to get the answers they need.

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Smartsupp 86


Smartsupp is a free live chat with visitor recording. Your customers are on your website right now. Chat with them and see what they do. View Listing...

Smartsupp offers free live chat for an unlimited number of agents and representatives. Smartsupp can increase lead generation, conversions, sales and helps improve customer support and satisfaction metrics in your business.

How is free live chat software used by businesses?

Reliable customer service is a key component in the long-term success of any organization, bringing improved customer satisfaction, word of mouth, and brand loyalty. Using a free live chat solution can help improve this even further by giving customers the opportunity to contact somebody in real-time and have their questions answered instantly.

In a competitive market environment, excellent customer service can help define and separate your company from the rest. Live chat software provides businesses with a sustainable way of finding leads, converting them into loyal customers and ensuring that levels of customer satisfaction remain high.

Smartsupp, a free live chat service, can be used on your business website and/or online store. It is designed to enhance customer engagement through personal conversations. The UI is clean and easy to use and the free plan already comes with the basic features you’ll need to run a live chat customer support service on your website. It also includes integrations with popular e-commerce platforms and website builders like OpenCart and WordPress.

Most businesses use the live chat function on their landing page, with a pop-up window or chat notification informing you that an agent or representative is ready and available to discuss anything further with you. Some businesses also use the chat window on their help page or support sections and also on their free trial or demonstration pages.

Free live chat software can be a very effective sales and customer service tool when used properly. Many free live chat solutions use smart triggers to help chat agents connect with web visitors at the right moment, regardless of where they are in the buying stage.

Communicating value in your product and/or service to potential customers is also a good way to use free live chat software. It is a cost-effective way to encourage web visitors who are considering purchasing a product or service to go forward with their purchase.

What are the benefits of using free live chat software?

Businesses of any size can benefit from using free live chat software to assist with their customer support and lead generation. Potential benefits include:

More effective customer support

Quality customer service is essential in making sure customers are happy and satisfied. By using a free live chat tool and incorporating it properly into your customer service strategy, you will experience an improvement in your customer satisfaction alongside a potential increase in sales.

Sustained growth

A steady increase in lead generation, conversion and sales is another possible benefit of using a free live chat solution. In addition to providing customer support, you can also gather valuable data based on the behavior of website visitors through chat analytics, reporting and other useful metrics.

Your chat agents can redirect visitors to less popular product pages to get more exposure on those products, address questions visitors might have regarding a product or service and guide potential buyers to other products or services on your website they might be interested in.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Using a free live chat solution means that issues and questions can be handled instantly by a trained agent or representative, which helps share the workload across the company, make employees more productive and efficient through answering and responding quickly and ensure that operations can run smoothly.

Free live chat software is essential for businesses who wish to improve their customer support, customer satisfaction and lead generation metrics. You can provide live, real-time assistance to customers and visitors to your business website and ensure that their questions and queries are answered quickly and efficiently. Using live chat software can help increase sales, lead generation and customer satisfaction when applied and utilized effectively in your business.

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SnatchBot 92


SnatchBot ‘s platform allows companies to create chabots for free with no coding skills. Omni-channel oriented, SnatchBot’s tools support the entire lifecycle of a bot. View Listing... From: $0.00/month completely free


LiveAgent 90


LiveAgent live chat is the ultimate solution for providing excellent customer support. Equipped with 175+ support features, you'll be able to link every support channel. View Listing... From: $0.00/month freemium LiveAgent Pricing

12 Award(s)

Zoho SalesIQ 90


Convert your website visitors into happy paying customers. Increase the ROI on your content, SEO, Adwords and email marketing efforts. View Listing... From: $19.00/month freemium

1 Award(s)

Intercom 90


Intercom is the easiest way for web and mobile businesses to see and talk to their users. View Listing...

5 Award(s)

Chaport 89


Chaport is multi-channel live chat, chatbot, and knowledge base software designed to help companies engage with site visitors in real time, boost sales, and improve support. View Listing... From: $15.00/month freemium Chaport Pricing

Product Leader

Userlike 89


Userlike is the first and only live chat software to help your business win and nurture customers across messaging channels. View Listing... From: $0.00/month freemium Userlike Pricing

5 Award(s)
Product Leader

Crisp 88


Crisp is a customer engagement platform that offers companies the ability to enhance their customer relationship through a wide range of features. View Listing... From: $25.00/month freemium Crisp Pricing

5 Award(s)

Chatra 86


Chatra is a modern and simple to use live chat and messenger tool for websites and allows you to connect with your customers and increase your revenue. View Listing... From: $15.00/month freemium

1 Award(s)

Smartsupp 86


Smartsupp is a free live chat with visitor recording. Your customers are on your website right now. Chat with them and see what they do. View Listing... From: $8.00/month freemium

2 Award(s)
Champion 83


An intuitive, codeless platform that helps you build frictionless conversational interfaces for better CX and more effective lead gen. View Listing... From: $30.00/month freemium

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