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What is marketing automation software for small business?

Marketing automation software for small business is designed for small businesses and marketing teams to easily monitor and manage marketing campaigns. It is created as a guide for following prospects, building and developing relationships and capturing leads.

Marketing automation tools are essential for small businesses, especially those that value efficiency and growth. Running a small business is not easy and aside from the basic daily tasks, there are other factors you need to consider.

One of these is the implementation of a marketing campaign, which requires a lot of time, attention and effort. With all the tasks you have, you may still be able to perform the campaign but the results may be sub-par. This is where the marketing automation tool comes in.

Since it is an automated technology, the software gives you the chance to seamlessly and efficiently develop and manage multiple marketing campaigns at one time. All the tasks that are essential to the success of each campaign are well taken care of and given the right attention and effort.

Most marketing automation platforms include multi-channel marketing, email marketing and campaigns, analytics and web marketing. Generally, it is used to follow the activities of a prospect—from the time of their website visit all the way to when they read your email and blog until they finally decide to write on and complete your form.

This marketing tool helps small businesses do away with regular manual tasks as it is automated software that comes with a central location for everything needed in a campaign. With this tool, companies are able to streamline all tasks and workflows related to marketing.

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ActiveTrail 91


ActiveTrail is 'All-in-one' email marketing software, offering web-based digital marketing solutions and services. View Listing...

ActiveTrail is a marketing automation solution that offers extremely easy-to-use mobile responsive email marketing, newsletter templates, sms campaigns, landing page builder, survey tool, optimization tools, marketing automation features, smart lead forms and sales booster for e-commerce.

How is marketing automation software used by small business?

While there may be similarities between marketing automation and CRM software, they serve different purposes and are not the same.

The main difference between CRM software and marketing automation software is their primary focus. While CRM software is focused on sales, the marketing automation tool is intended for marketing.

A CRM tool is more concerned with how your business interacts with its customers—both the existing and prospective ones. A marketing automation tool, on the other hand, helps with the automation and streamlining of significant marketing-related tasks.

Now that the difference between the two has been established, here are some of the essential tasks that marketing automation software for small business can help your business with:

Lead management

Nurturing leads is one of the most important uses of a marketing automation tool. It makes lead management simpler and easier.

The marketing automation tool can do this task for you and your employees. You can use it to create processes for checking on and nurturing leads. All the actions necessary to complete the process will be automatically done by the tool—including the sending of emails to prospects, determining the length of the period needed before sending a follow-up email and deciding what should be done in case prospects clicks or opens a link on the email.

You and your employees will then be notified once the process is complete so you can start coordinating with your lead-turned-buyer.

Email automation

Sending emails to your target audience is another important function of marketing automation tools. You won’t have to worry about taking a lot of time trying to decide what kind of emails to send to your prospects.

The software can do this for you—from email composition to bulk email sending, meaning you don’t have to use time and resources studying prospects data and information. Everything can be done by the software.

Auto-reply to forms

This feature allows you to conveniently send replies to filled out forms. If someone, for instance, fills up the form in the Contact Us page, you’ll have to rely on the manual process if you do not have the right software


To prevent this from happening, the marketing automation platform can automatically reply to filled out and sent forms. As such, your prospects won’t have to wait for hours to get the information they need. In addition, in case your sales person is not yet available, the software can include other interesting details about your business or connect the prospect to your social media page or website.


Marketing automation software will provide you with the analytics and data you need to make informed decisions and to craft your email marketing campaign according to your target market’s preferences.

Examples of the data you will get include how many clicks there are, how many opens there are and which of the links had the most clicks, among others. This information will help you determine if your current marketing strategy is successful.

A/B testing

A marketing automation solution can help with A/B testing. All you need to do is come up with two emails—make sure their subject lines are different—and then create an A/B test.

The software will then help you determine which percentage of prospects gets the first email and which ones will receive the emails with the higher probabilities of success. Once the process is done, all you need to do is examine the data.

Most marketing automation platforms have features like a drag-and-drop designer for marketing workflows, newsletters or customizable templates, social marketing campaigns and autoresponders for lead nurturing. Other uses of marketing automation software include creating landing pages, providing eCommerce services, building email marketing templates and getting customer feedback via online surveys.

All these are offered by ActiveTrail, a marketing automation platform that describes itself as the friendliest marketing automation software, email marketing platform and newsletter software in the world. It provides users with the option to use their newsletter software for marketing automation and sending an SMS online in reply to customers’ actions like subscriptions and purchases.

What are the benefits of marketing automation software for small business?

There are many benefits for small businesses that use marketing automation software, including:

Improved customer experience

This type of software improves the customer experience as it allows you and your employees to customize your marketing and promotional efforts according to the data and information it gathers. This is something that customers like—everything is personalized and made convenient for them. When the customer experience is optimal, leads can easily turn to sales.

Better marketing

The software helps businesses come up with better campaigns and create more efficient marketing teams. With a marketing automation software solution that’s geared for small business, most processes are automated, meaning your team can work in better conditions and will be able to utilize their potentials to the fullest. This can only mean good things for your marketing campaign.

It also helps make your marketing workflows more organized. Marketing automation software is a centralized system, so everything that you need is in one place. In addition, the fact that it is automated is a big help.

You and your employees don’t have to do everything manually and be prone to mistakes and misses; the software can do everything for you. You only need to take care of a few simple steps. Marketing automation software helps improve efficiency.

Better lead management

It also helps businesses come up with better lead nurturing techniques. Since you don’t have to do things manually, taking care of and following leads is now easier and more convenient. It helps automate processes during the nurturing and generation process and helps identify potential leads for your business.

Save time, money and resources

This type of software can save your business time, money and resources. Previously time-consuming can be completed in a matter of minutes, meaning you save a lot of time that you can optimize by working on other equally important business tasks and help allocate resources elsewhere.

When using marketing automation software, small businesses and marketing teams can better monitor and manage marketing campaigns, follow prospects, build and develop relationships and capture more leads. The software automates time-consuming processes and helps optimize important tasks to ensure that they are done better.

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Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation software platform for the digital marketing team at SMBs. It helps to build the brands and relationship with leads. View Listing... From: $19.00/month freemium Aritic PinPoint Pricing

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