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Best Content Marketing Software in 2018

Content Marketing is a very essential part in the advertising space. It involves the creation and distribution of content, with an aim of attracting customers and driving search traffic to target websites. Common types of web content include infographics, articles, podcasts and videos, among others. Content marketing software is often geared towards sourcing, designing, distributing and monitoring content on an ongoing basis and tends to allow for collaboration between marketing team members. Tracking of content performance and optimization based on impact analyses are often crucial to effective content creation.  Read the full software guide...


Sparkle 42


Sparkle is a technology platform that collects and curates content from various social sources and displays it anywhere. Sparkle increases reach, engagement and conversions. More Information... 88


Social media monitoring, engagement, publishing, analytics & customer experience management. All on one unified, easy-to-use platform. More Information...


Livestorm 85


Livestorm is an all-in-one web-based webinar solution. We help companies scale their product demonstration and customer training. More Information...


NiceJob 48


NiceJob helps companies get more reviews and build a great reputation online. Then we spread that reputation through automated social media and web publishing. More Information... 90

(28) is a content marketing platform that helps users discover, curate and publish great online content. More Information...


Contently 88


Contently is SaaS content marketing software. More Information...


Taboola 86


Taboola is a content discovery platform that links advertisers and publishers. More Information...


Unicheck 82


Unicheck is a smart plagiarism checker that can be used both by individual and corporate users. More Information...


Sniply 79


Sniply is a conversion driving link shortener that embeds call-to-actions into every page you share. More Information...


Ceros 79


Ceros is an interactive content creation platform that empowers marketers and designers to create rich, engaging content without any coding. More Information...


Kapost 79


Kapost is a web-based platform marketing content and campaigns management. More Information...


Outbrain 78


Outbrain is a content marketing and content discovery platform. More Information...


Noplag 72


Noplag - online plagiarism checker for writers, students, educators, companies and website owners. More Information...


Riddle 70


We make it easy for brands, bloggers, and publishers to quickly create their own interactive social content (think Buzzfeed-style quizzes, lists, & polls) - in under a minute. More Information...


Sorc'd 69


By seamlessly integrating into your existing research and writing process, Sorc’d empowers you to save, share and create more relevant content. More Information...

Zift Solutions

Zift Solutions 68


Zift Solutions delivers easy, integrated solutions that provide everything needed to build and grow a more profitable channel partner program. More Information...


Flockler 66


Flockler platform enables brands to collate, analyse and display user-generated social content on their services, increasing conversion rates and dwell time. More Information...


Swayy 65


Swayy helps users discover the most engaging content to share with users on social media and around the web. More Information...

ion interactive

ion interactive 63


ion’s interactive content SaaS platform & services empower modern marketers to engage, convert & profile higher quality leads using code-free, data-driven interactivity. More Information...


Buffer 94


Buffer simplifies social media sharing and message scheduling to increase the time you have to make and curate great online content. More Information...


PubExchange 61


PubExchange is the traffic exchange network for publishers to trade traffic with sites. More Information...


Ahrefs 91


Ahrefs allows the user to discover competitor SEO rankings and replicate their back link profiles. More Information...


Wistia 91


Wistia is an online provider of professional video hosting services for businesses. More Information...


Infogram 91


Infogram helps anyone create and share beautiful charts, maps, infographics, reports and presentations. More Information...


HubSpot 90


Hubspot is a software product for inbound marketing, featuring social media marketing, email marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization. More Information...


Papermine 56


We are a small AI-driven digital agency. Papermine is a fully automated solution that allows non-experts to create, deliver and market branded content. More Information...


Kentico 88


Kentico offers both Kentico EMS, the all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform, and Kentico Cloud, a cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform. More Information...


AWeber 86


AWeber is an email marketing and auto-responder software. AWeber allows users to easily create, send & track the performance of their email marketing campaigns. More Information...


Enplug 86


Enplug is the #1 open software for digital displays. Connect our powerful media player to any HD screen to manage a variety of content from our secure App Market. More Information...


StackAdapt 86


StackAdapt is the advertising platform that helps agencies and brands reach their ideal customers through highly engaging native and video advertising units. More Information...


CoSchedule 85


A social media editorial calendar for WordPress that makes planning, creating, and sharing your content easy. More Information...


Promotehour 52


Promotehour is a free list of 120+ communities where you can submit your newly launched startup. More Information...


Crowdfire 84


Crowdfire is a social media marketing product that allows you to clean and grow Twitter and Instagram accounts with ease. More Information...


Prezi 84


The awesome selling power of Prezi backed by an entire suite of creation, collaboration, and analytics tools designed just for business teams. More Information...


Lithium 83


Lithium Social Media Management is an integrated platform which combines powerful publishing and response feature sets. More Information...


Klout 82


The best way to have an impact online is to create and share great content. Klout helps you do exactly that. More Information...


BrightEdge 82


BrightEdge drives the convergence of SEO and content marketing, producing the content that powers organic search performance. More Information...


Linkonomics 49


Linkonomics replaces cumbersome Search with Content Discovery. Bringing you the web in a different way! More Information...


Xtensio 82


A super flexible platform to create, collaborate, share and present. Documents = Web Pages = Presentations More Information...


Sendoso 80


Sendoso is an engagement platform for account based marketing campaigns. We help you implement virtual and physical gifting into your customer and prospect outreach. More Information...


Sprinklr 80


Sprinklr allows you to effectively manage customer experiences across +20 digital channels. More Information... 47


Outsmart AdWords Competitors. Maximize Ad Revenue. Create Content That Converts. More Information...


Animatron 76


Animatron is an easy­-to­-use and powerful online HTML5 animation maker that enables users to create stunning animations and videos right in the browser. More Information...


SocialPilot 76


SocialPilot is a one-stop social media scheduling and marketing tool for social media professionals and digital agencies with the extensive set of features to amaze each user. More Information...

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet 76


Click to Tweet is the easiest way to promote, share & track content on Twitter. More Information...

Marketing Content Hub

Marketing Content Hub 42


Our Marketing Content Hub is one of the most powerful and user-friendly content marketing tool available, blending DAM, MRM, PIM, Marketing Portal and Web-to-Print expertise. More Information...


SiteCore 74


Sitecore Experience Manager is the industry-leading content management solution, giving users the power to manage content with simplicity and speed. More Information...


PixTeller 74


PixTeller enables anyone to create amazing graphic designs in seconds. More Information... 73

(1) is an API-based digital content management platform focusing on developers' productivity and writers' experience. More Information... 72


Create your newsroom, a landing page for media contacts. Publish your news, send custom email campaigns and help journalists and bloggers create engaging stories. More Information...


StartupFlux 39


StartupFlux Content Intelligence curates and analyses content from web sources to identify Engagement, Authors, Influencers, Entities, and Track Competitors & Customers. More Information...

SimplyCast 360

SimplyCast 360 72


SimplyCast 360 gives users the ability to easily and automatically connect and engage with clients over multiple channels of communication. More Information...


AllTheFreeStock 71


Get all the Free Stock Images 📷, Videos 📹, Music 🎼 and Icons in one location. More Information...


Maglr 38


With Maglr marketeers & designers can easily create and publish visual interactive content without technical knowledge. More Information...

Project Center

Project Center 70


OneSpace connects internal teams with freelance talent through our workflow automation tools and provides a customizable virtual work interface. More Information...


Rocketium 70


Rocketium is a free online platform that helps you create HD text-based videos (Buzzfeed) in minutes. You can collaborate together in teams and share to social media directly! More Information...


Amplifr 69


Amplifr helps social media managers post to all the social accounts that they manage, create insightful reports and organize team collaboration on social media. More Information...

Ops Calendar

Ops Calendar 35


A smart marketing calendar to manage content marketing, social media, and more. Use it for yourself, your team, or your clients. More Information...


Kparser 67


Kparser is a professional keyword research and long tail suggestion tool. More Information...


ContentKing 67


ContentKing provides real-time SEO auditing and content change tracking. Thanks to 24/7 monitoring you won't be bitten by nasty SEO surprises anymore! More Information...


Qwardo 31


Qwardo is an intelligent content engagement and personalization platform that empowers marketers to capture higher quality leads and drive revenue. More Information...


Lumanu 30


Lumanu is a content marketing tool that helps its users find influencers and discover influential content. More Information...

Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner 62


Data mining tool for SEO specialists and marketers. More Information...


Qordoba 61


Qordoba is a SaaS solution that provides localization for humans and machines. More Information...

ALLCapture 3.0

ALLCapture 3.0 61


ALLCapture is a quick and easy to use eLearning tool. Record screen activities in real-time to create internet ready videos & screencasts. Convert videos to asf, EXE & MPEG. More Information...


cooala 28


With cooala you can create websites as interactive, mobile and snackable as Social Media. More Information...


Lately 59


Lately is the only all-in-one Marketing Dashboard that pulls together content, project management, analytics and more in one place, at a small-business price. More Information...


Sender 59


Sender makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to send effective email marketing campaigns and drive more revenue. More Information... 59

(0) is a simple and straightforward email marketing tool that is equipped with the tools and functionalities you need to create, automate and send emails. More Information...

Facelift Cloud

Facelift Cloud 56


Facelift is an integrated social media marketing platfrom which is optimized to be used on Facebook. More Information...

Bullseye Locations

Bullseye Locations 54


Bullseye is the leader in turn-key store locator software and integrated location marketing solutions. Get setup in minutes with our customizable software. More Information...


Cloohawk 52


Cloohawk is your intelligent social media assistant. It analyses social media and identifies tasks to supercharge engagement with your target audience, influencers and leads. More Information...


SEO4Ajax 48


SEO4Ajax is a SaaS that allows you to get full visibility of Ajax and Javascript based websites on search engines and social networks. More Information...


AdLatch 48


Engage & Monetize visitors using Adblockers More Information...


Linkgage 40


Linkgage is a tool that allows users to promote their products, services, events or anything by adding a branded Call-To-Action to the links they share. More Information...

Text United

Text United 38


Text United is a Translation Management System for continuous translation that allows you to translate while you are developing your products and content. More Information...

Whichit for Advertisers

Whichit for Advertisers 38


We help digital marketers to increase campaign performance by creating personalised offers and multichannel distribution. More Information...


Screenfluence 36


Screenfluence provides businesses with the ability to remotely manage and showcase their digital content on any display. More Information...


DemoUp 35


DemoUp is a ecommerce video platform that allows online retailers to integrate thousands of videos completely automated into product pages. More Information...


Mailblast 34


Email Marketing on a budget using Amazon SES More Information...

Au.thor.i.ty. IRM

Au.thor.i.ty. IRM 34


Au.thor.i.ty. IRM is an enterprise advocacy tool used for to handle influencer relationship management and influencer-led advocacy campaigns. More Information...


LinkStrategy 32


LinkStrategy helps to find effective link building strategies, valuable backlinks, and anchors in a few clicks. More Information...


SmatSocial 31


A powerful social media marketing automation tool powered by A.I. ROI driven More Information...


PerfectPage 30


PerfectPage is an online platform geared towards small business owners and bloggers who manage their own websites but don’t have corporate budgets. More Information...


TidyMktr 30


TidyMktr is a platform for Campaign Planning and Communication: From Media Planning to Campaign and Team coordination, we've got you covered. More Information...


NewsletterBreeze 29


NewsletterBreeze generates newsletter content in minutes with automated content gathering and curation. More Information...


MarketingLeo 28


MarketingLeo is an advanced B2B and eCommerce Omnichannel Marketing cloud that helps businesses to engage more customers and boost their sales. More Information...

Reach Raven

Reach Raven 28


Reach Raven is a social media lead generation software, that helps solve the ever increasing need to filter out the noise on social media and generate new customers online More Information...


MetaEyes 28


MetaEyes is a reporting service that, with the help of image recognition, analyzes Instagram (and other services) photos, revealing a wealth of actionable information. More Information...


Goolara 28


Available in on-premise and hosted deployments, Goolara Symphonie's intuitive interface that makes it easy to create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. More Information...


Irayo 28


Irayo is the DIY SEO Software for small business owners. More Information...


Foll. 26


Foll. is a web service designed to improve and ease Twitter marketing. It enables individuals and businesses to grow their audience, analyze, engage, and improve it. More Information...




WEVO platform enables marketers to test and improve website conversion before going live. The AI tech predicts test results, gives audience insight and informs a better site. More Information...


MyLnk 25


MyLnk is an innovative link shortener and URL management platform. It helps marketers to customize and personalize the web links. More Information...


PhantomPost 25


PhantomPost is a social media management platform for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. PhantomPost offers users the ability to repeat posts daily to their social media networks More Information...

Smart Content

Smart Content 24


Smart Content enables users to have full control over their digital signage content use the online Studio to create, save and publish your signs in real time. More Information...




Yodeck enables you to design and schedule your monitors easily from the web, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. More Information...

Content Marketing Software Guide

What is Content Marketing Software?

Content marketing software is any digital solution that assists the creation, curation and distribution of content across multiple online channels, with a goal to build and nurture relationships with a targeted customer group. More advanced products help measure the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns, so you can develop or revise your content strategy accordingly.

Organizations often use content marketing as a tool to generate and nurture leads, develop brand awareness, build brand loyalty and increase conversion rates. Most products in this category help create and distribute different types of content, such as text, images, videos, infographics, brochures, reports, case studies and white papers.

Other common features include the ability to set deadlines for content creation, schedule launch dates for content publishing, automate workflows for content approval, control user access to important content pieces, store content to a searchable file repository and publish the same content to multiple channels.

What Content Marketing Software Should I Choose?

The first thing to consider is how a content marketing tool fits into your existing marketing technology stack. Ideally, your content marketing software should integrate well with your content management systems (CMS), marketing automation software, social media management tools, CRM and email marketing software.

Different content marketing tools are focused on different stages of the content lifecycle, such as content creation, content publishing, reporting and analytics. So choosing becomes easier when you know your priorities. For instance, if you need help in content creation, look for a product that allows your content teams to share ideas and create content collaboratively. You may also look for other features, such as approval workflows, content calendar, content editor and resource management.

Products focused on content publishing often allow you to set up web forms for lead generation, create embedded CTAs, distribute content automatically across social media and other online channels, promote content to paid or earned media channels and target a particular customer group with personalized content.

Content marketing software with reporting and analytics capability enable you to track content performance and generate reports on bounce rates, clicks, downloads, shares and conversions. This helps you understand what type of content works best for which type of customers, so you can optimize your marketing content accordingly.

You’ll also find products that allow you to set up an expiration date for each content piece. Upon expiry, the system automatically prompts you to update the content piece or mark it as expired.

Common Features of Content Marketing

A/B Testing Run split tests for websites, emails, ads and more by serving different versions of the content to different users.
API Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are programmatic intersections with external products or platforms that allow for custom integrations with your own solutions or other solutions you are using.
Audience Targeting Allows for audience segmentation, generally to tailor marketing or advertising messages to target specific user groups.
Brand Management Tracking and promotion features for one or more brands of products.
Calendar Management Manage and update calendars for scheduling or consolidation of events across teams, departments or business functions.
Conversion Tracking Track signups, purchases or user actions to measure the effectiveness of marketing or advertising campaigns. This is often used to optimize inbound or outbound marketing efforts and improve sales conversions through a range of online channels.
Dashboard Dashboards are digital interfaces commonly used to visualise data or give quick access to important features and functions of online platforms. They often serve as an overview gateway in software applications.
Data Export Exporting functionality can be used to streamline the migration of data sets and information across systems, platforms or applications.
Data Import Importing functionality allows you to use data sets from other systems or platforms to cut down on data entry requirements or to more easily migrate records from similar applications you have used in the past.
Data Visualization Data visualization features render a visual interpretation of data sets through the use of charts, infographics and other visual cues generally in form of a reporting dashboard.
External Integrations Integrations with other software products or platforms to improve efficiency and compatibility across systems.
Marketing Automation Automate marketing processes, such as outreach emails, customer engagement, chat replies through the use of chatbots and others.
Multi-User Supports more than just one user account and generally allows for collaboration with colleagues.
Notifications Includes notification support and sends you alerts with information on important events and other time sensitive instances. For example through push notifications on mobile phones or email notifications.
Scheduling Schedule tasks, resources, appointments, payments, communications, etc.
Social-Media Integration Integration support with social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others.

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