Campaigns & Targeting Software

Software in this group typically helps launch, track, and manage a wide variety of ad channels. These solutions also ensure the right customers are targeted and retargeted to ensure a high ROI. Key features include the provision of a collaborative work environment, comparison and optimization of campaigns, management of customer data, unification of social marketing channels, customer segmentation, and the overall simplification of campaign workflows and activities.  Read the full software guide...

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What is Campaigns & Targeting Software?

Software solutions for campaigns & targeting help in the planning, targeting, managing, monitoring and analysis of marketing campaigns across multiple advertising channels. Products in this category usually focus on areas such as customer segmentation, lead management, omnichannel marketing automation, campaign optimization and campaign analysis.

More often than not, campaign & targeting software features data mining tools that help to collect, organize and segment customer data by location, age, income, etcetera. Most products also feature the ability to monitor and analyze your marketing campaigns, predict customer behavior and assign scores to your contacts, so that you can identify prospects that are likely to respond to specific marketing campaigns.

This helps you optimize marketing campaigns for specific customer groups with a goal to improve return on investment (ROI). You can also analyze your current and past campaigns to find out what works for your business. Other features to look for include social media management, email marketing, CRM integration, and real-time interaction management capabilities.

What Campaigns & Targeting Software Should I Choose?

In order to get the most out of campaign & targeting software, your company should have an IT department and a dedicated marketing department. Even SMBs with at least one of those two departments can implement and utilize the software. Otherwise, you should look for a generic marketing automation tool or products focused on a particular type of marketing campaign, such as, email marketing software and social media management software.

Whether you need a robust campaign management tool or a basic product depends on your company’s size and growth potential. Larger companies usually need an integrated suite that delivers a range of functionalities, such as, audience segmentation, email automation, content development, message personalization and marketing analytics.

Considering the degree of automation you need in particular areas of campaign management is also important. For instance, most campaign and targeting tools automate website tracking, but some products even automate the tracking of anonymous site visitors by looking at their IP address. More advanced products provide complete visibility into customer profiles, including their name, contact details, the types of content they shared and the amount of time they spent on different pages of a website.

Another thing to consider is the campaign optimization capability of a product. For instance, some products come with built-in SEO tools that help identify relevant keywords and provide information regarding page optimization. You’ll also find products that recommend the next best action based on a customer’s purchase history, interests and online behavior.

Other important considerations include ease-of-use, integration capability, content marketing features, lead management capability, reporting and analytics and the ability to track campaign performance.

Common Features of Campaigns & Targeting

A/B Testing Run split tests for websites, emails, ads and more by serving different versions of the content to different users.
API Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are programmatic intersections with external products or platforms that allow for custom integrations with your own solutions or other solutions you are using.
Audience Targeting Allows for audience segmentation, generally to tailor marketing or advertising messages to target specific user groups.
Brand Management Tracking and promotion features for one or more brands of products.
Budgeting Planning and tracking capabilities for financial budgets and plans often used to manage funds across different departments or for investor / shareholder oversight.
Calendar Management Manage and update calendars for scheduling or consolidation of events across teams, departments or business functions.
Conversion Tracking Track signups, purchases or user actions to measure the effectiveness of marketing or advertising campaigns. This is often used to optimize inbound or outbound marketing efforts and improve sales conversions through a range of online channels.
Dashboard Dashboards are digital interfaces commonly used to visualise data or give quick access to important features and functions of online platforms. They often serve as an overview gateway in software applications.
Data Export Exporting functionality can be used to streamline the migration of data sets and information across systems, platforms or applications.
Data Import Importing functionality allows you to use data sets from other systems or platforms to cut down on data entry requirements or to more easily migrate records from similar applications you have used in the past.
Data Visualization Data visualization features render a visual interpretation of data sets through the use of charts, infographics and other visual cues generally in form of a reporting dashboard.
External Integrations Integrations with other software products or platforms to improve efficiency and compatibility across systems.
Forecasting Forecast upcoming expenses, sales, revenue, user levels, etc. through the use of predictive methods and past data.
Lead Management Manage business leads to improve sales outreach processes or stay on top of prospect inquiries.
Lead Scoring Manually or automatically assign quality scores to business leads to target / segment sales outreach efforts.
Marketing Automation Automate marketing processes, such as outreach emails, customer engagement, chat replies through the use of chatbots and others.
Multi-User Supports more than just one user account and generally allows for collaboration with colleagues.
Notifications Includes notification support and sends you alerts with information on important events and other time sensitive instances. For example through push notifications on mobile phones or email notifications.
Scheduling Schedule tasks, resources, appointments, payments, communications, etc.
Social-Media Integration Integration support with social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others.

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