Best Advertising & Affiliate Software in 2018

These types of products provide a comprehensive management tool to monitor and optimize advertising and/or affiliate networks. Since affiliate marketing generally overlaps with other forms of marketing, they often integrate or work on top of channels such as Google AdWords or Rakuten. Real-time metrics, contact management, discovery facilitation of impactful ads and links, affiliate network result analyses, and payout management via multiple gateways are just some of the features advertising & affiliate software is used for.  Read the full software guide...


MavSocial 88


MavSocial is a social media visual content management & advertising platform for brands and agencies More Information...


AdStage 82


AdStage is cross-network online advertising tool. More Information...


AdEspresso 82


AdEspresso is easy and intuitive Facebook Ad Management and Optimization tool, making Facebook Advertising easy and profitable for small and medium businesses. More Information...


Refersion 77


Referson is an online tool for tracking referrals and operate affiliate programs. More Information...


Ambassador 77


Ambassador empowers marketing teams to increase revenue by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth. Our marketer-friendly software simplifies affiliate marketing. More Information...


Adroll 77


AdRoll is retargeting, advertising and prospecting platform. More Information...


Tapfiliate 76


Tapfiliate is a cloud-based affiliate tracking software. It enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate programs. More Information...


ClickMeter 76


Clickmeter is a real-time web app that monitors, compares and optimises your ad campaigns. More Information...


LeadDyno 75


LeadDyno is an online affiliate tracking system. More Information...


iDevAffiliate 73


iDevAffiliate is a thorough affiliate tracking software, which also includes commission management and reporting features. More Information...


Improvely 72


Improvely is a conversion tracking and click fraud monitering app that works with AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads. More Information...

OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate 68


OSI Affiliate Software helps you get more traffic, leads, and customers by making it easy to set up an affiliate and referral marketing program. Get more sales now. More Information...


LinkTrackr 67


LinkTrackr is a web-based marketing tool to help discover which ads and links are making money and which are not. More Information...


Nativo 65


Nativo is advertising technology platform for advertisers and publishers. More Information...


Clickky 63


Clickky is a full-stack platform for mobile advertisers and publishers, which offers both programmatic and performance solutions. More Information...

Agency Spotter

Agency Spotter 60


Agency Spotter is reinventing how brands find and work with creative agencies, design firms and many other marketing service providers. More Information...


adCore 57


adCore is an advertising technology platform, providing automated solutions for marketing professionals to scale SEM activity and outperform your targets. More Information...


Pro MLM 50


PRO MLM is a full featured and user friendly mlm script enables you to setup an extremely sophisticated online shopping mlm website More Information...


TrackingDesk 49


TrackingDesk is a full feature campaign management platform for media buyers and affiliate marketers. More Information...


AdLatch 48


Engage & Monetize visitors using Adblockers More Information...


Bannerwise 46


Bannerwise is an intuitive tool that makes it possible to create professional HMTL5 banner ads faster and easier than ever before! More Information...


BannerBoo 45


BannerBoo is an online HTML5 Banner Maker. Create animated HTML5/GIF banners without coding skills. Build your own custom banner ads or use professional templates. More Information...


Bouncezap 38


Bouncezap is an easy-to-use, lead generation, and marketing tool that does the heavy lifting for you. More Information...


AppBi 37


AppBi is an Intelligent Apple Search Ads Bidding Platform. AppBi Data have helped hundreds of developers around the world to reduce the average cost of Search Ads. More Information...


Orangear 33


Profit-proven SaaS solution for launching and scaling up your own performance marketing network More Information...


Campaigned 31


Campaigned helps companies create promotions and referral programs to drive recommendations and sales through word-of-mouth. More Information...


Catvertiser 31


Catvertiser offers smarter Facebook advertising. It allows you to create, run and optimize advertising campaigns on Facebook more effectively than other standard tools. More Information...

Omnistar Tell

Omnistar Tell 28


Easy-to-use referral marketing software for fast-growing businesses. More Information...


Kritter 27


Highly scalable and customizable on-location white-label ad-tech trading systems: Ad Exchange, Supply-side Platform, Demand-side Platform, Data Management Platform, and Ad-Server. More Information...


AccountJoy 24


Execute effective advertising campaigns to exactly the accounts you want to target. More Information...


Serpstat 90


Serpstat is an All-in-One marketing intelligence tool that covers: Rank Tracking Backlink Analysis, SEO-audit, Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis. More Information...


StackAdapt 86


StackAdapt is the advertising platform that helps agencies and brands reach their ideal customers through highly engaging native and video advertising units. More Information...


Net-Results 82


Over 13,000 people and businesses use Net-Results to automate marketing and grow their revenues. More Information...

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience 78


Perfect Audience is mobile, web, Twitter, and Facebook audience retargeting tool. More Information...


Outbrain 78


Outbrain is a content marketing and content discovery platform. More Information...


Autopilot 76


Autopilot is an easy-to-use software for multi-channel marketing automation. More Information...

Mention Me

Mention Me 75


Mention Me is a powerful referral marketing solution chosen by 200+ top brands. Our unique software enables brands to harness customer advocacy to drive customer acquisition. More Information...


Demio 73


A smart webinar platform on a simple mission. Use Demio to engage, communicate, and build relationships with your prospects and customers. More Information...


LimeLight 72


LimeLight’s cloud platform enables eCommerce merchants and advertisers to grow revenue by combining subscription re-billing with performance marketing to engineer growth. More Information...


Riddle 71


We make it easy for brands, bloggers, and publishers to quickly create their own interactive social content (think Buzzfeed-style quizzes, lists, & polls) - in under a minute. More Information...


GrowSumo 71


GrowSumo powers influencer, ambassador, customer advocacy, and referral programs using fully automated and highly customized software. More Information...


Picreel 71


Picreel turns your online visitors into buyers and subscribers. It tracks visitors' movements in real time and shows unique offer when they navigate away from your content. More Information...

Referral SaaSquatch

Referral SaaSquatch 69


Referral SaaSquatch builds modern customer referral software. Companies use our software to reward customers for their positive word of mouth with a variety of incentives. More Information...


CartStack 61


A premiere cart & browse abandonment software that captures real-time, actionable site data sends perfectly-timed email reminders to recover lost online sales. More Information...

Winning Email

Winning Email 57


Email Booster is a tool that help improve email deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates. More Information...

Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner 55


Data mining tool for SEO specialists and marketers. More Information...


Promotehour 54


Promotehour is a free list of 120+ communities where you can submit your newly launched startup. More Information...


Sender 53


Sender makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to send effective email marketing campaigns and drive more revenue. More Information...


Linkgage 51


Linkgage is a tool that allows users to promote their products, services, events or anything by adding a branded Call-To-Action to the links they share. More Information...


RedTrack 49


RedTrack is the leading affiliate marketing tracking & analytics platform, helping affiliates and media buying teams around the world get higher ROI. More Information...


REES46 49


The smartest way to increase your online store revenue using real customer insights. Set up once and manage all necessary tools with one click. More Information...


PPC Bee 49


PPC Bee is a tool to manage pay per click product campaigns. Automatically and dynamically helps agencies and online stores to reach the highest possible performance. More Information...

PPC Protect

PPC Protect 47


Click fraud detection and protection for AdWords advertisers. More Information...


AdHipster 42


AdHipster is a free social media cross-promotion service, which helps you reach more people on social media. More Information...


InfiSecure 41


InfiSecure is a bot protection platform. It protects businesses from bot fraud like web scraping, click fraud, price scraping, account hijacking, form spam & comment spam. More Information...


CoffeeSender 38


Launch fully integrated rewards and incentive programs using CoffeeSender. Instantly send Starbucks® within Salesforce, Gmail, SurveyMonkey, and other software/apps. More Information...

Webbula cloudHygiene

Webbula cloudHygiene 35


Webbula’s cloudHygiene goes beyond verification and bounces to detect hidden spam traps, honeypots, malicious moles, fraudulent emails, and other nasty threats. More Information...

Ad Badger

Ad Badger 34


Ad Badger uses intelligent automation to help Amazon sellers dramatically improve their Amazon PPC campaigns. Never log into Seller Central again. More Information...

Market Locator

Market Locator 33


Market Locator allows data rich industries such as telcos to monetize their big data in the form of a self service location intelligence and mobile marketing solution. More Information...

Au.thor.i.ty. IRM

Au.thor.i.ty. IRM 33


Au.thor.i.ty. IRM is an enterprise advocacy tool used for to handle influencer relationship management and influencer-led advocacy campaigns. More Information...


Screenfluence 32


Screenfluence provides businesses with the ability to remotely manage and showcase their digital content on any display. More Information...


Databowl 30


Databowl is a scalable, manageable and secure software that is engineered intelligently to exponentially increase the effectiveness of advertisers lead generation campaigns. More Information...


Key2cell 30


Our SaaS platform lets Agencies and Brands easily reach any mobile phones instantly, and engage their audience with high-quality multimedia content using MMS technology. More Information...

Smart Content

Smart Content 24


Smart Content enables users to have full control over their digital signage content use the online Studio to create, save and publish your signs in real time. More Information...

Advertising & Affiliate Software Guide

What is Advertising & Affiliate Software?

Advertising & Affiliate software draws together a range of digital tools to help marketers build, manage, track and optimize their advertising and/or affiliate networks. Companies that own these networks can use the software to identify the most profitable ads or affiliate links. The software achieves this by tracking the clicks and conversions on every affiliate website in the network.

More advanced products help advertisers manage an affiliate program every step of the way, by screening applications for new affiliates, giving affiliates access to the necessary marketing materials, tracking the sales statistics of individual affiliates, generating invoices and making payments to affiliates. On the other hand, affiliates can use the software to see how many clicks and conversions they have generated and how much they have earned through their referred clicks and sales.

Other key functionalities of these products include contact management, real-time monitoring of affiliate programs, fraud detection and reporting and analysis of affiliate performance.

What Advertising & Affiliate Software Should I Choose?

When choosing advertising & affiliate software, the key is to find a product that comes with all the features you would need to manage your advertising campaigns and/or affiliate networks.

Products in this category usually come with some common features, however, not all of them offer the same level of functionality. For instance, most products rely on user cookies for affiliate tracking, but more advanced software can track the affiliates even without cookies, such as, through their IP address. This option is perfect for those looking for a more reliable affiliate tracking solution. Since reliability is a critical factor, they may also want to check if the product has a good track record of ‘tracking uptime.’

If you think your affiliates may require recruiting other affiliates under them, consider choosing a product that provides multi-level marketing. Depending on your advertising and affiliate marketing requirements, you may need other features, such as, multilingual support, affiliate payout function, click fraud detection and landing page split testing.

More advanced products come with multi-dimensional reporting and analytics system. Some products even allow you to track your affiliates and advertising campaigns in real time. You can track clicks and conversions, and measure the performance of each affiliate and the network as a whole. Some products even offer custom reporting tools, allowing you to specify the most important information for your campaign.

Common Features of Advertising & Affiliate

A/B Testing Run split tests for websites, emails, ads and more by serving different versions of the content to different users.
API Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are programmatic intersections with external products or platforms that allow for custom integrations with your own solutions or other solutions you are using.
Audience Targeting Allows for audience segmentation, generally to tailor marketing or advertising messages to target specific user groups.
BitCoin BitCoin support - a digital currency operating independently of a central bank.
Brand Management Tracking and promotion features for one or more brands of products.
Budgeting Planning and tracking capabilities for financial budgets and plans often used to manage funds across different departments or for investor / shareholder oversight.
Calendar Management Manage and update calendars for scheduling or consolidation of events across teams, departments or business functions.
Conversion Tracking Track signups, purchases or user actions to measure the effectiveness of marketing or advertising campaigns. This is often used to optimize inbound or outbound marketing efforts and improve sales conversions through a range of online channels.
Dashboard Dashboards are digital interfaces commonly used to visualise data or give quick access to important features and functions of online platforms. They often serve as an overview gateway in software applications.
Data Export Exporting functionality can be used to streamline the migration of data sets and information across systems, platforms or applications.
Data Import Importing functionality allows you to use data sets from other systems or platforms to cut down on data entry requirements or to more easily migrate records from similar applications you have used in the past.
Data Visualization Data visualization features render a visual interpretation of data sets through the use of charts, infographics and other visual cues generally in form of a reporting dashboard.
External Integrations Integrations with other software products or platforms to improve efficiency and compatibility across systems.
Forecasting Forecast upcoming expenses, sales, revenue, user levels, etc. through the use of predictive methods and past data.
Marketing Automation Automate marketing processes, such as outreach emails, customer engagement, chat replies through the use of chatbots and others.
Multi-User Supports more than just one user account and generally allows for collaboration with colleagues.
Notifications Includes notification support and sends you alerts with information on important events and other time sensitive instances. For example through push notifications on mobile phones or email notifications.
PayPal PayPal support allowing for the transfer funds electronically or online payments.
Scheduling Schedule tasks, resources, appointments, payments, communications, etc.
Social-Media Integration Integration support with social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others.
Stripe Stripe support as a payment gateway allowing you to accept payments online and via mobile apps.
Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons Offers additional features or integrations built by third-party developers in form of plugins or add-ons.

Latest User Reviews of Advertising & Affiliate

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