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Applicant Tracking (ATS)
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Applicant Tracking (ATS)

What is free applicant tracking software?

Applicant tracking software is an essential tool for human resource and recruitment teams that helps HR managers screen and filter potential candidates and applications for a role. It is a centralized database that stores information and resumes of applicants and is intended to make the recruitment process simpler and easier for users, from the initial application stage through to the completion of the hiring process.

The applicant tracking tool differs from an HR suite or CRM (customer relationship management) software, as CRM systems deal with customer service relationships while an applicant tracker takes care of the recruitment side and the focus is on candidates or applicants.

While many larger enterprises prefer to use standalone applicant tracking systems—the ones that come with a long list of features and functionalities—small and medium businesses usually prefer systems that are built into existing human resources platforms, or they choose to use free applicant tracking software. However, most offer the same features and functionalities – applicant information and data that can be used for the screening, testing, interviews and the hiring of candidates.

When using applicant tracking software, businesses can benefit from improved productivity and efficiency and an increase in quality placements, making the hiring process more convenient and less time-consuming for businesses

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Freshteam 93

896 ratings

Freshteam is an applicant tracking system, for recruiters. With Freshteam, recruiters can source, interview, and hire great talent. View Listing...

Freshteam helps recruiters and businesses source, interview, and hire great talent with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

How is free applicant tracking software used by businesses?

What a free applicant tracking platform offers businesses is a convenient, streamlined option for the recruitment process, where all the information needed to assess candidates is in the database and so there is no need for recruiters to spend time manually sorting, checking, reviewing and verifying applications.

When a company looks for applicants, they need to acquire important information relating to the role such as the candidate’s educational background, work experience and their contact details. Once a candidate submits their application along with a cover letter and resume, this information is entered into the applicant tracking software database.

Once in the system, it will be easier for the recruiter to check and review the application and assess the candidate. From there, the rest of the recruitment process will follow— starting with the recruitment team sending messages saying that the application has been received and then onto the next stages of the interview process.

For unsuccessful candidates, the applicant tracking software can be used to send letters informing them. Once a candidate is successfully hired, their information can be kept on the platform, along with additional information for payroll, information related to the role and other further information that is needed.

All of the relevant information is uploaded and stored in the system, so everything is in one place and the entire recruitment process can be completed from just one system. This is especially helpful because recruitment teams usually deal with hundreds of applications every day.

Features of free applicant tracking software include:

Most applicant tracking platforms are cloud-based, meaning there are no software requirements. Only an internet connection is necessary to use the platform.

Most have a social media integration feature, meaning recruiters can connect with social media networks. Keeping track of and monitoring the profiles and status updates of applicants can now be tracked.

Most free applicant tracking platforms can be easily integrated with your smartphone. This offers convenience to applicants because they can choose to submit their application using their smartphones, allowing for a greater reach with their application process.

Applicant tracking systems monitor and analyze recruitment processes. Certain metrics can be measured, helping businesses find out which areas need to be improved and develop strategies to further improve their recruitment process.

Freshteam, one of the best that offers free applicant tracking software, tracks candidate experience, hiring manager engagement and recruiter productivity, helping them develop a better, more efficient process that can make things more convenient not only for them but also for the applicants.

What are the benefits of using free applicant tracking software?

The applicant tracking software does not only collect relevant information and data about applicants. It also helps businesses streamline and improve the hiring process in many ways.

Firstly, all the necessary information—resume, cover letter, educational background, contact details and employment history—are stored on one platform, meaning r recruiters will no longer need to use multiple programs and processes to find all of the necessary information on a candidate.

Using the software, applications can be sorted out and filtered automatically, making it easier for recruiters to identify the most qualified candidates. The software also makes human resources administration easier, as it presents a unified way of monitoring and managing payroll, benefits and other relevant information.

The applicant tracking software also helps determine employees’ work performance and potential. The system can identify the employees’ strongest points and the ones that need to be improved, encouraging the employees to do better and to set their sights on their goals. The applicant tracking tool can be used to assist employees’ growth and career development and from there, HR leaders can then identify which ones have the potential to become leaders.

Companies utilizing free applicant tracking software will help ensure that recruitment teams choose the best candidates, reward deserving employees and continuously improve the company’s talent pool. The use of free software helps businesses track and store applications, choose the best candidates for the position, increase employee productivity and efficiency and improve recruitment processes using multiple inbuilt features.

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Freshteam 93

896 ratings

Freshteam is an applicant tracking system, for recruiters. With Freshteam, recruiters can source, interview, and hire great talent. View Listing...

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Recruit CRM 90

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Recruit CRM helps recruiters and staffing firms manage all their work in one place. It is a CRM + ATS software which helps staffing firms save time by automating tasks. View Listing...

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