Best Recruitment Testing Software in 2018

Employers often use this type of software to test an applicant’s skills, knowledge, ‘hidden’ personality traits and cognitive abilities, in an attempt to foresee whether the candidate is suitable for the role they are interviewing for. Psychometric testing software, for example, often features the ability to analyze company performance data and recommend what type of personality is the right fit for the organization. Key features include the ability to develop questionnaires and data checking, numerical reasoning, verbal and spatial reasoning tests and the ability to conduct tests and generate reports with graphs, charts and tables. 


Devskiller 65


Devskiller is a SaaS online platform that helps companies verify programming skills. We make testing developers look like their 1st day at work. It’s the best way to recruit. More Information...




Making the hiring process faster, easier & more predictable by allowing companies to hire based on their top performers & identifying the soft skills that need development. More Information...


Interact 43


Interact is an AI-based tech hiring platform for secure assessments and video interviews that enables enterprises to build teams 5x faster. More Information...


Weavee 35


Weavee is pioneering Human Capital Transformation by providing recommendations to businesses on the types of people most likely to create success for the organization. More Information...


Ideal 68


Ideal's artificial intelligence automates time-consuming, repetitive recruiting tasks such as sourcing and screening candidates. Ideal increases recruiter efficiency 3.7x. More Information...


Peoplise 51


Peoplise is a Talent Experience System which turns ATSs into a mobile compatible platform with social media hiring, digital assessments & branding tools. More Information...


PowerHunt 27


Get the best talent into the right roles within no time with our end-to-end recruiting software. More Information...

Skill Exam

Skill Exam 25


SkillExam has something really unique to offer to boost your assessment capabilities. More Information...

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