Discover, compare & review the best predictive analytics apps to predict future trends and changes to user engagement.



Grip is an analytics platform that helps people responsible for software development make data-driven decisions. More Information...

Mixpanel 84


Mixpanel is a mobile and web-based analytics platform that allows users to ask more of their data without needing to write SQL queries. More Information...

Crazy Egg 80


Crazy Egg is an analytics tool that works like an x-ray on your website to see where users click and scroll on your site. More Information...



Reduce your churn rate and grow your MRR with predictive analytics. More Information...

Salesbox 81


Salesbox, the #1 predictive CRM for mobile & successful teams. Collaborate with colleagues, get agile sales processes that give accurate forecasts and get the #1 pipeline view More Information...

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