Best Big Data Software in 2018

Big data is continuously gaining importance in the business world. Businesses today, regardless of their scale and industry, collect large volumes of data about key processes and stakeholders with the view to generating actionable insights. Big data solutions in analytics and intelligence software enable you to organize the data in an effective and streamlined manner, making it easier to process, analyze and understand. 

Adverity DataTap

Adverity DataTap 71


Adverity DataTap is a next generation marketing and media ETL platform. More Information...


Looker 89


Looker is a complete data platform that offers data analytics, exploration and insights to every function of a business. More Information...

mailspice analytics

mailspice analytics 29


An email analytics add-on for all email services that tracks more than just opening and click rates, providing you with deep insights into all of your email campaigns. More Information...


Domo 78


Domo connects your people with the data they need to improve business results. More Information...


BigQuery 93


BigQuery is a fully-managed enterprise data warehouse for analytics at any scale. More Information...

Palantir Gotham

Palantir Gotham 80


Palantir Gotham is Big Data Analytics software. More Information...


MapR 79


MapR is a high-performance data management solution that integrates Apache Drill, Hadoop, and Spark. More Information...


Talend 75


Talend is a big data and data integration solution. More Information...

Treasure Data

Treasure Data 73


Treasure Data is a Customer Data Management software. More Information...


DataStock 65


Download comprehensive, clean and ready-to-use pre-crawled web datasets from wide range of industries spanning across the geography. More Information...


Sisense 85


Sisense simplifies every step of the analytics process – from data preparation to discovery of insights. More Information...


Cloudera 83


Cloudera is an Apache Hadoop platform that processes big data and fulfills business intelligence needs for organizations. It provides a unified storage, processing, and an analytics platform. More Information...

FullContact Customer Intelligence API

FullContact Customer Intelligence API 80


FullContact offers industry-leading Customer Intelligence APIs which enable companies to unlock the benefits of understanding their customers and prospects holistically. More Information...


Periscope 76


Periscope Data is a comprehensive data analysis tool and business intelligence tool. More Information...


DataHero 73


DataHero is a leading cloud business intelligence software platform that specializes in data visualization and data dashboards. More Information...


SimilarTech 72


SimilarTech is a Website Profiler, Lead Generation, Market Research and Competitive Intelligence tool providing technology adoption and usage analytics for the internet. More Information...


Tanaza 72


Tanaza is the first and only software for multi-vendor cloud-based WiFi management, allowing you to setup and monitor your clients' networks and their free and paid hotspots. More Information...


Octoparse 71


Octoparse is a free client-side Windows web scraping software that turns websites into structured tables of data without coding. Automatically extract web data within minutes. More Information...

Eccenca Corporate Memory

Eccenca Corporate Memory 32


eccenca Corporate Memory lets you forget about ETL processes but creates an ever growing knowledge base and data dictionary for your corporate data landscape. More Information...


Owlin 32


Never miss a risk, opportunity or emerging trend. Our news analysis algorithms provide you with intelligence on all events relevant to your business in near real-time. More Information...


GUN 31


A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine for building scalable, end-to-end encrypted apps. Best used for AI/ML, IoT, edge, or blockchain systems. More Information...

Market Locator

Market Locator 29


Market Locator allows data rich industries such as telcos to monetize their big data in the form of a self service location intelligence and mobile marketing solution. More Information...


SqlDBM 61


Online Database Designing tool, which offers: intuitive UI in Dark & Light, database Export & Import, subject areas, view modes, share project, and revisions. More Information...

Initial State

Initial State 60


Data Analytics for the Internet of Things: Stream data from your devices and applications to beautiful visualizations in your web browser. More Information...




A scalable, rapid and relevant performance intelligence platform, combining DWaaS and machine learning, for users to share insights across the whole business. More Information...


Datadeck 59


Datadeck puts everyone in sync with beautiful dashboards of all your data sources. Making your company happier and more productive. More Information...


Datapo 25


Datapo is a changelog for worldwide companies that helps competitors to analyze activities at homeland and foreign markets. More Information...


Visualr 24


Visualr is a state-of-the-art data visualization tool with simple drag and drop functionality, coupled with enhanced custom features. More Information...

Event Registry

Event Registry 57


We collect and annotate in real-time news articles published by over 30,000 news publishers worldwide. More Information...


TablePlus 57


A modern, native tool with elegant UI that allows you to simultaneously manage multiple DB such as MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server and more. More Information...


superQuery 24


Serverless BigData optimization engine designed for Google BigQuery, AWS Athena, AWS Spark & Oracle 18c More Information...

Learning Locker

Learning Locker 52


Learning Locker LRS offers best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, whilst giving you complete flexibility in deployment: Open Source, On-Premise or On-Cloud. More Information...


Data2CRM.Migration 50


Data2CRM.Migration enables you to migrate data across various CRMs accurately and securely. Modules & Users Mapping, Free Demo & Custom Migration are included. More Information...




GRAKN.AI is a distributed hyper-relational database for knowledge-oriented systems. It enables machines to manage complex data in the form of a distributed knowledge base. More Information...

Profit Rocket

Profit Rocket 49


Profit Rocket consolidates sales and inventory data to generate daily alerts that are prioritized into actionable tasks in the hands of the right people at the right time. More Information...


eXtremeDB 47


eXtremeDB in-memory and/or persistent DBMS starts at 150KB. Scales to TB, can utilize SQL or native APIs. Optimized for Edge, Gateway, or Server. Secure encryption. More Information...


FinSentS 42


FinSentS is a cutting edge information portal powered by proprietary Natural Language Processing technology. It is coupled with a low latency algorithmic trading portal. More Information...


AppBi 41


AppBi is an Intelligent Apple Search Ads Bidding Platform. AppBi Data have helped hundreds of developers around the world to reduce the average cost of Search Ads. More Information...

Enertiv AI

Enertiv AI 39


Enertiv AI tracks all of the critical systems in a building, from the boilers and chillers to the elevators and exhaust fans, predicatively detecting issues in real time. More Information...


Accordium 39


Secure & legally binding e-signatures with live contract editing and digital workflows. Our customers gain better insights, accelerate negotiations, agree faster and sell more. More Information...


Gamaya 38


Gamaya improves efficiency and productivity of agricultural businesses by offering unique and compelling environmental intelligence solutions. More Information...


Transform 37


Transform's Revenue Data Platform predicts & optimizes all aspects of revenue growth, including marketing, sales & product strategies. More Information...


webLyzard 37


A Big Data and Visual Analytics Platform for Web Intelligence, Semantic Search and Social Media Monitoring. More Information...


Harvesting 37


Our Agricultural Intelligence Engine utilises remote sensing data alongside a range of traditional and alternative data points to assess a farmer’s creditworthiness. More Information...


Diggernaut 35


Diggernaut is a cloud based service for web scraping, data extraction and other ETL tasks. More Information...


JellyChip 34


JellyChip is a simple way to chat and change lives. More Information...


Perzonalization 33


AI powered, real time predictive personalization engine for eCommerce. Plug-and-play solution for product recommendations, automated and personalized emails. More Information...


wappier 32


Intelligent Revenue Management & Optimization via Dynamic Pricing and Automated Loyalty for Games! Our Technology: Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics & Deep Data Pooling. More Information...


Genview3d 31


Genview3d is a decision making software for executives to efficiently control, pilot and ensure alignment with business objectives. More Information...

Nuro Retention

Nuro Retention 31


Nuro is the most comprehensive predictive and proactive SaaS student success system available for higher education today. We make data actionable. More Information...


TeamBee 30


TeamBee allows corporations / administrators to convert their spreadsheet into digital forms. More Information...


Cipher 30


Cipher connects assets and sensors (wired or wireless) to existing systems through edge devices using the latest Industrial IoT technology. More Information...

Bicedeep ai

Bicedeep ai 29


Bicedeep data science AI learns the data you loaded. It suggests models and let you create queries on them to make prediction and classifications. More Information...


Querona 29


Make BI and Big Data easier and faster. Deploy a logical data warehouse in a fraction of time and use the built-in Apache Spark big data engine to accelerate reports. More Information...


Integrator 27


Integrator is a cloud data integration service which can also be installed on premise. More Information...


Narrativa 26


Narrativa creates human-sounding narratives out of data with the use of artificial intelligence. More Information...

Fortuit AI Engine

Fortuit AI Engine 23


The Fortuit AI Engine provides Data and Text Analytics (ML/NLP) and is offered either as a service or embedded within new or existing software applications. More Information...


Kritter 22


Highly scalable and customizable on-location white-label ad-tech trading systems: Ad Exchange, Supply-side Platform, Demand-side Platform, Data Management Platform, and Ad-Server. More Information...


RateBoard 9


Automated price optimisation for Hotels & Resorts of all sizes! Increase your hotel revenue through better price decisions powered by machine learning. More Information...

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