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What is Project Scheduling Software

Project scheduling software helps to streamline the task of constructing online project schedules.

These solutions help managers of both small and large businesses to efficiently plan their projects and regularly monitor them as well. In addition, the software acts as a central system that makes it easier for teams to work together.

The most important responsibilities— creating a plan, dividing and tracking tasks, reporting and managing resources— can be completed in a shorter span of time as team collaboration is made easy.

A project scheduling tool effectively provides team members with a good grasp of what they need to do, when to do it and how they can fulfill it. As such, they’ll have an idea of what the team, company and its stakeholders expect from them.

This automated tool eliminates the to plan and monitor projects using traditional manual options like spreadsheets, flip charts, calendars and whiteboards. As such, project scheduling software is usually a major project management software feature.

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Wrike 88


Wrike's powerful project management software supercharges team collaboration, boosts productivity by up to 50%, and optimizes project planning, execution, and monitoring. View Listing...

Wrike is a fully-fledged project management solution that also focuses on facilitating efficient and accurate project scheduling through its timeline-driven Gantt chart templates.

How is project scheduling software used?

Any business, regardless of size and the industry it belongs to, can benefit a lot from integrating project scheduling software into their overall project management system. Planning a project involves many tasks and each of these is assigned a specific period for completion and execution.

Team members need to work within the given schedule and they need to collaborate and help each other to ensure the project’s success.

Using more conventional methods, this can be difficult to accomplish. Using project scheduling software can help greatly as it provides a lot of uses and features that can make project planning simple.


Collaboration is one of the major features of project scheduling software. As previously mentioned, team members need to work together effectively and efficiently.

This is only possible if members can freely and easily communicate with each other, as well as provide significant updates, particularly in terms of their schedule milestones. Getting feedback from other members of the team is an essential factor for success.

These tools offer the convenience and luxury of real-time communication. Team members can even use the @mention feature to connect with other team members and share data updates.

Gantt Charts creation

Gantt Charts are visual representations of the project schedule. Tracking and monitoring projects become more convenient as milestones, assignments, dependencies and deadlines are presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand manner.

A task list and a time scale visualizes the details of the work needed so everything can be seen at just a glance.

Wrike uses the Gantt chart for various functionalities. It has a dynamic, interactive timeline, so teams will find it easy to monitor the progress of their projects. The chart provides a good bird’s eye view of all the important factors needed for the proper implementation of the projects.

This also helps teams easily identify probable problems, inefficiencies and bottlenecks that can not only slow down the pace but also affect overall operations performance.

Resource Management

Resource management is another essential feature of these platforms. The management and allocation of resources should be a priority, especially those related to equipment and materials supply and costs.

For businesses that allow teams to work remotely, keeping track of employees’ work hours, time offs, vacations and holidays, among others, is made more convenient.

Access to other schedule formats or views is a special feature that many businesses favor because it gives them the freedom to choose the format or view that best suits their project. Some of the alternatives are the Kanban board and the calendar.

Mobile Access

Project schedule software can also be accessed via mobile devices and apps. As such, managers and team members can easily access the tool even when they are working remotely.

General features of the software include budget plan creation, project analysis, shareable reports, drag-and-drop functionality and Microsoft Project importing.

Most scheduling software also offers integration with other tools such as customer relationship management or CRM.

Overall, these project scheduling tools features make it easier for managers and their teams to become more efficient and productive while working together.

What are the benefits of project scheduling software?

Aside from encouraging better productivity and efficiency, project scheduling software has a variety of other benefits that any business will enjoy:

Improved efficiency

Project scheduling software provides teams specific tasks and a clear workflow for every project. This helps teams keep their time and attention on the correct tasks. Also, this makes it easier for a project manager to distribute tasks as everything that’s essential for the project’s implementation is in one central location. This allows managers and team leaders to properly manage teams.

Work processes are streamlined and this saves a significant amount of time. In addition, automated processes mean time well spent as there is no more need to use the manual tools. Automation also helps minimize and eventually eliminate errors.

Better collaboration

Management tools like the project scheduling software make collaboration easier, meaning tasks can be completed in a shorter span of time. Since progress can be tracked, managers and leaders will know if the project is advancing as it should and if the set schedule is followed. Deadline reminders can also be set to ensure that employees are aware of upcoming deadlines.

Greater transparency of projects

Additionally, the software provides a general overview of projects so teams are able to see the big picture. This leads to more informed decisions, especially in terms of improving the general workflow.

The software’s resource management feature offers many benefits, most specifically in identifying the availability of resources. This provides managers and leaders with important insights for correcting inefficiencies in the said area.

Finally, project scheduling software is easy to use. Project managers and team members do not need to be tech-savvy to be able to use the software. The scheduling tool is also flexible and can be used or accessed even remotely through its mobile app.

Using project scheduling software can help businesses improve collaboration, communication and encourage better processes in their employees. As team members are kept up to date and aware of the projects they're working on, they can work better on the project and ensure that deadlines and guidelines are adhered to carefully.

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GanttPRO 88


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Wrike 88


Wrike's powerful project management software supercharges team collaboration, boosts productivity by up to 50%, and optimizes project planning, execution, and monitoring. View Listing... From: $9.80/month trial/premium Wrike Pricing

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Product Leader

Forecast 87


Forecast helps you execute large projects effectively without compromising on time, quality, budget or other projects. View Listing... From: $29.00/month trial/premium Forecast Pricing

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Hub Planner 83


Resource Scheduling | Project Planning | Time Tracking | Reporting | Vacation Leave | Billing & Budget Management | Custom Fields | Smart Groups | API | Project Tasks & Phases View Listing... From: $7.00/month trial/premium Hub Planner Pricing

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Float 82


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Product Leader
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