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Event Management Software for Free

Free event management software helps event planners to properly manage their events, all throughout the planning stage and all the way to the post-event phase. It is a solution for organizers who want to ensure the all-around success of their events.

More specifically, these free event management tools allow organizers to not only create a website or page for their events but to also perform other essential tasks such as email marketing, provide an option for attendees to purchase or reserve their tickets or confirm attendance and register and to effectively manage attendee details.

There are many event planning software solutions but not all of them offer free versions. Despite this, those that do provide free versions generally offer the most essential event management features in addition to a few more.

Some free event management solutions provide solutions for convenient and efficient invoicing and processing of payments, as well as for the monitoring of attendees or guests. What they do is simplify and centralize the event management process so event organizers won’t have to jump around from one app to another just to make sure things run smoothly.

Event management tools are helpful for any business type, but most especially for those focusing on business to consumer or B2C (such as in-store activities and product launchings) as well as on seminars, networking sessions, conferences and other B2B (or business to business) events.

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oDASH 88

1 ratings

Event management software built for event organizers for managing and marketing their events. View Listing...

oDASH offers a free version of its event management platform that enables users to set up white-labeled event apps, create event pages and outreach campaigns as well as generate and manage leads without any user or event number limits.

How is free event management software used?

As previously mentioned, a myriad of options exists for businesses that want to avail of open source solutions or free event management software. It is, however, important to take note that there are at least two functionalities a tool should offer for it to be considered an effective event management solution.

First off, free event planning tools should give organizers the freedom to create a website or a page for the event. This will include relevant information such as event time or schedules and event location, among other things. The website or page should carry all details essential for attendees or guests, so they’ll know what they need to do, where they should go and other similar information. Drag-and-drop builders can be particularly effective as they help users regardless of technical ability to set up landing pages.

Second, the free event management tools should have an online registration feature or functionality that allows attendees or guests to get ticket details for events. At the same time, they should be able to register for and even purchase the tickets when they want to. The event registration feature is a major attraction for guests. Many like the convenience it offers; i.e. they do not have to leave the house or office just to make sure they are registered or that their tickets are purchased and secured.

Meanwhile, on the part of the organizer, there is a range of further functionalities that help make their tasks easier and more convenient to complete.

Free event planner software helps organizers gather and keep all information in one central location. As such, this makes it easier for them to communicate and collaborate not only with their colleagues but also with the attendees or guests and even with the vendors (producers, etc) present at the event.

There are also tools that provide event organizers with website templates, such as the pre-defined ones offered by idloom. This makes it easier to customize a site according to an event.

Customizable RSVP forms, donation and gifts features, guest check-in and an easy-to-use maker for a seating chart are also essential functionalities. All these are offered by free event management tool RSVPify.

Content management is another feature normally offered by free event organizing tools. This functionality allows organizers to manage and update all event information, including those related to attendees or guests details. In addition, the centralized location will make it easier for organizers to do real-time syncing of the event website and app. This is one of the major features of oDash, a popular free event management tool.

oDash, like similar free event management software, also offers functionalities like a promotions platform that can help increase the reach of an event for its targeted guests. It also has lead management and analytics features, which are essential for tracking conversions and collecting information that can be essential for driving better insights.

Other features and functionalities event organizers can avail of when using free event management software include menu options for details like food choices and allergies, create custom invitations, email blasts for guest attendance updates, videos for the event and mobile apps. Most of these, however, are dependent on the software you choose. Some offer these features for free while others give these as freemium add-ons or when users upgrade to the paid subscription version.

What are the benefits of free event management software?

Event management tools benefit organizers because it helps streamline the event planning and organization process. As mentioned earlier, the software focuses on all aspects of event management—from the first time the organizers sit down with the clients to plan the event and all the way to the execution, completion and post-event activities.

Streamlined processes

Since everything is done in one central location, there is no more need to DIY or use several apps or software. So part of the streamlining aspect is the increase in efficiency because manual mistakes are limited or even completely eliminated.

Collaboration and coordination

The software makes it easy for event organizers to coordinate and collaborate not only with their team members but also with vendors and clients. In addition, a centralized platform helps to ensure that each member working on the event are regularly updated and on the same page in every phase of the project. As such, no one gets left behind and or advances without the rest of the group.

This also means all activities involved in the event management process—including marketing, promotions and sales—are centralized and are, therefore, easily available for convenient and transparent collaboration.

Improved attendee/guest experience

The software provides many features that help organizers offer attendees or guests an improved experience. Convenience is the number one factor, particularly in terms of tickets (or passes) reservations and purchase, as well as for registration.

Likewise, the software allows organizers to feed all the essential details to the guests via various channels—email blasts are a good example.

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oDASH 88

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RSVPify 84

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