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Event feedback software is a modern solution designed to help businesses and organizations measure the success and effectiveness of events through surveys distributed to attendees and participants.

Feedback is one of the most crucial factors in understanding customer sentiment and behavior. It is by capturing feedback that you get a glimpse of your target audience’s thoughts and opinions about a particular product, a service, your brand or in this case, what they think and feel about the event your team has organized for them. This type of software allows you to collect feedback from event attendees and participants so you can gain valuable insights into how your event has been received by people. The data that you gather from the survey results you can use to improve future events as well as to boost your existing and future marketing efforts.

Good event feedback software is equipped with a variety of features and capabilities that are invaluable in any event planning process, whether you’re trying to launch a new product or service, bring awareness to a specific cause or trying to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. The success of any event depends on how well an event planner understands its target audience. Good survey tools and the ability to analyze responses and results are crucial to delivering better and more successful events in the future. This type of software allows users to design, create, schedule and publish any online survey they want, which includes a pre-event, during the event and post-event feedback survey.

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How Is Event Feedback Software Used in the Event Planning Process?

Event feedback software, also commonly referred to as event survey software, gives you the tools you need to design, conduct, schedule and publish electronic polls and survey questions for the specific purpose of collecting event feedback and market research. This is a software solution that is often used by companies and their event managers and event management team. It makes the process of collecting feedback from delegates, attendees, sponsors and other stakeholders that much easier and more efficient. Feedback can be collected before, during and after the event.

Event feedback software is equipped with survey tools that can be used to create and distribute survey questionnaires to participants through a survey app, via a landing page, by mobile phone SMS, voice calls with the provided phone numbers or through their registered email address. One of the surveys that can be created and published using the software is pre-event surveys. This allows you to reach out to your target audience prior to the event to collect useful information that can help you plan and deliver a good experience for the attendees, the guests, sponsors and stakeholders.

It’s always a good idea to connect with your delegates before the event so you can get a few pointers to help ensure a more engaging and successful event. Most software in this category will often include a survey template that you can use to put out a quick survey that will help you gather the information you need. There are also sample surveys that you can use for inspiration when crafting the appropriate questions that will provide you with the most useful responses.

A typical pre-event survey will often include questions like where they heard about the event, what they’re looking forward to accomplishing or learning from the event, what their logistical preferences are, what they’re hoping to gain from participating in the event, etc. Even though it’s not always possible to make significant changes or tweaks based on every attendee’s pre-event feedback, the software delivers actionable data that can help you take care of the most important factors.

In addition, the software’s advanced reporting capabilities make it easier to analyze the data and take an average from the survey responses, take into account the consequences to further evaluate and predict the potential outcomes and design the event based on the insights gathered. The mid-event survey is an effective method for capturing the sentiments of attendees and participants in real time, during the event itself. Real-time surveys are arguably one of the most efficient ways to capture feedback. Collecting on-site information, during the event, will allow you to capture in-the-moment reactions from your delegates and attendees. This is very useful when you’re trying to measure the attendee engagement level. You may also use the data to tweak future events in order to improve the experience and engagement of attendees.

Having the ability to capture immediate responses to a statement made during an event, for example, can be efficiently measured and analyzed to help event managers make real-time decisions. This can be initiated using survey tools and technologies like wearable devices or touchpads. The results can affect or guide the direction of the event moving forward.

Another survey tool that is invaluable to event planners and organizers is the post-event survey. This is a type of survey that focuses on capturing attendee feedback at the end of the event. It allows event organizers and planners to collect suggestions, opinions, criticisms and other feedback pointers that will help them further optimize and improve future events. The survey responses and the feedback that you receive at the end of an event, once carefully analyzed, can yield actionable insights that will aid your decision-making for upcoming events.

Once an event has concluded, taking the next steps to build upon the newfound relationships is vital and the best way to do this is to capture the sentiments of participants and attendees through a well designed post-event survey that is created and distributed through robust event feedback software. It not only enables you to create and publish all kinds of event surveys, the software also makes it easier to maintain connections and close relationships with the delegates, identify their expectations from your business and make future events even more engaging, relevant and successful.

Benefits of Event Feedback Software

Event feedback software empowers you to get inside the minds of your target audience, your event attendees, delegates and other stakeholders in order to extract valuable insights that will impact future events, experiences and engagement levels in a positive way. One of the key benefits of using a good event feedback solution is that it allows you to capture vital data. Through various survey tools, you can capture essential feedback from attendees using qualitative and quantitative question formats that can easily be implemented or distributed at any given point in the event process.

The right event feedback solution also allows you to maintain consistency with how you design, publish and manage your surveys. It can help reduce manual work by giving you access to a library of survey templates and questionnaires and by allowing you to clone survey templates for use across multiple events. You have the option to maintain the look and feel of your survey templates and keep them consistent with your registration pages and branding.

With your event feedback software and its analytics capabilities, you should be able to discover new insights into the effectiveness and success rate of your surveys. You have the ability to track and measure your open and submission rates and analyze the data through different visualization tools like bar, line or pie charts.

The software solution also lets you make on-the-spot adjustments during events to accommodate the delegates, sponsors and other stakeholders. You can use mid-event surveys to incorporate audience feedback into real-time decision-making. Moreover, you may also get a real-time pulse on the true impact of your event on audiences and attendees. By effectively utilizing attendee responses and other relevant data, you should be able to make the right decisions for improving the quality and impact of your future events.

Another great advantage of using event feedback software is the comprehensive and analytical reporting. You can get real-time reports and advanced analytics right from your event feedback platform. Apart from having the ability to create dynamic surveys for each individual event, you also have the power to generate and analyze detailed reports that could have a positive impact on attendee experiences on future events.

Many top-tier event feedback systems can generate in-depth reports for accurate analysis. The event survey data can be viewed in numerical form or through different visualizations for easy consumption and better comprehension. Some event feedback solutions are equipped with built-in analytics designed for critical analysis of attendee feedback. It can help provide your event managers and organizers with a clear and accurate picture of attendee experience and satisfaction.

There is also location comparative reporting, which enables you to efficiently compare attendee feedback from multiple events organized in different locations. With the help of the software, you can analyze the data from the different events held at various locations, obtain meaningful insights and make informed decisions when you’re planning your next event.


Event feedback software is an invaluable tool for businesses and organizations that regularly organize and host events for their customers, sponsors and stakeholders. It is equipped with various features for designing, creating and distributing different types of surveys, as well as reporting and analytics tools to help you understand the feedback results and the other related data that you’re receiving from your attendee feedback programs.

This type of software is especially useful to event planners, managers and organizers who want to get a better pulse on attendee expectations, experiences and satisfaction prior to, during and after every event. The data that is captured using event feedback tools can be extremely useful for planning future events and help to make them even more effective and successful.

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