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What is event management software for nonprofits?

Event management software helps non-profit businesses and organizations to automate the different processes involved with organizing promotional events, including the planning, registration process, marketing and analysis.

Just like traditional event management systems, event management software solutions for nonprofits are typically cloud-based platforms equipped with a variety of features and functionalities that you would find in a number of full-featured business solutions. This type of software solution covers various aspects of event planning, ticketing, check-in processes and organizing events—whether it relates to for-profit or nonprofit purposes.

Non-profit event management platforms cover the entire cycle of organizing a nonprofit event. This ranges from the planning phase all the way to the post-event stages as well as from promotion and event marketing to taking surveys from benefactors and attendees, other follow-ups and so on.

While event management software solutions are quite common in the business for-profit sector, there are not a lot of similar platforms that are exclusively designed for nonprofit organizations. This is why some nonprofits end up using an event management platform that sometimes lacks the features and tools necessary to successfully manage a specifically nonprofit event. Some apps in the market are even limited when it comes to creating and storing event lists for nonprofit organizations.

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SignUpGenius 90


SignUpGenius is an online solution designed for non-profit management and event planning. View Listing...

SignUpGenius enables non-profit and volunteer organizations to plan and execute their events through the ability to easily create sign up forms, attract attendees, as well as obtain donations and payments.

How is event management software for nonprofits used?

Generally speaking, event management systems are used by businesses and organizations across multiple industries to facilitate event ticketing, registrations, venue and onsite operations management, seat allocations and more.

Event management software for nonprofits also offers such functionalities, including post-event activities like the ability to conduct real-time surveys and polls in order to gain useful feedback from benefactors and attendees. The data collected from these surveys will then be used to enhance future nonprofit events.

Nonprofit event management solutions are used by different charities, associations, clubs, churches, schools and healthcare nonprofits. They use the event management platform for event planning and other key processes associated with organizing a nonprofit event.

This kind of software solution is also used by organizations for peer-to-peer fundraising events and other profitable events with the proceeds intended for charitable foundations.

A few good examples of event management software for nonprofits are RSVPify, Timecounts and SignUpGenius. SignUpGenius an end-to-end event management solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits.

SignUpGenius is a modern cloud-based solution designed for both volunteer organizing and event planning. This event management platform serves as a great alternative to standard management systems, especially for nonprofit and for-profit organizations, businesses, schools and charitable groups. These software solutions, along with other similar products on the market, provides a variety of features and tools that you can expect from your event management solution.

Event Marketing

One common feature that is a staple in any event management solution is event marketing. Even if you are a nonprofit organization, you still need an effective events app that can help you market your fundraisers and events to as many people as possible, including volunteers and benefactors.

The event marketing function allows you to market your events using tools for creating customizable event websites, email marketing campaigns, launch push messaging, social media marketing and generating promotional codes.

Event Ticketing

Another key feature of this type of platform is event ticketing. This function essentially allows you to issue or sell event tickets and registration for fundraisers and conferences either through online or offline means. The ticketing tool will allow you to set ticket prices, types, bundle sales and quantity restrictions.

Registration Management

Along with event ticketing, registration management is also a common feature in event management software for nonprofits. With registration management, users will be able to process, accept or decline registrations for awareness seminars, fundraisers, conferences and other nonprofit events, again either through online or offline means.

This feature will make the registration process go a lot smoother and much more convenient for everyone, including the organizers, volunteers and attendees.

Reporting and analytics

The reporting and analytics function is a crucial feature in event management systems. With this function, you will have the ability to generate customizable reports you can present to your benefactors, volunteers, as well as your target audience.

For businesses and for-profit organizations, this feature is used to measure event ROI based on specific metrics like audience engagement, budget allocation, marketing success and venue utilization.

The other common features you should look out for when choosing event management software are onsite management, attendee management and venue management. Onsite management gives you the ability to manage onsite activities, including on-the-spot attendee registration.

Attendee management is the feature that lets you improve the overall experience of your attendees by using tools to help customize the registration process, with assigned seating and guest list and VIP management.

Venue management features enable users to carefully assess potential venues for upcoming events. This feature will help you prepare and build a custom floor plan that suits the type of event you’re trying to organize.

What are the benefits of event management software for nonprofits?

Event management systems can help streamline a number of challenging aspects associated with event planning. The platform can automate back-office processes and most importantly help enhance the experiences of volunteers, donors/benefactors and event attendees.

From planning all the way to the post-event activities, event management software for nonprofits is designed to facilitate virtually every aspect and phase of the event planning process.

Coordinate volunteers and teams

Your event management software should allow you to easily coordinate different teams of volunteers through one cohesive platform, making sure everyone is on the same page during the planning and execution of the event. The event management platform helps to centralize all the tasks and activities for everyone involved. Additionally, it also helps to centralize sales and marketing activities, accounting information, as well as travel and logistics management.

Smooth and balanced workflows

When you’re organizing an event, it is important to make the workflows as smooth and well balanced as possible, especially when there are multiple individuals/volunteers and teams involved in the process. Using this type of software ensures that processes and workflows are defined and understood by all team members involved.

Streamline event marketing

Crucial to the success of any event is the effectiveness of its marketing. Many non-profit event management platforms come with marketing capabilities. This will allow you to combine online communities, social media groups, mailing lists, online forums and blog posts so you will have the best chance of getting your message to the right audience.

You want to engage an audience that has a particular interest in your event, or the subject matter you’re trying to raise through a nonprofit event. The right event marketing solution can help you do that.

Centralized data management

Event planning and organizing can have the tendency to amass a ton of data, from volunteer registration details to donor information and contact lists. To manage all this information, you need a centralized platform that is secure and easily accessible by authorized personnel.

Event management software solutions for nonprofits often have a data management system that lets users collate online registration details and other information needed to launch email marketing campaigns.

The system will also allow you to sort information more easily so it can be used to run real-time analytics and post-event analysis and surveys to gain valuable feedback from attendees. The information you obtain through this function you can use to improve future events.

When used effectively, event marketing software can help non-profit organizations plan events better, increase collaboration and communication, streamline key processes and ensure that the events is well-run and planned.

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