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What is legal software for case management?

Legal software solutions are designed to help legal professionals and law firms manage their cases and other related tasks and processes, including appointment scheduling, computer filing, billing and bookkeeping, and more. Legal software for case management is also used by legal firms in policy compliance and requirements set by the judicial and legal authorities.

The business aspect of the legal profession is not typically covered in law schools and this is exactly why case management software solutions exist. This kind of software is designed to cover the business side of the legal practice, allowing firms and lawyers to focus on actually working with clients instead of spending most of their time on time-consuming administrative tasks.

Legal software systems for case management often comes with core features necessary for the smooth operation of law practice, including case management tools, contract and docket management, calendar and scheduling, storage for legal documents and other important files, client communication, and time tracking for billing purposes.

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MyCase 93

303 ratings

MyCase is a complete case management solution for your law firm, providing the tools you need to improve organization, increase efficiency, and scale your firm operations. View Listing...

MyCase is a cloud-based legal management solution that helps attorneys in law firms manage communications with their clients and carry out daily business operations. The solution also provides functionalities for accounting and scheduling purposes. MyCase offers users handy features such as time tracking, accounting, case management, contact management and docketing. The solution can be accessed via computers and various mobile devices and mobile application for iOS and Android devices are also provided.

How is legal software for case management used?

Legal software for case management utilizes the power of technology to facilitate administrative tasks and processes of modern law firms. The majority of these processes include email management, CRM, word processing, disk encryption processing, desktop notes, password security, and more.

As a whole, legal software systems help improve efficiency as well as the marketing aspect of law firms and private legal practices to attract and sustain more clientele. Using good management software for your law firm can transform your organization into an innovative and highly efficient legal practice.

Cloud-based software solutions designed for legal practice are becoming more and more prevalent in legal agencies and firms. A robust and feature-rich law practice management software solution is vital in today’s legal practice environment, regardless of the size of the firm. It is essential in running day-to-day operations and managing core administrative processes that would otherwise take up most of the lawyer’s time, taking them away from meeting with clients and discussing their cases.

Many of the top legal software solutions in the market like MyCase, Filevine, and CosmoLex are designed for smaller law practices. Larger firms and organizations generally rely on ERP and custom software solutions for their case management needs. While this is reasonable, the majority of law firms in the US are small and they typically employ no more than five employees.

However, even small legal practices with two to five staff members still require the same software, with all its features and capabilities, like those used by larger firms. Legal software for case management is crucial to any practice that wants to improve its administrative process efficiency and office accountability, as well as to unify all case data across multiple platforms.

MyCase is probably one of the best-suited case management software solutions for solo law practitioners and smaller firms. It is a cloud-based legal practice management solution designed to mitigate and eliminate inefficient communication between the legal practitioner and their clients.

The software solution provides legal professionals and lawyers with a comprehensive all-in-one system to help manage contact information, appointment scheduling, time tracking, calendar management, online invoicing and billing, management of legal documents and of course case management.

Given that the software is a web-based solution, it enables layers and legal experts to work on cases anytime and anywhere, without the restrictions that come with working within office hours.

What are the benefits of using legal software for case management?

Legal software solutions for case management are often comprehensive and packed with features and tools, with most of the top legal software solutions in the market being easy to operate and deploy.

As such products are generally web-based, there’s really not that much to configure during the setup process. From the setup phase to daily usage, all of the features and tools that come with the solution are easy to use and do not require experts to manage and maintain them.

Here are a few of the core advantages and benefits you can expect from using legal software solutions for case management:

Improved task coordination

The coordination between attorneys and their support staff, when it comes to dealing with tasks and processes, is one of the key points in ensuring a seamless and highly efficient workflow in any law practice. Enhancing task coordination is one of the many things a good practice management software solution can provide. This kind of software helps improve efficiency inside the office as staff members perform their assigned tasks effectively while lawyers remain focused on client cases.

Better management and organization

Organizing and managing the matter at hand in an efficient way is one of the keys to a smooth and successful legal operation. With legal software solutions, attorneys and staff members can perform appointment scheduling, link all contacts, assign tasks to the appropriate personnel, make notes to specific cases and do so much more within a single platform. This will help save time by keeping important documents and cases well-organized.

Digital document management

Going paperless is the future in document management and business processing. A lot of businesses and organizations across multiple industries, including the legal industry, are going paperless when handling documents and other important data.

With this software, attorneys can do faster research without shuffling through paper files and folders as all of the required information they need is in one centralized platform. This is particularly useful during client calls as they can simply open case files and refer to various documents using the platform.

When used effectively, Legal software for case management is an essential part of any law practice regardless of their size. While larger legal firms might find this kind of software useful, it’s the smaller firms and sole legal practitioners who will find the most value from cloud-based case management software solutions.

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MyCase 93

303 ratings

MyCase is a complete case management solution for your law firm, providing the tools you need to improve organization, increase efficiency, and scale your firm operations. View Listing...


Zola Suite 92

108 ratings

Zola Suite provides next generation, cloud-based practice management software to mid-sized and large law firms. View Listing...


Filevine 87

12 ratings

Filevine is cloud-based legal practice management with clean, intuitive design. Come see where custom case management meets law firm automation for a more efficient practice. View Listing...


CosmoLex 83

17 ratings

CosmoLex is a cloud-based case management software that integrates trust & business accounting, time tracking, billing, email & document management, and tasks & calendaring View Listing...


CASEpeer 80

0 ratings

CASEpeer is a cloud-based case management software for personal injury law firms. From intake to settlement, we help firms foster accountability & make data driven decisions. View Listing...


Penelope 76

4 ratings

Penelope is a user-friendly, cloud-based case management software solution designed specifically for human services organizations that offers access to centralized real-time data and client information, whil... View Listing...


Amberlo 70

2 ratings

Case management software that improves collaboration, planning, time-tracking and increases billable hours. View Listing...

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iinsight 68

0 ratings

iinsight is built on the feedback and input from industry professionals. The software is tested against end user expectations. You’ll spend less time administering, and more time doing the tasks that matter.... View Listing...


IPzen 66

2 ratings

IPzen is a cloud-based solution for case management, invoicing, trademark management, domain name management, and IP watch services provider. View Listing...

Product Leader


5 ratings

Hope is an online case management system that’s lightweight and fully managed. Hope makes it easy for advisors to create and manage clients, client cases, and the issues that make up the cases. Client work c... View Listing...

IPzen Legal

2 ratings

IPzen Legal: Case Management and Invoicing Making Law practice management easier View Listing...

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