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What is law practice management software?

Law practice management software is a platform for law firms and legal practices that contains everything you need to manage the business of your practice in one secure place and help Improve efficiency, delegation and accountability within your firm.

Managing a law firm and keeping track of your clients is a difficult, complicated task. Aside from monitoring your client list and court and case documents, you also need to take care of other stuff such as billing and accounting matters.

Using more conventional methods and solutions means that you're likely to spend more time and resources completing everyday tasks. This type of software can save you a lot of time and effort because everything you need is in one central database.

No paper trail is involved as it is cloud-based and automated and you don’t have to use a client management database for monitoring clients and cases.

Likewise, you don’t need a schedule management tool for tracking and setting appointments and schedules. Also, you don't need separate

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Zola Suite

Zola Suite 92

108 ratings

Zola Suite provides next generation, cloud-based practice management software to mid-sized and large law firms. View Listing...

Zola Suite provides legal practices with an intuitive full-featured platform and native applications. Zola Suite contains everything you need to manage the business of your practice in one secure place and help Improve efficiency, delegation and accountability within your firm whether you’re in the office, in court or on the go. The software also integrates easily with LawPay, NetDocuments, Quickbooks, RPost and much more.

How is law practice management software used?

Generally, law practice management software is classified into two types: by practice matter and by substantive law. Solutions classified as practice matter are the ones that deal with laws related to practice and case management, document management, schedule/calendar control and document assembly.

Practice management solutions under the substantive law type deal with estate administration and planning, collections, bankruptcy and real estate.

Regardless of type, however, practice management solutions have general uses and features that all lawyers and law firms can benefit from:

Document management

This type of software can be used for efficient management of client records, cases and other important documents. It is a central database where you can easily store, search, track, and manage data about your clients and cases. At the same time, it also has document management capabilities, which means you can do word processing-related tasks.

Likewise, you can perform document assembly tasks and make use of templates for legal documents like forms and letters.

Billing and payment processing

Practice management software for lawyers is used for managing and monitoring bookkeeping and billing-related tasks. Instead of sending out invoices one by one or manually, you can use the software for sending automated invoices that show lawyers’ billable times.

Lawyers can also use the software for accounting purposes. As the tool also comes with a time-tracking feature, billing the hours of lawyers will be easy. Regardless of whether you are billed by the hour, on a contingent basis, or per transaction, the invoice will be sent directly to the client as soon as the details are entered into the system.

The software also makes trust accounting simpler and easier to do. One tool that offers this feature is Zola Suite, a tool that provides complete business accounting to its users. One of its functionalities is advanced reporting, which automates the creation of financial statements.

In addition, Zola Suite allows batch-apply payments, the issuing of checks and payments via credit card due to partnerships with over 5,000 financial institutions.

Better collaboration and communication

Practice management software can be used for collaboration and communication. Regularly communicating with clients is important, which is why most law practice management tools come with a client portal for communication.

This is also an essential feature for ensuring proper and efficient tracking of phone calls and reminders for appointments, meetings and deadlines. Email management becomes a simple task when you have an effective practice management platform.

Practice management tool for lawyers helps you monitor meetings, appointments and deadlines. It also acts as a repository for all your tasks. These are all categorized accordingly; daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

They are also used by law firms to expedite regulatory compliance like policies and court rules.

What are the benefits of practice management software for lawyers?

Law practice management solutions offer many features and functionalities that help attorneys perform their day-to-day tasks efficiently, including:

Improved efficiency

Generally, this type of software makes work a little bit easier for lawyers and their law firm staff. You’ll be able to manage your tasks, billings and deadlines better, so efficiency is improved and productivity is increased.

Work becomes easier because the software is automated and the storing and searching of documents is faster and more efficient. Document management will no longer be a challenge. Likewise, you won’t have to deal with tons of paperwork.

You’re guaranteed that manual error will be minimized as the process is now digitized and automated. As such, you and your staff save a lot of time and resources and will be able to focus on other important tasks in the office.

Better organization

The software helps organize not only your cases, tasks, deadlines and billings but also your client contact information, which is essential for communication. Having everything organized and scheduled on the software helps busy lawyers and legal practices with large workloads.


Law firms can enjoy the benefits of cloud-based legal practice management software, which includes 24/7 access through a web browser or mobile device. As such, you and your staff don’t have to worry about missing out on updates and cases when you are mobile.

Another benefit you and your staff can enjoy is mobile device compatibility, which means you can access your central database via your Android or iOS device.

Law practice management software helps law firms and legal practices manage their practice on one essential platform and help Improve efficiency, delegation and accountability practices within your firm. Using this type of software can help legal practices reduce workload, automate time-consuming tasks and conduct better legal practices and processes throughout their firm.

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Zola Suite 92

108 ratings

Zola Suite provides next generation, cloud-based practice management software to mid-sized and large law firms. View Listing...


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uLawPractice 74

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A cloud based, integrated Legal accounting and Practice Management, general accounting and trust accounting, system accessible ANYWhere, ANYTime from ANYDevice View Listing...

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Zelican is a Law Practice Management Software that helps lawyers, advocates, and law firms manage their daily law practice activities with all the required features. View Listing...



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A practice management solution that allows you to run your practice more efficiently by leveraging the best in class Practice Suite so you can increase profitability. View Listing...

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