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What is employee productivity software?

Employee productivity software is a tool that helps management teams keep track of their employees, specifically on what they do during work hours. It offers various visibility levels, so they are able to trace the activities and actions of the overall performance of their employees.

Productivity tracking software also allows users to perform other essential tasks such as track emails and chat messages, capture screenshots of the device screen, location tracking and keystroke logging. As such, it is more than just a time tracking software; it focuses more on determining how productive an employee is.

Some employee monitoring solutions are built into or included with other tools such as HR software systems and project management software. Most are standalone tools with extensive features and functions. They can likewise easily integrate with apps and services such as collaboration platforms and accounting software.

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ActivTrak 90


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ActivTrak is employee monitoring software with user behavior analytics designed to increase productivity, streamline operational efficiency and harden security for your organization.

How is employee productivity software used by businesses?

Employee productivity software helps businesses keep track of which workers are productive and unproductive. It gathers detailed information, which managers can then use to recognize the top performers and encourage employees who need to do better.

Team members who perform well consistently are identified, considered important assets and tagged as model employees who can help motivate others. This is done through a variety of ways using the software.

Businesses have different types to choose from when monitoring their employees. The first is by tracking what employees do while at work. This includes checking the time spent in the office or at work, the employees’ productivity and even their attendance.

This is the productivity tool function of the software. It works the same way solutions like task management or time tracking software does. The main goal is to ensure teams work according to schedule and that they’re doing the job they are being paid for.

Another method of monitoring this management software is advanced tracking tasks. The software actually takes screenshots of employees’ monitors or screens aside while also keeping track of document titles and producing customized reports.

Another type of monitoring this productivity tool does is security surveillance. There are instances when an employee takes or steals sensitive company information or intellectual property. Additionally, there can be security breaches brought about by internal computer activity. With the software tracking all activities on the system or network, it will be easy to catch unusual behavior.

ActivTrak operates invisibly so employees have no idea that their activity is already being tracked. Additionally, the software has features that send triggers for forbidden and suspicious apps, files and websites. These are immediately blocked once detected, so the network is well-protected against security threats.

Businesses and its managers can efficiently track how much time employees spend doing actual work through a variety of features, including:

Silent tracking

Employee productivity software monitors workers quietly. When it is set on stealth or silent mode, it is invisible to employees so they do not know that they and their activities are already being tracked. This is an essential feature because it ensures confidentiality on the part of the employer

Stealth tracking is most effective for businesses that deal with remote workers, freelancers and contractors.

Time tracking features

Already mentioned earlier, time tracking simply refers to tracking or monitoring the work hours of an employee. It gives insights on whether the employee is being productive during work or not. Likewise, businesses will become more efficient in the billing process, meaning the employees who are productive will be properly compensated.

Again, this is beneficial especially for businesses that have employees working remotely. With some employee productivity software, time tracking is only an add-on feature.

Task management feature

This feature allows managers to assign and distribute tasks. It also has task monitoring and scheduling functionalities. Task management is often an integrated feature that comes from project management systems.

Employee productivity analysis

Employee productivity software does not only monitor when an employee logs in and logs out or how much time is spent working on a particular task. It also tracks the apps and sites that an employee visits or used. It even has a system that tells managers what the employee does on these apps and sites.

This feature will make it easier for managers to identify the team members or employees who are not being productive.


Employee productivity software has an alerts feature that can help protect the system from malware and other security threats. Likewise, it can also immediately determine and take action if there are unauthorized emails and suspicious websites, apps and even IP addresses.

As there are different levels of threats and breaches, users are allowed to customize the alerts. Some come up with their own criteria so it will be easy for them to identify the severity of the threat and to determine the action it deserves.

Remote desktop

This feature allows managers and team members to remotely connect their desktop to another. As such, users will be able to view the shared display. For cases like this, the software makes use of real-time monitoring and screen captures activities on remote devices.


Employee productivity software can be deployed in two ways: on the cloud or on-premise.

If the software is on the cloud, the employee productivity software is hosted on the server of the vendor. In addition, businesses can use it even when working remotely.

On-premise deployed software, on the other hand, is installed in the user’s server.

GPS tracking feature

With this feature, employee productivity software users can go beyond the desktop or workstation. So, when an employee has to go somewhere for work and uses a vehicle, the GPS system will be able to track it.

All data, especially its location, will be logged on the platform. This will help pinpoint the whereabouts of an employee during work hours, especially if he or she is not in the office. Vehicle activity can also be tracked in real-time.


The timesheet feature is concerned with employee attendance. In fact, it is the software used for monitoring the logins of workers. It may also take note of holidays and employees’ leaves.

What are the benefits of employee productivity software?

Employee productivity software provides organizations of all sizes with many benefits when using the platform, including:

Better productivity and enhances efficiency

Employee productivity systems help identify non-essential tasks as well as identify idle time. Additionally, it also helps managers stay connected with team members who telecommute or work freelance or remotely. As such, necessary actions are done right away and solutions are initiated.

Regular communication with and monitoring of remote team members allow managers to coordinate with them properly. When a team member is not performing well, the manager can encourage and motivate the said employee. This can be done even when they’re working in different locations.

Help identify efficient workers

Employee productivity software helps managers take note of employees who have a lot of idle time and those who tirelessly and efficiently work to achieve team and business goals. They’ll be able to access productivity reports and use the data they gather.

Helps teams meet their deadlines

Monitoring employee activity will help managers observe all activities of every worker in the team. As such, it will be easy to determine if the tasks are aligned with the team’s calendar and schedules.

They’ll know if an employee is delayed in completing tasks or when one finishes everything a day in advance. Therefore, managers can work closely with the team to ensure all requirements and tasks are done according to schedule and deadlines are met.

Helps managers properly evaluate team members

Since managers can monitor employees in real-time, it will be easy to identify the team members who are performing well. Assessment and evaluation are easier because there is actual evidence of the work done. Thus, recognizing and rewarding deserving employees won’t be a problem. At the same time, managers will have an idea of which employees are capable of managing succeeding projects.

Keep sensitive data safe and protected

One of the functions of employee productivity software is to detect suspicious and unusual activity in the system. As soon as the unauthorized activity is detected, the corresponding action is given. This strengthens the system’s security and sensitive data is protected.

Simplify the billing process

Billing becomes more transparent with employee productivity software. Managers will find it easier because they now have a centralized system where they can access all information they need to determine the number of billable work hours of an employee.

This can be done through the time tracker feature. This eliminates manual error and significantly increases efficiency.

When used effectively, employee productivity software helps management teams keep track of their employees and provide them with valuable data and information regarding their employee's activities. The platform allows organizations to track emails and chat messages, capture screenshots of the device screen, location tracking and log keystrokes.

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