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What is legal document management software?

Legal document management software is a document management platform designed for legal practices, agencies and practitioners operating in the field of law. This particular management software is not to be confused with legal practice management solutions, which comes with a more extensive set of functionality, including specific processes outside of document management.

Legal document management software solutions are designed to help professionals and companies in the legal industry achieve a number of goals. One example is the convenience and efficiency of legal data access. If you want to prepare for a case, the platform will make it easier for you to do a search and gain access to the legal records associated with your case.

You can go through the case file and even share it with your colleagues when necessary. This function should increase your productivity.

In addition to increasing productivity, another goal is to ensure the security and integrity of legal documents. One of the most important aspects of legal document management is maintaining confidentiality. Among the key functions of legal document management software is preventing unauthorized access to important data.

Having a centralized platform for managing both internal and external legal documents is also a common goal for law firms and legal professionals. This will add consistency to the data contained within every case file managed by the firm.

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MyCase 89


MyCase is a complete case management solution for your law firm, providing the tools you need to improve organization, increase efficiency, and scale your firm operations. With MyCase, all of your important ... View Listing...

MyCase provides affordable, intuitive, and powerful web-based practice management software designed for modern solo and small firm legal professionals. MyCase assists with easily organizing your cases, contacts, time tracking, billing, calendaring and much more with a secure all-in-one solution.

How is legal document management software used?

Legal document management software is used by law practitioners to manage case records, appointments, schedules and other important legal documents. The platform offers a robust set of tools for lawyers or a team of legal professionals to utilize so they can collaborate effectively on key tasks and processes.

The platform is designed so key personnel can have easy access to the case file and other legal information they need anytime and anywhere, especially since almost everything in the market is tailored as a cloud-based legal document management solution.

MyCase is perhaps the best example of a comprehensive document management system as it is perfectly suited for small law firms and independent legal professionals. Aside from document management, the software solution is designed to eliminate, or at least minimize, inefficiencies in the communication flow between legal experts and their clients.

Regardless of the few differences of such products, there are a number of functionalities and features that are universal in almost every premise-based and cloud-based legal document management platform. Most of these features can also be found in virtually every standard document management system available in the market. However, some are specifically designed exclusively for the legal industry.

Document capturing tools

Every law firm has to have some way of converting physical legal documents into digital versions. Legal document management solutions provide you with the tools you need to convert case records and transcripts into digital files in various formats, including text files, PDFs and even image files.

PDF formatting tools

The PDF file format is the standard format used by most law firms and legal practitioners, so it’s not surprising at all to see PDF tools in most legal document management software solutions. Such tools help you create and edit legal documents, add digital signatures and manage huge amounts of case files and legal records with relative ease.

Organizational tools

One of the key roles of legal document management solutions, or any document management system for that matter, is organization. Software solutions like these exist so you will have an efficient and more convenient way of managing tons of important documents. This feature will help automate the documentation and management process of cases, including role permissions, approvals and other crucial actions.

Advanced search and access control

When you’re managing a huge number of legal documents and client records, you need an efficient way to search the right case file for that specific case you’re working on. You need a tool that can quickly search the database for specific documents you need for your client. This is where legal document management software and its advanced search functionality comes in.

When you’re dealing with sensitive client records and legal documents, you also need to limit the access to those files. Preserving the consistency and integrity of such documents is vital. The best way to maintain the security of both internal and external documents is access control.

With this feature, you will be able to control who gets access to which specific files, assign permissions, keep access logs and flag vital records that are not to be shared with unauthorized personnel.

Integration capabilities

The ability to integrate a software solution with existing apps and third-party programs that you might already be using is another thing that is consistently present in most systems nowadays.

Most cloud-based legal document management platforms allow you to incorporate key functionalities directly into third-party applications, including CRM tools, email clients and court filing systems.

What are the benefits of legal document management software?

While other software solutions designed for the legal industry—such as law practice management systems—cover more comprehensive processes, legal document management software is more focused on a single aspect, managing legal documents in a more efficient and secure way. Some of the best-in-class systems available are really good when utilized to their full potential.

Easy to use

Most of the legal document management systems are easy to use, because of the fact that they are not designed to play roles other than facilitating the document management process. If you’ve ever used any document management solution, then you shouldn’t have any issues using one that is intended for the legal industry.

Mobile access

Mobility is among the many benefits of using any kind of web-based or web-hosted software service. Cloud-based legal document management platforms allow you to access case files, client records and other important legal documents anywhere you are in the world, at any given time. So even if you’re on vacation, though not advisable, you can still check in on clients and get access to their case file without any problem.

Centralized document management

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using legal document management software is having a centralized database of all your important documents, client records and case files. You will be able to manage all legal documents from one singular platform that is secure and has all the organizational tools you need to do the job right.

When used effectively, legal document management software can help legal practices and law professionals manage documents more efficiently, search for relevant documents with ease and ensure that important documents are never lost or misplaced.

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CARET Legal is the leading solution for legal professionals to manage their practice and create space for what matters. View Listing... From: $79.00/month trial/premium CARET Legal Pricing


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MyCase 89


MyCase is a complete case management solution for your law firm, providing the tools you need to improve organization, increase efficiency, and scale your firm operations. With MyCase, all of your important ... View Listing... From: $39.00/month trial/premium MyCase Pricing


Practice Panther 87


Practice Panther is a legal practice platform for small and medium-sized law firms. Areas covered with this service are bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, estate planning, litigation, criminal law. The so... View Listing... From: $49.00/month trial/premium Practice Panther Pricing


CosmoLex 85


CosmoLex is much more than a “practice management” tool or only legal billing software. Our clients rely on CosmoLex as their fully functioning, virtual law office—that lives in the cloud. CosmoLex’s compreh... View Listing...

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