File Transfer & Sharing Software

This type of software offers a platform for online file management. Teams can manage different projects in private workspaces and also invite clients and suppliers to share files. These solutions make it easy for teams to collaborate on different projects. Users can share files and folders of various sizes, such as HD videos, images, music and contacts.  Read the full software guide...

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What is File Transfer & Sharing Software?

File transfer and sharing software has become integral to the everyday processes of businesses with modern, digital workspaces. These solutions enable teams to manage various different projects in private workspaces while enabling collaboration through features such as the ability to invite clients or suppliers to share the files with. The types of folders or files that users can share is almost limitless (such as images, videos, music, contacts, etc.) and is often dependent on the specific solution they utilize.

The variety of file transfer and sharing software solutions is as diverse as the various media formats they support. A simple example is email providers, such as Gmail, that enable users to attach files to the emails they send. However, these types of solutions would only facilitate file transfer and sharing for businesses with extremely basic needs and file size or file format requirements.

For more advanced users, there are dedicated file transfer and sharing solutions that can provide features like content management, real-time collaboration, security and permissions management, and integrations with other software such as with a business’ existing project management or CRM solutions.

As such, it is important to identify which type of user you are and what your needs will be before deciding upon a file transfer and sharing solution. Many solutions are geared towards enhancing general, everyday productivity for individuals and small teams. On the other hand, other solutions are meant for mass file sharing and collaboration in enterprise environments with hundreds to thousands of employees and clients.

Common Features of File Transfer & Sharing

2-Factor Authentication Adds an additional layer of security by requiring an extra step in the login process. Usually external devices are required for this or a text message with a verification code is sent to the user when trying to login.
API Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are programmatic intersections with external products or platforms that allow for custom integrations with your own solutions or other solutions you are using.
Batch Permissions & Access Control user or group access and permission settings for software or other systems.
Calendar Management Manage and update calendars for scheduling or consolidation of events across teams, departments or business functions.
Contact Management Manage large amounts of personal or business contacts in a centralized system.
Contact Sharing Share contacts across teams or platforms to give access to others or to migrate address books across different systems.
Email Integration Integration with email clients or providers to create and send emails as well as view received emails within an application.
External Integrations Integrations with other software products or platforms to improve efficiency and compatibility across systems.
Google Apps Integration Integration with the G Suite, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, etc.
Multi-User Supports more than just one user account and generally allows for collaboration with colleagues.
Notifications Includes notification support and sends you alerts with information on important events and other time sensitive instances. For example through push notifications on mobile phones or email notifications.
Project Management Manage projects from conception through the planning stage to delivery and post-project reporting phases. This allows organisation teams to organise resources, plan budgets and improve efficiency in the delivery of project objectives.
Scheduling Schedule tasks, resources, appointments, payments, communications, etc.

Latest User Reviews of File Transfer & Sharing Products

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05 Oct 2020
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