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Breaking down work projects into smaller and more manageable tasks can lead to a substantial increase in team productivity. Task Management software is highly execution driven and can help foster an environment of deliverables. Vendors can provide a myriad of different solutions that ensure that you and your teams stay on top of tasks and ahead of approaching deadlines. Features tend to include to-do lists, task tracking, workflows, chat functionality, tags and labels, and more. The following list is a run-down of the best software in the Task Management category.

This ranking was published on October 2, 2017. For the most up-to-date Crozscores, user reviews and other information please have a look at the full list of project management Solutions.


Trello (9263)

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A leading project and task management application, Trello is highly visualized and features an excellent roadmap that will let your teams collaborate effectively. In addition, Trello gives you a number of different options to organize projects so that you and your team can understand it, with boards, lists and cards at your disposable. View Listing...


JIRA (3322)

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Great for software developers, JIRA is powerful and highly customizable, and gives users the ability to easily track and resolve issues no matter what they are. In addition. JIRA also comes with extensive product integrations and micro management functionality. View Listing...


Basecamp (4537)

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Ensure that your entire team will be on the same page with Basecamp, a task management software that is characterized by its responsive and attractive interface. It will provide a central location for calendars, file-sharing, to-do-lists, and message boards. View Listing...


Freedcamp (61)

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An excellent option for small businesses and startups, Freedcamp provides a free solution for project management. Despite being free, Freedcamp packs a punch as far as features go, with users being able to utilize Kanban boards, issue tracking, chat, time tracking and more. View Listing...


monday.com (741)

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DaPulse is an intuitive online application for project collaboration and task management. DaPulse is characterized by its highly visual,responsive and user-friendly interface that utilizes drag-and-drop functionality, which takes the complexity out of project management, ensuring anybody can use it. View Listing...


Todoist (597)

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A great solution for collaborating on tasks and projects, Todoist can be used on over 15 different platforms. It will ensure your team stays on task with its attractively designed interface that is completely free of clutter. Todoist has a myriad of different features that will enable you to prioritize and organize projects. View Listing...


Wunderlist (860)

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Wunderlist is an extensive to-do-list and task management application. Simple to use and navigate, but packed with functionality and solutions. Wunderlist will enable users to create lists and manage tasks on virtually any device. View Listing...


PivotalTracker (23)

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PivitolTracker is a unique task management application that is great for software developers. It features an intuitive agile workflow that can change how teams build software by collaboration with increased efficiency. There are shared views, estimated difficulty and priority tags and even iteration planning which break down projects into smaller tasks. View Listing...


Taskworld (91)

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Taskworld is an online collaboration platform that is highly visualized, ensuring you and your team can easily identify the tasks that need the most attention. With Taskworld, users can utilize an extensive messaging system, project analytics, burn up and burn down charts, in addition to the expected solutions of a task management software. View Listing...


MeisterTask (113)

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Simple, easy to use, and great for teams of any size, MeiserTask features an excellent dashboard that is highly customizable, ensuring you can get a quick overview of the day and focus on the tasks that are important to your team. It also fully integrates with MindMeister, a collaborative mind mapping tool that lets your team brainstorm in real-time. View Listing...

Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool (58)

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Great for smaller businesses, Kanban Tool is an inexpensive task management platform that is widely used for its intuitive visualized workspace. Kanban Tool can help teams increase collaborative efforts through visualized workflows that enable users to manage projects, allocate tasks and track deadlines. View Listing...


Kanbanize (15)

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A simple-to-use software for visual project management, Kanbanize utilizes Japanese Kanban principles to let users keep track of tasks, bugs, and reports. As far as visual appeal goes, this is one of the best, made even better by its slick drag-and-drop functionality. Looking and searching for tasks is an easy process. View Listing...


Producteev (33)

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Producteev is a task tracking and collaboration solution with many advanced features. Functionalities include extensive labeling, the ability to receive task-specific updates, a customizable interface, and deadline and priority tags. View Listing...


Kanbanery (17)

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A kanban-based solution that packs a punch, with Kanbannery you’ll be able to easily manage tasks through its responsive and user friendly interface. View Listing...


Yanado (28)

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Yanado is an innovative task management extension for Gmail users, which greatly increases the utility of the email service by integrating it with some much-needed task management functionalities. Best of all, its incorporation into Google chrome is so seamless, you would think it was there the whole time. View Listing...

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Additional Notes: The composition of this list features a mix of Task Management software and project management software, due to the high crossover in features that both of these categories share. However, this list places an emphasis on vendors that provide solutions for tasks on a micro-level, as opposed to strategic project planning on a macro-level.

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