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What is gym management software?

Gym management software is a solution used by fitness and health-related businesses for monitoring and managing members, employees and schedules.

It is an all-in-one tool that helps streamline the day-to-day process involved in running a gym business, particularly time-consuming administrative tasks such as inventories, members’ information, schedules and checklists.

This type of software is ideal for all gyms and fitness centers, namely small and medium-sized fitness studios and large gyms with multiple branches. Other fitness and health-related facilities and centers such as yoga studios, health spas, swimming clubs and football pitches also use this software.

Aside from monitoring and managing memberships, employees and class schedules, this automated gym software also serves as a central database for the gym. Instead of using multiple solutions, like scheduling, employee and accounting management software, all users need is gym membership software and they’ll have everything that they need.

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EZFacility 84


EZFacility is web-based software for sports and fitness business operations. View Listing...

EZFacility is a health and fitness management platform that helps its users operate their business, schedule training and classes and assist with employee management and payment tracking. The main users of this type of software are small and medium-sized enterprises, primarily fitness clubs and gyms. Users can schedule their activities, connection with other members and manage their database easily. Useful features like text messages, emails and notifications make the whole process easy and straightforward.

How is gym management software used by fitness and health centers?

Gyms and fitness centers that use gym management software mainly use the tool to efficiently manage their existing and future customer base. It stores and manages member information such as class/classes attended, member status, transactions and much more.

The software integrates with other tools so it can perform specific functions and offer features like management of membership dues, payment processing and even social media-related tasks.

Most gym software is integrated with other tools and apps so you can enjoy a variety of features such as automated booking. Gym members can book for their classes and pay for these online. Members can likewise find information that can give them an idea about their fitness progress.

In addition, it is also an essential tool for fitness professionals or personal trainers because they can use the software to stay updated with their class schedules. They can use it to find out the progress of some members and for determining if there are members who signed for their classes or sessions.

Other common software functionalities include quick scheduling, workout details and updates, reservations, member check-ins, payment processing and tracking, monitoring employee schedules and sending automated emails to members.

EZFacility, an easy-to-use gym management tool, uses both text and email to keep their members updated about their scheduled sessions. It’s also compatible with iOS and Android devices, so even when members are on-the-go, they can stay updated with their schedules, fitness developments, and payments.

Gyms and health clubs can use the software in many ways, including:

Managing memberships and employees

The software helps gyms keep track of memberships, especially as it grows by the numbers. It is a simple and efficient system that makes your day-to-day administrative tasks (such as keeping track of member information) lighter.

Fitness membership software makes employee management an easy task. With the tool, tracking your employees’ and personal trainers' schedules and timesheets is more convenient and efficient.

Payment Processing and Tracking

Keeping track of billing and payments is not easy when you have a growing membership pool. Payments should always be precise and on time, so it’s important to ensure a smooth billing process and to likewise make sure the payments are sent on time.

The software also helps you comfortably manage multiple membership subscriptions and payments, as well as member cancellations and upgrades.

Social media and Ecommerce

Most gym management systems are equipped with social media and eCommerce features. This means members can process payments and dues online, which is more convenient for the user and customer. Social media integration allows you and your members to stay connected with existing and potential new customers.

Marketing potential

Email integration will help you better communicate with your members, especially when you have special offers, promos, and activities they can participate in and benefit from.

In addition, looking for prospects and turning these prospects to leads is possible because your database has a reporting feature that will provide information about a prospect who went to your gym’s website.

This will help you come up with the right follow-up that can lead to conversion.

Improved communication

Gym management software usually comes with a members app that allows you to send messages to your members. Regularly communicating with them will make them feel important, which is essential for customer service satisfaction and retention.

Aside from the features mentioned above, most gym member management solutions also include a website builder to upgrade their existing assets and improve SEO and performance rankings.

What are the benefits of gym management software for fitness and health businesses?

There are many benefits of using gym management software, most notably:

Better efficiency

Streamlining all your gym business management daily tasks using gym software will help improve efficiency and productivity as all tasks can be done on one centralized system, taking less time to complete and saving your business money and resources.

Better planning

Using this type of software means that better plans and schedules can be produced and managed, leading to better customer and employee satisfaction with your business.

As such, you and your employees will have more time for other important responsibilities—specifically the ones that concern business growth and member happiness and retention.

Better customer experience

Helping create a good user experience for your members should be your goal as a gym. This can be done by using gym management software, as the many included features are tailored towards ensuring that your customers get the best possible experience from using your products and services.

Using gym management software can help businesses increase their client and customer bases, customer retention, plan and forecast better and ensure that scheduling for classes, personal trainers and employees can be done easily and efficiently.

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EZFacility 84


EZFacility is web-based software for sports and fitness business operations. View Listing...

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