Best Employee Wellness Software in 2018

Employee wellness software assists organizations in running, managing and monitoring employee wellness programs. These aim to reduce stress, office-related injuries and sick-days and promote the overall well-being of the workforce. This can mean offering financial incentives for employees to engage in sport activities or offering recreational services and health check-ups. With increasing staff numbers and complexity of these programs, software is needed to help HR staff to efficiently manage, monitor and promote activities aimed at achieving a healthy, motivated and active workforce. Key features of employee wellness software include tracking of KPIs and employee records, conducting risk assessments, assembling workforce dashboards and keeping track of expense records. 

TINYpulse Engage

TINYpulse Engage 82


TINYpulse Engage sends a quick, one-question pulse to your employees each week. Employees can respond using their browser, Slack, Outlook, and iOS or Android device. More Information...


IncentFit 48


IncentFit's gym reimbursements, fitness rewards, and fitness challenges are a highly engaging and effective way to improve employee health, morale, and productivity. More Information...


MoveInSync 66


Our Cloud-based Employee Transport Automation Software is used to track employee cab usage, provides automated billing and carries safety features for female passengers. More Information...

CARROT Wellness

CARROT Wellness 28


CARROT is a mobile app that rewards you financially for walking and meeting personalized goals. There is nothing else like it. More Information...


CorePoint 25


CorePoint Solution is an all-in-one cloud-based solution to manage your employee’s health & safety. More Information...


mplyees 25


Public anonymous employee suggestions. Help drive employee happiness and company growth with suggestion voting, suggestion categories, and suggestion commenting. More Information...

Aspire Quotient

Aspire Quotient 25


Employee engagement tool to build a better workplace. Learn what your employees want from their workplace, build a plan to make it happen, and track the outcomes in real time. More Information...




EPIC features a Rich Employee Survey Engine, Peer-2-Peer Feedback, Company and Employee Evaluations, Community Team-Building, a robust Recognition Store and more. More Information...


Continu 47


Continu is a modern learning management system for today's workplace. More Information...

Tap My Back

Tap My Back 37


Tap My Back is the simplest tool for employee recognition and 360º feedback. More Information...


Recognize 35


Recognize ( is motivating the workplace through the easiest-to-use employee recognition platform on the market. More Information...


Happster 32


Happster is designed to supercharge employee happiness and workplace engagement across any organization or team. More Information...


Aware360 31


Aware360’s core product is an Internet of Things (IoT) platform which customers can connect all of their people & assets to receive alerts & notifications. More Information...


Blink 26


Blink is the simplest and fastest way for companies to deliver integrated digital experiences to their people. The single pane of glass into all your apps, data and workflow. More Information...


Slick 23


Slick is a new tool designed for employees perks and rewards. The goal is to make employees feel that they are being valued beyond a paycheck by having a reward program. More Information...

We Act Challenge

We Act Challenge 12


WeAct develops innovative & interactive, online-based engagement programs to promote sustainability, health and cooperation within organisations. More Information...

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