Best Gamification Software in 2018

Training your sales team to use CRM could be challenging. Gamification software helps take the boredom out of training sessions and encourage participation. Products in this category come with features like product knowledge quizzes and tournaments to make learning fun for participants. Some other features to look for include real time feedback systems, the ability to do performance analyses and the ability to share achievements / get recognition from team members. 


Catalyst 21


Catalyst will ensure you to crush your sales targets by creating an engaged, high performance, data-driven sales culture ​that gets the most out of your sales team every day​. More Information...


Freshdesk 90


Freshdesk is a cloud based customer support software. More Information...


Curatr 52


Award-winning and trusted by organizations across the globe, Curatr gives you the tools to build and deliver engaging online courses (MOOCs) that get people talking. More Information...


brandquiz 51


Whether you’re a blogger or an international enterprise, with brandquiz you can create stunning interactive content for your audience to get more leads and increase engagement. More Information...

The Training Arcade

The Training Arcade 16


The Training Arcade, is a library of licensable training games that can be rapidly customized to complement training initiatives to increase engagement and retention. More Information...

We Act Challenge

We Act Challenge 12


WeAct develops innovative & interactive, online-based engagement programs to promote sustainability, health and cooperation within organisations. More Information...

Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud 44


Our solutions work individually or as a platform to build genuine loyalty, foster customer advocacy, and generate impactful user generated content. More Information...


Moroku 34


Moroku Gamesystem is a financial services focused gamification platform. More Information...


EngageSales 31


EngageSales is sales performance and gamification software enabling companies to implement advanced gaming concepts in order to increase employee engagement and motivation. More Information...


Oplift 26


Oplift is an award winning employee engagement tool which was designed to improve customer experience. Giving staff the tools they need to deliver the best service possible. More Information...


Vouchery 6

(0) helps companies to create timely triggered, predictive discount, referral, and coupon programs, that optimize for customer engagement & profitability. More Information...

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