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Freelancer Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software assists freelancers in automatically measuring, logging and estimating the time they’ve spent on online tasks for their clients. These software solutions are a way to keep organized and focused on daily activities, which boost productivity and increases customer satisfaction. A variety of people use time tracking software such as large companies, small businesses and most especially freelancers.

Traditionally, workers make use of logbooks or Excel spreadsheets to keep track of the working hours they’ve spent on their jobs. Then at the end of a specified timespan, another person collects their logs and converts them into billable hours. While this method is what small businesses or large companies might use, it’s largely ineffective for freelancers. Since they’re working independently, the paper method takes up a significant amount of time, effort and space.

Several options for time tracking software exist in the current market. They offer more or less the same tools and features but some are catered more towards small teams while others are a perfect fit for freelancers. The majority of these solutions come at a small price a month but free ones are often what freelancers primarily look for.

Before you choose a specific time tracking application, you should be aware of the three types of time tracking software solutions:

Time tracker – focuses primarily on time tracking and allows users or freelancers to log in and out any time of the day using their mobile applications.

Timesheet – for people with access to desktop applications and mobile devices, this type of time tracking application integrates with payroll systems and manages employee hours; works effectively for companies with a large workforce.

Project management – most time tracking software solutions are integrated with project management, which helps teams manage and complete projects.

As stated previously, time tracker software is highly effective for freelancers. They are expected to have proper time management, good interpersonal skills and strong self-discipline. They are effectively their own bosses and are in charge of their own hourly rates. However, working independently has its own fair share of challenges—it can be difficult to finish tasks and projects within a limited period. With deadlines to beat and tasks to complete, it’s not a stress-free job. But with time tracking software, these aforementioned issues are no longer a problem.

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TimeCamp 93


TimeCamp is a 100% free time tracker for teams. Unlimited users for $0. View Listing...

TimeCamp offers a fully-featured time tracking solution. It's free plan allows freelancers to try it out without being limited by the number of projects they can add, making it easy to get started.

How is Time Tracking Software Used by Freelancers?

Freelance professionals use time tracking software to manage their billable hours efficiently. They often have several client projects and tasks happening at the same time, which can prove difficult to manage. The software solution also lets them streamline, automate and delegate processes that would’ve taken more time if done so manually.

Time tracking tools such as browser extensions and productivity applications are made available for professional freelancers. This allows you to make use of your time more productively and effectively. Additionally, it can integrate your tasks into Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

TimeCamp, a web-based time tracking software application, offers free time tracking tools to freelancers. It has a variety of time tracking tools designed to track your work and gather real-time data. It also has a management application that allows you to divide a project into smaller tasks.

The features found in most time tracking software applications are highlighted in the following:


Timesheets refer to a display of all your time entries. These contain all information regarding the hours you’ve logged in on a particular project. While this is often used in companies with multiple employees, freelancers can still use it as a means to have a visual representation of their hours. It also allows you to have a week’s report within minutes, saving the time you can use effectively.

Time tracking

As the main function of time tracking software solutions, the time tracking feature allows freelancers to make use of their time wisely and productively. It lets you work based on hourly rates and monitor project completion. Since you work with several clients at the same time, being able to track all the tasks you do for them is essential in being paid with the amount of service you put through.

Automated invoicing

Invoicing needs to be accurate and concise to ensure you’re being compensated correctly. Doing manual paperwork can still result in miscalculations. However, time tracking applications feature automated invoicing, which automatically calculates your billable hours and converts them into invoices.


If you have team members with you, it can be helpful to have the dashboard feature integrated in your system. This lets you see your top activities, breakdowns, visual charts and live statuses on current projects. A visual representation can help you keep track of several activities all at once.


Notifications are handy for instances where you need to be alerted of certain deadlines. By being constantly reminded of the remaining tasks you have to do, you will be able to work on jobs quickly. Furthermore, it keeps you disciplined and responsive to any rising issues you might encounter later on.

Analytics and reporting

Statistics is useful for generating reports. This includes charts, graphs and data representations. Time tracking software solutions allow you to analyze the work you’ve done during working hours. With automatic report generating features, viewing data will be easier for you. Additionally, this feature is useful if you want to check each project’s progress at a given time period.

What are the benefits of time tracking software for freelancers?

Customers value diligence and punctuality, which are what the software solution aims to optimize. Other than measuring the time freelancers have logged in, it also generates reports and tracks working hours, which is later converted into an invoice. What this does is it makes sure your time isn’t wasted. In freelance work, time is literally money. With wasted time comes wasted money.

Other benefits include the following: increased productivity, effortless time capture, increased customer satisfaction, as well as enhanced deadline accuracy.

Time tracking software for freelancers increases productivity. With less time spent on manual paperwork and Excel spreadsheets, you can work on existing projects and finish deadlines on time. Being able to work on more tasks allows you to work more billable hours. Additionally, its effortless time capture automatically calculates the time you’ve spent working with the hourly rates you’ve set up and converts them into an invoice. This ensures accuracy and productivity on your part.

Freelance work relies heavily on keeping your clients happy, especially since they are not bound by contract to keep paying for your services. By making sure they’re satisfied with your work, you are guaranteed loyal clients along the way. The tools found in most time tracking applications help to maximize deadline accuracy, which improves your chances of increased customer satisfaction.

At the end of the day, you’re a freelancer working dedicatedly on projects that take up most of your time. In order to properly manage all the tasks you have to do, time tracking software automates invoicing processes while capturing the time you’ve spent working. It helps to keep you organized and on top of all your existing projects.

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TimeCamp 93


TimeCamp is a 100% free time tracker for teams. Unlimited users for $0. View Listing... From: $7.99/month freemium TimeCamp Pricing

8 Award(s)

Everhour 92


Everhour is a simple time tracking tool designed to track employee, contractor and consultant time spent on jobs and tasks. View Listing... From: $7.00/month trial/premium

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DeskTime 91


Fully automatic time tracking software with 10+ features for your team's productivity. Track your productivity, manage projects & costs, create custom reports, and more. View Listing... From: $7.00/month trial/premium DeskTime Pricing

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Clockify 90


It is a completely free time tracking tool for agencies and freelancers. Clockify enables you as a manager to build bigger and better teams so you can focus on productivity without getting distractions. C... View Listing...

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Freedcamp 90


With Freedcamp, project management has become social and centralized. In the past, project management and collaboration was a daunting task, mainly due to lack of centralized system to handle multiple projec... View Listing... From: $1.49/month freemium Freedcamp Pricing

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Hubstaff 88


Lightweight, native time tracking tool that includes screenshots, time tracking and project management. Pay your team members with a click of a button. View Listing... From: $5.00/month freemium Hubstaff Pricing

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Toggl Track 88


Toggl is a time tracking tool designed for freelancers, consultants and small businesses who want to track the exact time they spend on projects and clients. Type your task, start the timer and learn exactly... View Listing...

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RescueTime 88


RescueTime is a service that helps people understand how they spend their time on the computer. That's really important because it gives people the right information to make good choices and help... View Listing...

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OfficeTime 86


Easier time tracking. Works offline and does things no web app can do. Keep your data private or sync your team. View Listing... From: $7.00/month trial/premium OfficeTime Pricing

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