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What is free time tracking software?

Time tracking software is a tool used by businesses and organizations to keep track, analyze and document the hours worked by employees in order to precisely record actual billable hours. It can be used by HR managers, freelancers, external teams and employees to accurately record work hours for billing purposes, payroll and invoicing.

Using free time tracking software, organizations can keep track of more than just hours worked. It can provide additional data like employee/team efficiency and productivity, which can be very useful in determining the performance of teams as well as individual workers. Departments like project management, payroll and accounting, team collaboration and communications can all benefit greatly from using a proficient time tracking platform that can analyze and record this information.

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QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time 93


QuickBooks Time, formerly TSheets, is the cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution that’s changing the way 40,000+ customers track their time in 100+ countries. View Listing...

TSheets enables you to easily track time and location on any device, send accurate invoices, streamline payroll and increade producutivity based on accurate time tracking and analytics.

How is free time tracking software used by HR and project managers?

Time tracking platforms, whether they’re paid or free-to-use, can provide valuable insights into working hours and staff productivity. The platform helps give a broad overview of how time is being spent by your employees and external teams and assess and analyze how much time being work is productive and efficient.

When used efficiently, time tracking software can help businesses track billable hours, set accurate budgets for future projects and find out where employees can be more efficient and productive with their time. This information is valuable to human resources and project managers, as it can be used to increase productivity, find out where time and resources aren’t being utilized properly and ensure that processes can be put in place to ensure that workflow and productivity can be improved based on the data gathered.

When it comes to choosing a free time tracking platform, the features should be considered when choosing the right option. Most platforms offer time and hours worked tracking, accounting and payroll integration and invoice management, as well as time scheduling, reporting and analysis features, overtime tracking and mobile applications.

Smaller businesses, individuals and startups who employ freelancers and external teams can utilize a free time tracking platform to monitor activity and performance, track expenses, manage payroll more efficiently, create more accurate billing for clients and projects, keep track of employee productivity and help accurately pay freelancers and external teams based on hours worked and integrated productivity metrics.

TSheets, a popular free time tracking software, allows you to easily track time/work hours using any device, streamlining payroll and invoice management. Some TSheets features include scheduling, real-time interactive reporting, overtime automation, accounting and/or payroll software integration and time clock app for iOS and Android.

What are the benefits of using free time tracking software?

Time tracking software offers businesses a number of benefits, all focused on improving productivity, time tracking and accurate recording of working hours.

Improved payroll management – Most free time tracking solutions are capable of more than tracking employee work hours. They come with timesheet features that human resources can use for accounting and payroll purposes and time tracking software can help businesses avoid overpaying employees, helping them save money and reducing unnecessary expenses, allowing resources to be allocated elsewhere.

More accurate invoicing/client billing – having a record of actual worked and billable hours allows for businesses to accurately create invoices and help bill employees and businesses correctly for their time. This gives businesses greater professionalism and reliability that employees will be paid correctly and accurately for their time worked.

Increased productivity - Analyzing the data gathered can help HR and management determine whether time is being used productively and efficiently by employees and whether changes need to be made to workflow and processes to improve this. Staff who are working at a high level can be accurately rewarded for their work and help increase motivation and engagement with your entire employee base.

All businesses can benefit greatly from using free time tracking software, as they help increase productivity in employees, accurately record track time spent working and track precise worked and billable hours by external teams.

Time tracking software also helps improve payroll and accounting processes, help businesses reduce their expenses and accurately track unnecessary expenditure, helping businesses save money, time and resources.

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TimeCamp 93


TimeCamp is a 100% free time tracker for teams. Unlimited users for $0. View Listing... From: $7.99/month freemium TimeCamp Pricing

8 Award(s)

ActivTrak 90


We believe in empowering team productivity. ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics software company that helps teams understand how people work, whether in the office or remotely. Their cloud-b... View Listing...

6 Award(s)

SINC Workforce 89


Accurate job costing, timesheets, staff scheduling, task management, incident reporting and more. We are your boots-on-the-ground staff management system. View Listing... From: $14.99/month freemium

2 Award(s)

Jibble 89


Track time & attendance for your workforce. Employees can clock in, punch in or as we say, jibble in and out using their web browser, Slack or Mobile (iOS & Android). View Listing... From: $10.00/month freemium

11 Award(s)
Product Leader

Hubstaff 88


Lightweight, native time tracking tool that includes screenshots, time tracking and project management. Pay your team members with a click of a button. View Listing... From: $5.00/month freemium Hubstaff Pricing

13 Award(s)

When I Work 88


When I Work is an award-winning web and mobile enabled application to help companies manage their employee scheduling process. View Listing... From: $1.50/month freemium When I Work Pricing

18 Award(s)

AccountSight 88


AccountSight is the easy, affordable & most comprehensive time tracking and invoicing software for small, medium and large businesses. View Listing... From: $10.00/month freemium AccountSight Pricing

3 Award(s)

Homebase 87


Homebase makes managing hourly work easier for 100,000+ businesses. With free employee scheduling, time tracking, payroll, and more, managers spend less time on paperwork. View Listing... From: $9.99/month freemium Homebase Pricing

9 Award(s)

Elorus 82


Elorus is the online invoicing, time-tracking and billing software for modern professionals and agencies. View Listing... From: $7.00/month freemium

Product Leader

DueFocus 68


DueFocus is an innovative time tracker that enables comprehensive, two-way API connection with popular task tracking tools such as Jira, Asana,Trello, ClickUp, Github, etc. View Listing...


TimeGuru 59


Looking for a system to manage Time Tracking, Projects or Customers? With TimeGuru, you can handle Work time, Absence, Leave and Projects. Free version available. View Listing... From: $15.00/month completely free TimeGuru Pricing

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