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What is membership software for associations?

Membership software is a modern approach to managing client memberships for clubs, associations, and nonprofit organizations. It is a tool generally used in health clubs, gyms, fitness and wellness centers, and membership stores/big-box stores like Costco, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Membership management tools help associations automate the client/customer membership process, store vital customer information and facilitate membership programs.

While membership management platforms may share a few similarities with appointment management solutions, they provide more than simple scheduling and facilitating appointments and reservations. Membership software solutions offer features that are important in membership and records management, marketing and promotion processes, billing and payment management, reporting and analytics, and more.

Clubs, associations, nonprofit organizations all require efficiency and productivity. Managers and operators need a comprehensive system to help streamline day-to-day tasks, provide top-quality service to clients and customers, as well as automate key processes that are otherwise time-consuming.

Membership management software is an ideal solution for associations that addresses the niche-specific needs of businesses that fall under the abovementioned category.

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SilkStart 86


SilkStart is a leading provider of cloud software for member-based organizations. SilkStart's Association Management System (AMS) streamlines operations through one central database that can be accessed anyw... View Listing...

SilkStart is an integrated suite of association management tools created for small to midsize associations, as well as larger multi-chapter associations. SilkStart serves the needs of multi-chapter organizations through a connected backend database. The platform provides a database to track membership, events, payment processing, job postings and more.

How is membership management software used by associations?

Just like club memberships, big-box membership stores, and other similar establishments, associations require a system with membership management features to facilitate data entry for customer/client members, automate daily tasks, and provide analytics for stakeholders and decision-makers.

This type of software solution is designed to handle membership records and other important data, which then allows businesses to provide better quality service to all its members.

Membership software for associations also allows for membership programs benefiting members, like discount offers, special promotions, and rewards for active, loyal, and long-time members. Associations and companies engaged in a service-oriented activity and those that provide member-based customer support will definitely find this kind of software very useful.

Associations have to make sure all members are well taken care of and the best way to ensure this is with a good membership management solution. Members, with the help of this kind of software, may also find it easier to do self-service activities, such as scheduling and booking appointments.

When it comes to billing and payment processing, many membership software in the market are secure and fully capable of handling such transactions through online payment gateways or credit/debit cards.

For small business owners running a membership-based program, this software solution is not only useful for on-time and secure payment processing, but it is also a great tool for marketing campaigns, fast and easy scheduling and efficient management of customer/client data. Among the top membership software for associations available right now are SilkStart, VeryConnect, and EventBank.

SilkStart is a best-in-breed option for most nonprofit organizations and associations. A feature-rich and user-friendly membership management solution, it connects organizations from different chapters in different locations and all of its members in the most efficient way possible.

SilkStart simplifies membership management by allowing organizations/associations to manage members and their personal data all from a single, very accessible system. Adding new members, renewing memberships, and updating a member’s data should be quick and easy. The user interface, along with the platform’s membership management features, is clean and easy to navigate through.

The membership service also enables associations to collect membership fees and other payments through PayPal, Stripe,, or Bambora. Also, SilkStart automates the process of sending notifications to all members, from welcome messages to expiry reminders.

What are the benefits of membership software for associations?

For many associations and nonprofit organizations, a membership management solution is essentially the all-in-one multi-function tool they rely on for various processes, including event management as well as the automation of daily tasks and processes.

Process automation

Membership management systems belong in the productivity tool category, which often means they have the ability to automate key processes and tasks for efficiency. Automation helps to streamline and quicken otherwise time-consuming tasks. It also minimizes man-made errors.

Better customer experience

Membership management software can help elevate your customer service efforts to the next level to provide the best experience possible for all your members, customers, and/or clients. The solution allows you to provide portals and online forums for members, which they can use to share their experiences with other users.

The solution will also enable you to create different payment methods for members to choose from, giving them as much convenience and security as possible. This is one comprehensive platform that the management and all members can use anytime, anywhere.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Businesses, including associations and nonprofit organizations, often use multiple software systems to keep things running. That said, it’s not surprising to know that most software platforms today come with powerful integration capabilities and membership management solutions are no exception.

Many management platforms in this industry are fully capable of integrating with third-party applications, business systems and cloud-based services like CRM, social media, payment gateways, accounting systems and communications software.

Boost data integrity and security

Membership software systems handle vast amounts of data, especially for associations with significant membership numbers. For that reason, it is important to have a platform that comes with robust security as part of its management features. This will help secure personal information of all members and maintain the integrity of the data being collected and stored.

Membership software for associations, retail businesses, and organizations are an important tool for customer management, especially for those that implement membership-based services. Associations can now manage and organize events and programs more efficiently with a good membership management platform.

If you have a member-based association or business, a good software solution that caters to your needs and the needs of your members is definitely necessary. This type of software solution can help automate your daily processes and help you save time and money managing all your members.

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SilkStart 86


SilkStart is a leading provider of cloud software for member-based organizations. SilkStart's Association Management System (AMS) streamlines operations through one central database that can be accessed anyw... View Listing... From: $180.00/month trial/premium


Raklet 83


Raklet is a cloud based platform for associations, clubs, and non-profits: collect fees and donations, send email and sms, and organize fantastic events from one place. View Listing... From: $39.99/month trial/premium Raklet Pricing


EventBank 82


EventBank is an award-winning cloud-based engagement management technology company that provides event organizers, corporations, agencies, marketers, chambers of commerce, associations, and NGOs with solutio... View Listing...


VeryConnect 75


VeryConnect brings together member management, member engagement, and member self-service on one platform. We help you to save time and give your members value. View Listing...

Product Leader

ClearVantage 71


ClearVantage provides industry-leading association management software (AMS) for member-based organizations. It is a complete, cloud-based solution for managing your association and engaging with members. Cl... View Listing... From: $5,000.00/month premium only ClearVantage Pricing

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