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Scheduling Software for Construction

Construction scheduling software is designed to facilitate the day-to-day execution of the tasks revolving around the entire project plan, bringing together efficiency and structure to the construction team.

Construction management software is the comprehensive software solution that normally includes the scheduling software for construction projects, although standalone systems available mainly for scheduling with a few features to round out the solution do exist.

Construction scheduling software systems help team supervisors and contractors properly organize and distribute the task assignments of every worker using any device, whether a desktop computer, a laptop, or smartphone.

The construction industry has its own unique standards and requirements, which necessitates a specific software niche to properly address. Unlike other projects, construction work—from your basic home improvement projects to large-scale civil projects—must meet certain safety and regulatory standards; the kind of niche a good construction scheduling software solution must address.

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ClockShark 91


For field service and construction companies who want to get rid of paper time sheets, ClockShark is the GPS time tracking and scheduling app that's both powerful and easy to use. ClockShark's GPS mobile app... View Listing...

ClockShark is focused on the needs of construction businesses and offers GPS mobile time tracking and drag-and-drop employee scheduling so employees and contractors can be easily managed.

How is Scheduling Software Used in Construction?

Construction management covers many different aspects; assigning tasks and allocating resources are among them. When it comes to scheduling software for construction, there can be a reasonable variety in feature sets and core functionalities. Finding the right construction management solution and scheduling software for your construction projects is crucial, especially with the different challenges construction companies face nowadays.

The market is filled with a plethora of construction management and scheduling solutions, including popular platforms such as ClockShark, Smartsheet and Buildertrend. Managing construction projects, regardless of whether you’re small, medium, or large construction business, can be very complicated and often extend over longer periods.

Among the most challenging aspects of managing construction projects are the scheduling and the allocation of resources, i.e. construction equipment and materials like concrete, sand, cement, steel beams, etc. In order to stay on track and on time, you need a good scheduling software solution, while the construction management system as a whole takes care of the other aspects of the business like making sure safety and municipal codes and regulations are observed at all times.

Scheduling of resources

The scheduling process in construction projects is not just about work schedules and task assignments. Figuring out the proper utilization and allocation of resources is also a crucial aspect that requires the use of the right software solution.

The thing is, to complete your construction project, resources have to be allocated and scheduled effectively to avoid tasks getting bogged down because of construction equipment not accessible or unavailable, materials not arriving on time and so on.

A good scheduling software solution can provide contractors, project managers, as well as site supervisors direct access to all pertinent data, day or night, allowing them to prepare a more efficient schedule for the entire workforce, including the usage of resources and assets.

Scheduling which team can use available resources at a specific time of day, who’s in charge of the cement truck, or when the plumbing and electrical teams can start setting up in the building, are things that require just as much scheduling as any other aspect in the construction process.

Scheduling software for construction provides a few key features that are useful to any construction company. Such features include:

Online timesheets – which anyone with access can view via mobile device to see when shifts start and finish.

Resource allocation – where project heads can properly allocate available resources like equipment, materials and more.

Work schedules and calendars – a complete view of the entire project calendar, all the schedules and deadlines.

Workload balancing and management – for making sure all workers are receiving a fair workload and are getting paid appropriately.

Availability tracking and reporting – to provide project leads the ability to track resources availability and materials in real-time.

Anyone who has worked on a construction project before knows just how tough scheduling resources can be, from the team and workforce to the light and heavy equipment. This is regardless of whether you’re a small contractor or a large construction business—scheduling equipment, materials and teams requires time and the right software solution.

Improve team collaboration

Even when the schedule has been created and approved, it can still serve as a platform on which personnel and teams can collaborate to work more efficiently in order to meet the schedule with as little hiccups as possible. There’s no denying any construction project is bound to encounter a few issues here and there that may delay completion. But with collaboration between teams and personnel, any problems that are encountered along the way should be resolved more efficiently to minimize delays and downtimes.

With access to work schedules and other important information surrounding the project—from equipment availability to the delivery times of construction materials—anyone with authorized access can simply check the status of workers and equipment, make changes to the list and all of it will be reflected instantly on the construction scheduling program, informing everyone concerned in a timely manner.

Finally, many scheduling software solutions available, like ClockShark, Smartsheet and Buildertrend, update information in real-time. This means your team can efficiently manage their tasks and assignments on a timeline that is prepared by you and other authorized personnel in a collaborative process.

What are the benefits of scheduling software for construction

Using scheduling software for construction projects is a significant departure from the traditional spreadsheet and old pen-and-paper. Construction scheduling software solutions help contractors and construction companies manage their projects, assets and resources, as well as the workforce in a more efficient manner.

Scheduling conflicts that cause unnecessary delays can easily occur in the world of construction, regardless of the size of the project. It is vital to keep a tight schedule for workers, equipment usage, the delivery of materials and other assets. As such, having easily accessible, real-time scheduling software can make a lot of difference in that matter.

Eliminating or at least minimizing the conflicts between individual tasks is something that is difficult to achieve in construction, considering you’re dealing with a range of builders, electricians and other specialists. If you’re already struggling to keep track of multiple individual tasks, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain your focus on the big picture.

With a good construction scheduling software solution, the responsibility of planning ahead and making sure there are no conflicts in work schedules, in the use of specific equipment, or the scheduled arrival of a particular material no longer falls squarely on the shoulders of one individual. It’s now up to everyone concerned to ensure seamless collaboration and efficient workflows. If you spot a potential scheduling conflict ahead, you will be able to make all the necessary adjustments to avoid it or at least minimize its impact to the overall workflow of your team.

Since the platform can be accessed by any authorized personnel, giving them the ability to update and/or change key scheduling information, add important updates regarding the status of their individual tasks, and input any concerns or future requests, team supervisors and project managers will essentially be getting valuable insights, in real-time, from the workers on the field. This gives decision-makers a unique opportunity to discover conflicts and potential flaws in the workflow ahead of time before it becomes too late to do anything about them.


Scheduling software for construction is crucial to the efficiency and success of the team and the construction company in completing projects on time. Creating schedules for workers, allocating vital resources and construction materials and ensuring a well-balanced workload for every member of the team is a difficult responsibility for anyone. However, a good software solution that enables you to do all those things effortlessly and in a short period is a huge asset to your business, especially in a highly competitive industry like construction.

The bottom line is this kind of software allows you to keep work schedules on track, provides you with valuable insights into your workforce, lets you assess your resources and assets for proper allocation and lets you access crucial data even if you’re offsite. Scheduling software for construction is simpler, more efficient, highly accessible and easy to implement.

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ClockShark 91


For field service and construction companies who want to get rid of paper time sheets, ClockShark is the GPS time tracking and scheduling app that's both powerful and easy to use. ClockShark's GPS mobile app... View Listing...

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Archdesk 64


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