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Appointment Scheduling Software for Free

Free appointment scheduling software is used by client-oriented businesses to assist customers in scheduling appointments and booking sessions depending on their schedules. A variety of industries, such as consultations, salons and fitness training, use this to simplify processes involved with managing and scheduling. When it comes to the side of management, keeping track of client appointments while maintaining business-related events can be a challenge if you don’t have a software solution to assist you.

What makes free appointment scheduling software different than other software solutions is that it allows customers to decide on their preferred date and time to apply for your services. Before, business owners usually just take in calls from the customers and check a logbook if anybody else has reserved that specific timeslot. This outdated method is both time-consuming and erroneous. You are also at a high risk of overbooking or double booking schedules, which can be disastrous for both you and the customer.

Before settling on a provider for free appointment scheduling software, you need to consider it's price and ease of use, as well as the type of capabilities you need including calendar management, client-facing features, online booking, payment processing, customer relationship management and third-party integrations.

Most of these solutions offer relatively similar features but some booking systems are catered towards specific industries. For example, restaurant scheduling software has different needs compared to those in the salon industry. The factors involved in each industry are vastly distinct as well. Said factors can include the availability of the employees or the stock levels of supplies.

Additionally, you gain several benefits when using free appointment scheduling software—both from the business and client-side. Within a few minutes of set-up, you already have an efficient booking tool, made available through the web and easily accessible to your customers. It can even be accessed from different social media outlets through booking widgets, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling 94


Automate your client bookings, cancellations, reminders & payments using the world's friendliest online scheduling software. View Listing...

Acuity Scheduling is a free software offering small business users with an integrated, mobile-ready appointment scheduling solution that can also send branded reminders and receive online payments.

How is free appointment scheduling software used?

Free appointment scheduling software is used as a booking service for customers in client-oriented businesses. Customers can now choose their preferred schedules for sessions and appointments. This lessens the possibility of no-shows and boosts customer retention in the long run. The major problem with outdated appointment scheduling is it becomes difficult to coordinate schedules with the rest of the workforce. It doesn’t allow for space to grow. It also leads the employees to rely on a secretary to track their appointments for them.

In scheduling software solutions, the business gets to decide on their hourly rates and timeslots for the customers to choose from. You enter certain parameters for each service you offer. This allows your employees to work efficiently in their designated hours. Issues such as emergency situations, cancelled appointments and rescheduled sessions can have a negative impact on your sales. However, with free appointment scheduling software, you can effectively manage these issues.

Acuity Scheduling, a 24/7 cloud-based scheduling software solution, works like a personal assistant for business owners. It manages appointments online, caters to the business’ requirements and offers a real-time view of the schedules to the customers. It does this through a number of features such as class scheduling, room booking management and automated alerts and notifications.

With this in mind, other core features business users look for are highlighted in the following:

Appointment scheduling

This feature simplifies all clerical work associated with keeping track of schedules and managing client appointments. You can drag and drop appointments to reflect any changes in your calendar. Since the software solution is cloud-based, you can edit it regardless of where you are. It also sends out email notifications once a schedule has been booked. Both you and the customer receives the said message. All you have to do is share the booking page link to your website.

Online calendar

Avoid overbooking or double booking for your customers. Having an online calendar gives you a visual representation of your schedules and appointments. This makes it easier for clients to book sessions based on your availability. Additionally, you can mark holidays, day-offs and special events on the calendar. This feature also lets you color code timeslots for visual distinction.

Alerts and notifications

To avoid latecomers and no-shows, alerts and notifications are integrated into the system. You can customize how your message is written and the intervals between each notification. Not only does it work for your customers but it can also be an effective tool in reminding your own staff about their schedules.

Invoice generation

Creating invoices can be time-consuming, especially if each one is done manually. It can also lead to errors. But with free appointment scheduling software, you no longer have to worry about typing in several details on a single invoice sheet. Once a customer decides on a payment method, the system automatically calculates and generates the invoice for you.

Multiple payment portals

Having multiple payment portals allows customers to easily pay for their sessions or even issue a deposit. This feature can be integrated with existing payment service providers, such as PayPal or Stripe. This also ensures easy payment access for customers with debit or credit cards. Additionally, being able to accept payments online simplifies your ability to efficiently track your finances.

What are the benefits of free appointment scheduling software?

Several business owners are already using scheduling software in their daily operations. An increase in productivity, efficiency and organization can be expected—especially with its integrated features. You also gain benefits from both the business and customer side when using free appointment scheduling software.

For the business side, you gain the following benefits:

Flexibility – you are able to manage unexpected events, such as when customers cancel their appointments or when an employee has an emergency to attend to.

Customization – with its online interface, booking systems let you customize the way your application looks and how customers interact with it.

Business analytics – this refers to the ability to monitor your bookings, site visits, service providers and overall services across different channels.

Calendar syncs – online appointment scheduling software allows you to sync your booking page with Outlook or Google Calendar.

Multiple location access – regardless of where your business stores are located, you can still access the server and check on booked appointments online.

Products and promotions – with an online interface, you are given the ability to promote your business through a variety of ways such as loyalty discounts and client rewards.

On the customer’s side, they can enjoy the following benefits:

Easy booking – customers no longer have to talk on the phone just to book an appointment—they can easily do this through the web interface and even have the freedom to choose their preferred schedule.

Reminders and notifications – in order to minimize no-shows the scheduling software solution comes with automated reminders and notifications to alert customers regarding their booked sessions.

Automatic feedback requests – customers can express their opinions regarding your services; they are also able to view the reviews of previous customers.

Recurring bookings – for customers who wish to have regular appointments, they can avail of the service packages option in the interface.

Gone are the days where business owners relied heavily on administrative secretaries to keep track of each employee’s schedules. Technology has provided companies and enterprises with automated processes, making it easier to streamline daily operations. With free appointment scheduling software, you don’t have to worry about overbooking or double booking. Its integrated features are designed to keep you on top of your schedule and ensure no losses have been made.

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Acuity Scheduling 94


Automate your client bookings, cancellations, reminders & payments using the world's friendliest online scheduling software. View Listing... From: $15.00/month freemium Acuity Scheduling Pricing

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Appointy 92


Appointy is a feature-packed, and easy-to-use scheduling software, with stellar reviews that has helped over 130,000+ business owners across 110 verticals grow their business. View Listing...

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10to8 92


10to8 is free all-in-one appointment scheduling software trusted by over 35,000 businesses Worldwide. Let customers book your free slots and the services online today. View Listing... From: $12.00/month freemium

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Setmore 91


Setmore offers a free, online scheduling platform for you to connect with your customers. View Listing... From: $5.00/month freemium Setmore Pricing

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Champion 89

99 is a powerful online booking system that offers any business the ability to manage and accept appointments. **Core features include:** * Creating booking page with real-time availability... View Listing... From: $9.90/month freemium Pricing

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When I Work 89


When I Work is the easiest way for businesses to schedule and communicate with their hourly employees. Put the schedule and time clock in everyone's pocket. Schedule on-the-go with free apps for iPhone and A... View Listing... From: $1.50/month freemium When I Work Pricing

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Picktime 89


Picktime is a free online scheduling software and a booking management system that manages your appointments, classes, group bookings and reservations. View Listing...

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Bookafy 88


Manage and automate scheduling for phone calls, meeting and appointments. View Listing... From: $7.00/month freemium Bookafy Pricing

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Reservio 87


Save your time and start managing your bookings online with booking software Reservio. It helps you to improve your services, promote your business and grow faster. * Organize your schedule with simple... View Listing... From: $10.00/month freemium Reservio Pricing

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SuperSaaS 85


SuperSaaS is an easy to use, flexible, and customizable online appointment scheduling software. Send email reminders, accept payments, set up discounts, and more. View Listing... From: $8.00/month freemium SuperSaaS Pricing

8 Award(s)

GoSchedule 60


GoSchedule is a complete appointment scheduling software gives you the power to book more clients, collect payments, automate and organize your schedules. View Listing... From: $19.00/month freemium GoSchedule Pricing

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