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Best Marketing Analytics Software in 2018

This group of software helps determine which marketing channels and campaigns deliver the most value and highest marketing ROI, ensuring resources are allocated correctly and the best channels are identified. Marketing analytics software tends to include features such as visual reporting, prediction and forecasting of customer behavior, identification of social trends, real-time campaign insights and optimization solutions for ill-performing activities.  Read the full software guide...

mailspice analytics

mailspice analytics 29


An email analytics add-on for all email services that tracks more than just opening and click rates, providing you with deep insights into all of your email campaigns. More Information... 88


Social media monitoring, engagement, publishing, analytics & customer experience management. All on one unified, easy-to-use platform. More Information...


Looker 89


Looker is a complete data platform that offers data analytics, exploration and insights to every function of a business. More Information...

Revulytics Usage

Revulytics Usage 52


Purpose-built for distributed software applications, Usage Intelligence provides software usage analytics of user activity and computing environments on Windows, Mac & Linux. More Information...

Adverity DataTap

Adverity DataTap 71


Adverity DataTap is a next generation marketing and media ETL platform. More Information...

Moz Analytics

Moz Analytics 93


Moz Analytics is a web-based marketing analytics platform that brings all inbound marketing data into one place. More Information...


Quantcast 82


Quantcast is an AI-driven audience behavior for the open Internet that today directly quantifies over 100 million mobile and web destinations. More Information... 82


Funnel gathers data from all advertising platforms and connects it with Google Analytics. Funnel allows you to send and visualise this data anywhere you want. More Information...


Majestic 82


Majestic is a marketing search engine developed mainly for SEO and marketing professionals More Information...


Sendoso 80


Sendoso is an engagement platform for account based marketing campaigns. We help you implement virtual and physical gifting into your customer and prospect outreach. More Information...


Branch 79


Branch unifies user measurement across different devices, platforms, and channels. More Information... 74


Maroon is a SaaS product for enterprise demand generation and revenue success by applying predictive analytics at TOFu. More Information...

Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange 71


Bounce Exchange is automated customer acquisition and website behavior software. More Information...

Ensighten Manage

Ensighten Manage 69


Lead enterprise tag management system.1100+ turnkey vendor tag wizards to optimize marketing technology stack & improve site engagement+conversion.Security+privacy+governance. More Information...


Grytics 67


Grytics is a SaaS analytics to measure, analyze and improve your employee's engagement on Workplace by Facebook More Information...


Indicative 66


Indicative is an intuitive analytics software designed to assist companies in optimizing their operations. More Information...


Swydo 66


Swydo is web-based marketing reporting, monitoring, and workflow software. More Information...


AdClarity 64


AdClarity is a competitive ad intelligence tool. More Information...


AgencyPlatform 58


Agency Platform offers a premier white label SEO dashboard to Internet Marketing resellers. More Information...


Mention 90


Mention is a media monitoring software that shows you what's said about your brand, your competitors, and your industry, anywhere online. More Information...


IdSurvey 57


A survey software to collect data through telephone (CATI), web (CAWI) and face to face (CAPI) surveys. More Information...


MavSocial 87


MavSocial is a social media visual content management & advertising platform for brands and agencies More Information...


InsightSquared 86


InsightSquared is a suite that offers marketing, sales, and business intelligence tools. More Information...


RedTrack 53


RedTrack is the leading affiliate marketing tracking & analytics platform, helping affiliates and media buying teams around the world get higher ROI. More Information...


Agorapulse 85


Agorapulse allows you to manage Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as LinkedIn personal profiles and company pages and Google+ company pages. More Information...


Dovetale 85


Dovetale is a data focused influencer platform for growing brands on social media. Discover online trends, save time and build relationships with people to drive results. More Information...


Crowdfire 84


Crowdfire is a social media marketing product that allows you to clean and grow Twitter and Instagram accounts with ease. More Information...


SalesHandy 84


SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool that make internal sales teams highly productive and efficient in engaging with leads. More Information...

Quaero CDP

Quaero CDP 50


Customer data points blend into a single, coherent human centric data model regardless of type, volume, velocity or source, enabling ease of use for marketers and analysts. More Information...


Lithium 83


Lithium Social Media Management is an integrated platform which combines powerful publishing and response feature sets. More Information...


Welovroi 50


Our platfrom specializes in optimizing digital marketing solutions which helps measure Web, SEM, SEO, and social media outlets through the digital dashboards. More Information...


SocialPilot 83


SocialPilot is a one-stop social media scheduling and marketing tool for social media professionals and digital agencies with the extensive set of features to amaze each user. More Information...


Pardot 82


Pardot is B2B marketing automation, analytics, and lead generation platform. More Information...


Sprinklr 80


Sprinklr allows you to effectively manage customer experiences across +20 digital channels. More Information...


AudienceReport 47


AudienceReport validates your campaigns in real-time based on real people. More Information...


Newsletter2Go 79


Newsletter2Go is an email marketing service - a German startup founded in 2011 with headquarters in Berlin. It offers both free and premium email marketing solutions. More Information...


DealerSocket 78


DealerSocket is CRM platform that helps car dealerships improve their profit. More Information...


ReachEdge 77


ReachEdge is a cloud-based Lead Management solution developed to be used by local businesses. More Information...


Infusionsoft 77


Infusionsoft is a powerful sales and marketing solution for small businesses. More Information...


Dareboost 77


Dareboost is an online tool to test, analyze and monitor your website speed and quality. We offer the best of Synthetic Monitoring with Real Browser Testing. More Information...


Countly 75


360° Web and Mobile Analytics platform. It collects data from applications, processes this data in real-time and gives you advanced tools to understand your users better. More Information...


Scrunch 74


Scrunch is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to discover the right bloggers and social media influencers. More Information...

bpm'online marketing

bpm'online marketing 74


Bpm’online marketing – is a multichannel marketing platform to orchestrate customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue More Information...


UserReport 73


UserReport is a set of flexible tools, that tell you who your users are, and what they want to achieve. More Information... 73


Create your newsroom, a landing page for media contacts. Publish your news, send custom email campaigns and help journalists and bloggers create engaging stories. More Information...


IndexBox 40


AI-powered statistical database and tools for market analysts. More Information...


Adbeat 70


With Adbeat you can uncover any advertiser's online strategy, see advertisers that are spending on each publisher. More Information...


ContactPigeon 71


ContactPigeon is an all-in-one marketing automation platform for eCommerce business that helps you engage, nurture and convert your website visitors to customers. More Information...

Rival IQ

Rival IQ 71


Rival IQ is a social media analytics software. More Information...

Competitive Business

Competitive Business 70


Enabling CEOs to track their competitors, by monitoring all their website changes, trial emails, newsletters, social media, ads & rankings. More Information...


Amplifr 69


Amplifr helps social media managers post to all the social accounts that they manage, create insightful reports and organize team collaboration on social media. More Information...


VIPhawk 35


VIPhawk watches your signups and detects when there's interest from VIPs like journalists, celebrities, investors, or anyone you think is important. More Information...


ContentKing 67


ContentKing provides real-time SEO auditing and content change tracking. Thanks to 24/7 monitoring you won't be bitten by nasty SEO surprises anymore! More Information...


GrowSumo 66


GrowSumo powers influencer, ambassador, customer advocacy, and referral programs using fully automated and highly customized software. More Information...


Flockler 66


Flockler platform enables brands to collate, analyse and display user-generated social content on their services, increasing conversion rates and dwell time. More Information...


Convert 63


The most affordable and fastest enterprise a/b testing and personalization solution for conversion optimization and data driven decisions in high-traffic websites. More Information...


Weelytics 29


Weelytics makes it easy to track your website visitors interactions as clicks and events. No more developers required for this. More Information...

Marketing Miner

Marketing Miner 62


Data mining tool for SEO specialists and marketers. More Information...


Mintrics 29


Mintrics is a social video analytics platform with benchmarks More Information...

Intelligence Node

Intelligence Node 61


Intelligence Note offers a retail intelligence platform for merchandisers, retailers, and e-Commerce websites. More Information...


Traaqr 28


Traaqr is the first fully automated platform to track online to offline sales with the same precision as e-commerce & then improve advertising ROI with machine learning & AI More Information...


Hunch 26


Your marketing metrics in Slack - automated More Information...


SentiOne 58


SentiOne is a social listening and online reputation management platform that helps monitor, analyse and react to whatever is happening online. More Information...


MyLnk 25


MyLnk is an innovative link shortener and URL management platform. It helps marketers to customize and personalize the web links. More Information...


Crowdskout 58


Crowdskout is the first CRM and data analytics platform built to help advocacy-driven organizations and activists understand and connect with their supporters. More Information...

Facelift Cloud

Facelift Cloud 55


Facelift is an integrated social media marketing platfrom which is optimized to be used on Facebook. More Information...


Topvisor 54


Topvisor is an all-in-one platform for better PPC and SEO. It includes free and paid tools to automate daily marketing routine and boost performance. More Information...


Lightspeed 53


Get a complete solution for your online store: complete order management, CRM, marketing & reporting tools. Over 40,000 businesses use our system start your free trial today! More Information...

Target Circle

Target Circle 49


Target Circle creates advertising technology that enables marketers to set up their own private ad network and manage all their offers and sources across mobile and desktop. More Information...


TrackingDesk 49


TrackingDesk is a full feature campaign management platform for media buyers and affiliate marketers. More Information...


QuickPages 41


QuickPages is a free forever landing page generator. More Information...


StartupFlux 39


StartupFlux Content Intelligence curates and analyses content from web sources to identify Engagement, Authors, Influencers, Entities, and Track Competitors & Customers. More Information...


SEOCrawler 38


SEOCrawler is an all-in-one SEO tool designed to help you boost your websites' rankings, visibility and conversions. More Information...


Queue 38


Queue is a viral advocacy and community activation platform for amplifying your brand demand, organic acquisition, revenue acceleration, loyalty, engagement, and awareness. More Information...


Transform 37


Transform's Revenue Data Platform predicts & optimizes all aspects of revenue growth, including marketing, sales & product strategies. More Information...

Webbula cloudHygiene

Webbula cloudHygiene 35


Webbula’s cloudHygiene goes beyond verification and bounces to detect hidden spam traps, honeypots, malicious moles, fraudulent emails, and other nasty threats. More Information...


Orangear 35


Profit-proven SaaS solution for launching and scaling up your own performance marketing network More Information...

Ad Badger

Ad Badger 33


Ad Badger uses intelligent automation to help Amazon sellers dramatically improve their Amazon PPC campaigns. Never log into Seller Central again. More Information...


Retailflux 33


RetailFlux provides complete set of retail analytic products such as: People Counting Heat Map Shopper Flow Route Map Zone Analysis Queue Monitoring More Information...


LinkStrategy 33


LinkStrategy helps to find effective link building strategies, valuable backlinks, and anchors in a few clicks. More Information...


OpenBack 31


OpenBack enables apps to access hundreds of user data points and machine learning to deliver notifications at the best moment for each user. More Information...


Qwardo 30


Qwardo is an intelligent content engagement and personalization platform that empowers marketers to capture higher quality leads and drive revenue. More Information...


PerfectPage 30


PerfectPage is an online platform geared towards small business owners and bloggers who manage their own websites but don’t have corporate budgets. More Information...

Pepo Campaigns

Pepo Campaigns 30


Pepo Campaigns provides all the email marketing tools you need to succeed, in a single, easy, affordable solution built on Amazon Web Services More Information...

Action Recorder

Action Recorder 28


Action Recorder is an alternative to Google Tag Manager and Segment where no coding knowledge required to track events for E-commerce, SaaS, and Form submits. More Information...


MarketingLeo 28


MarketingLeo is an advanced B2B and eCommerce Omnichannel Marketing cloud that helps businesses to engage more customers and boost their sales. More Information...


Bouncezap 28


Bouncezap is an easy-to-use, lead generation, and marketing tool that does the heavy lifting for you. More Information...


MetaEyes 28


MetaEyes is a reporting service that, with the help of image recognition, analyzes Instagram (and other services) photos, revealing a wealth of actionable information. More Information...


InfiSecure 27


InfiSecure is a bot protection platform. It protects businesses from bot fraud like web scraping, click fraud, price scraping, account hijacking, form spam & comment spam. More Information...


Vaizle 27


VAIZLE is a cloud-based social media analytics tool giving actionable insights in the simplest possible way. More Information...


Intempt 26


Intempt is a visitor journey and predictive notifications platform - generate engagement and revenue for your sites and apps. More Information...


Irayo 26


Irayo is the DIY SEO Software for small business owners. More Information...


Foll. 25


Foll. is a web service designed to improve and ease Twitter marketing. It enables individuals and businesses to grow their audience, analyze, engage, and improve it. More Information...


Fraudhunt 25


FraudHunt helps companies to monitor their traffic quality, mitigate malicious bot activity, and prevent click fraud, account fraud, and other types of online fraud. More Information...


SimpleHeatmaps 23


Stop guessing and see what visitors are doing on on your website. Track clicks, mouse movement, and scrolls with no impact to user experience. More Information...

Marketing Analytics Software Guide

What is Marketing Analytics Software?

Marketing analytics software is any digital solution that helps marketers measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, using metrics such as, return on investment (ROI), click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates and search engine referrals. The software usually consolidates data collected from multiple marketing channels in one place, making it easy to analyze and compare the results of your different campaigns.

For instance, you can identify the marketing channel or campaign delivering the highest ROI or maximum revenues, and allocate your marketing resources accordingly. Unlike web analytics or social media analytics tools that focus on one particular channel, marketing analytics software analyzes all your marketing initiatives across multiple channels over a period of time. This enables you to get a comprehensive picture of your marketing performance for more effective decision making.

Marketing analytics tools not only report on the past marketing campaigns but also have the ability to perform real-time and predictive analysis. Other important features include the ability to track the entire customer lifecycle, to create detailed reports on each marketing channel you use, to design visual reports using drag-and-drop functionality and to identify trends and recommend the next best action.

What Marketing Analytics Software Should I Choose?

The first thing to consider is how many marketing channels you’re currently using and if you have any plans to use other channels in future. Your marketing analytics software should have the ability to track all of your marketing channels.

Also, consider your company’s average time to complete a single sale. If sales tend to happen quickly after the first interaction, you can choose a basic product that simply aggregates data without identifying your anonymous leads. However, if most sales in your company occur after several interactions, you need a marketing analytics tool that has the ability to track every step of the customer buying cycle. This helps you gain insight into individual customer behavior after every successful transaction.

Choosing a product also depends on the nature of your business. B2B companies, for instance, often need to focus on customer retention. If your business mainly relies on long-term customer relationships, you need a product that integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM. Online retailers, on the other hand, should look for a product with strong eCommerce integration capabilities.

Ease of use is another major factor to consider. Look for marketing analytics software that requires a minimal learning curve, has an easy-to-use interface and provides easy-to-understand visual reports.

Common Features of Marketing Analytics

API Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are programmatic intersections with external products or platforms that allow for custom integrations with your own solutions or other solutions you are using.
Audience Targeting Allows for audience segmentation, generally to tailor marketing or advertising messages to target specific user groups.
Brand Management Tracking and promotion features for one or more brands of products.
Conversion Tracking Track signups, purchases or user actions to measure the effectiveness of marketing or advertising campaigns. This is often used to optimize inbound or outbound marketing efforts and improve sales conversions through a range of online channels.
Data Export Exporting functionality can be used to streamline the migration of data sets and information across systems, platforms or applications.
Data Import Importing functionality allows you to use data sets from other systems or platforms to cut down on data entry requirements or to more easily migrate records from similar applications you have used in the past.
External Integrations Integrations with other software products or platforms to improve efficiency and compatibility across systems.
Keyword Tracking Track keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or item tagging purposes.
Lead Management Manage business leads to improve sales outreach processes or stay on top of prospect inquiries.
Lead Scoring Manually or automatically assign quality scores to business leads to target / segment sales outreach efforts.
Link Tracking Track link performance to your own or to competitor websites.
Marketing Automation Automate marketing processes, such as outreach emails, customer engagement, chat replies through the use of chatbots and others.
Multi-User Supports more than just one user account and generally allows for collaboration with colleagues.
Net Promoter Score The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships.
Notifications Includes notification support and sends you alerts with information on important events and other time sensitive instances. For example through push notifications on mobile phones or email notifications.
Social-Media Integration Integration support with social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and others.

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