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Consumers no longer need to venture out to the main street to buy the products they are after. As such, eCommerce Solutions have become increasingly more important for businesses of all sizes, as they offer flexibility and convenience for customers and business owners alike. eCommerce Solutions typically cover areas such as online store builders, inventory management, product management and the facilitation of multiple currencies and languages. They can also amplify the reach of your brand, giving you another avenue for marketing, with some vendors offering social media integration, email marketing, and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. The following list is an exhaustive roundup of the top eCommerce Solutions.

This ranking was published on September 12, 2017. For the most up-to-date Crozscores, user reviews and other information please have a look at the full list of eCommerce Solutions.


Squarespace (1101)

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Squarespace is an easy website builder that offers comprehensive eCommerce functionalities within an intuitive interface. Both individual and business users alike will appreciate its beautiful templates that are SEO-ready and offer drag-and-drop online store functionality. More Information...


Magento (24)

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A powerful and flexible eCommerce platform, Magento is an open-source, self-hosted, shopping cart software, which lets users control every aspect of their online storefront. Magento also has modules for web design, customer service, SEO, analytics, customer service and more. Perhaps the best thing about Magento is its scalability in terms of new user additions. More Information...


Bigcommerce (522)

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BigCommerce is an intuitive, all-in-one, hosted eCommerce platform with customizable dashboards. It enables businesses to oversee product management, online payments, orders and a lot more. It comes with social media integration which means customers can purchase products directly from Facebook pages, for instance. More Information...


Shopify (3313)

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Great for users new to eCommerce, Shopify is a hosted shopping cart platform that lets you set up shop effortlessly. Shopify comes with over 100 store designs so you can get up and running in no time at all. In addition, there are also functionalities for payment processing, inventory management, marketing tools, website-building etc. More Information...


PrestaShop (110)

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An open-source hosted platform, PrestaShop is full-featured and enables users to deploy a website quickly and start adding products. It has excellent training customer service. It also comes with a number of plugins allowing users to add multiple payment providers, change workflows, and track customers. More Information...


2Checkout (548)

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An enterprise software that is used by over 4000 SaaS companies around the world, Avangate emphasizes the value of customer experience. It has advanced solutions such as automatic renewals, subscription billing, and support for payment processing in over 180 countries. More Information...


LemonStand (2)

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LemonStand is a fully customizable and scalable eCommerce cloud platform that is great for growing businesses. Characterized by its incredibly clean and user-friendly interface, LemonStand will enable users to take advantage of automated inventory management, social media support, subscriptions, and useful bonus features like unlimited product categories. More Information...


Kentico (95)

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Kentico is a powerful CMS that also serves drag-and-drop eCommerce solutions that give you full control over your online sales. Kentico has a unique approach towards eCommerce with cross-platform integrations and tailored checkout processes that let you maximise conversions.. More Information...


Weebly (628)

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A powerful website builder, with Weebly you can create professional-looking websites in no time at all. This robust website builder is free of code making it incredibly easy to use. All you need to is simply drag-and-drop products and pictures into the interface and you will be ready to go. More Information...


Salsify (87)

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Ensure that your customers find the products they’re after with Salsify, a product content management platform. It can help you build and manage your product content, by letting you manage product attributes, descriptions, categories and more, allowing you to syndicate your content and drive up discoverability. More Information...


OpenCart (71)

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Opencart is an open-source self-hosted eCommerce solution, meaning that users can customize it to suit the needs of their business. Through its slick user-friendly interface, users will be able to utilize advanced functionalities, such as over 20 methods of payment, multi-currency support, shipping calculations, backup tools and product reviews. More Information...


Upclick (53)

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Upclick is an e-commerce platform that prioritizes sales funnel optimization and the product lifecycle. Upclick enables users to utilize A/B testing to optimize checkout workflows, manage pricing at any touchpoint, sell in any language and currency, and affiliate networking solutions that can open avenues to more revenue streams. More Information...


Nextopia (12)

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Nextopia is an intuitive search and navigation solution for eCommerce sites. It can ensure that your customers save time by helping them find the product they’re looking for, proving a more satisfying shopping experience. It does this through advanced SKUs, product filters, auto-corrections, auto-fill, category refinements and more. More Information...


Amilia (34)

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Amilia is an online store builder that specializes in registration and membership management. Great for businesses and clubs alike, Amilia will not only mitigate the time and money spent on administrative work, but it will also give your clients an excellent customer experience by streamlining and centralizing the registration and purchasing process. More Information...


Shopaccino (17)

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Shopaccino is a quick and easy-to-use e-commerce platform that lets users quickly upload products and payment options to start selling as fast as possible. Shopaccino has built in marketing solutions including a Facebook store as well as theme customisation, analytics, inventory management and coupon generation. More Information...

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