Marketplaces offer a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. For instance, some products in this category may help you find royalty free images, while you’ll also find marketplace software that provides tools to build flash and Unity 3D projects. Marketplaces for starting a website on multiple platforms or ones that help you hire a marketing partner are also available.  Read the full software guide...

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What is Marketplaces Software?

Marketplace software solutions allow businesses to collaborate and share with people within a particular community. They also allow businesses to create their own community through interest community formation and knowledge sharing.

Marketplace software solutions also allow customers to make informed choices in terms of the price and quality of products. Conversely, sellers are given access to a huge pool of potential customers. This setup makes it easier both for the customer community and businesses to form similar patronage relationships to the ones provided by physical markets.

A complete marketplace software package offers fully-integrated functionality covering inventory management, basic financial reporting, and analytics. It should also be an e-commerce platform aiding buyers and sellers every step of the way—from browsing to delivery.

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Types of Marketplaces Software

Various types of marketplace software offer assistance on a range of business models in the market. Below are some of the common software systems available:

Independent eMarketplace

An independent eMarketplace runs on a business-to-business scheme and is commonly operated by a third party. This opens the market in a particular industry to businesses looking for quotations for a particular service, before fully committing to a solution.

Buyer-Oriented Marketplace

Software solutions belonging to this subtype are usually operated by buyers of a particular service seeking to create an optimal buying microcosm. This platform allows buyers to get the best product from bids at a fraction of the cost. The sellers, meanwhile, benefit from the software system through product advertisement in a pool of prospects that are more inclined to enter their sales funnel. As such, this type of marketplace software removes the additional administrative costs usually associated with real-life market scouting.

Supplier-Oriented Marketplace

A supplier-oriented marketplace—or supplier directory—is a program set up by suppliers with an aim to establish effective sales channels. The software is connected to popular social media platforms to reach multiple buyers in one go.

Horizontal and Vertical Marketplace

A horizontal marketplace connects buyers and sellers across different industries. This allows for helpful multi-channel transactions in procuring components of a product that otherwise would have been difficult to get hold of.

A vertical marketplace, meanwhile, increases operating efficiency by allowing businesses to access every segment of an industry. This helps in decreasing supply chain-related costs and inefficiency in the procurement cycle.

How to Choose Marketplaces Software

Below are some of the considerations when purchasing effective marketplace software:

Payment Integration

Where business transactions and purchasing schemes are concerned, it goes without saying that payment systems should be as hassle-free and as accurate as possible. Marketplace software should reduce difficulties associated with payment activities. Common payment software sites, such as PayPal and Stripe, should already be integrated into the system. In addition, users should be allowed to integrate their own payment processors without any additional cost.

Multiple Search Features

Browsing for products should be made easier with the platform. Search capabilities such as keyword, date, or category filtering should be available for users. The ability to filter through price and rating should also be provided.

Social Media Login

The software program should provide users with access to the platform through social media logins. This helps in lessening the difficulties associated with remembering passwords across marketplace platforms.


Advanced software solutions should allow content posted to be translated into multiple languages. This enhances the reach of the business with a wider and more inclusive market pool.

Back-End Customization

The software should be easily modifiable. Third-party plugins related to currency conversion, email, and social media prompts should be easily integrated into the software.

Powerful Dashboards

A marketplace software program should have powerful administrator dashboards. This allows users to modify aspects of the marketplace such as membership requirements, posting frequency, and so on.

It should also have dedicated seller dashboards. This helps merchant in viewing and managing orders and in creating new listings.

Reporting and Analytics

Other than offering a smooth channel for business transactions, the marketplace software should also provide users and merchants with analytics that monitor the manifold aspects of community interaction. The analytics should reflect useful data such as total sales revenue, most viewed items, and most-purchased categories. Integration with Google Analytics is a major plus (and, in fact, should be a must) for software touting to be top-tier.

Interaction Features

The software should make the buyer-seller interaction as smooth as possible. To do so, solutions should contain easy-to-use chat functions. The platform should also allow users to request products with only a few clicks, as well as give sellers the ability to send special offers. In addition, the software should be accessible through mobile devices for easier access and communication, anywhere.

Scheduling Features

Programs catering to the service industry should allow buyers to set their preferred schedule. This allows the platform to manage a high volume of demand.

Demand Management

High-volume orders should be more manageable with the use of the software. Applicable discounts should be reflected in the cost of the product when availed of in bulk. Similarly, multiple-item checkout should be available for customers.

Mobile Friendly

The marketplace software program should be mobile-friendly. Media spending proportion on mobile has increased to 80% in the last two years. This means users will most likely be accessing the marketplace through their mobile devices.

Front-End Customization

An attractive interface entices consumers to purchase products. This enhances user experience and, consequently, conversion rate. The software’s code should allow businesses to modify their marketplace’s front face.

Search Engine Optimization Features

The marketplace software should enable customers to find the business and its products easily. The software program should be search engine optimization (SEO)-capable—that is, it should allow product title tags optimization, product image enhancement, and structured data modification.

Product Suggestions

Businesses create marketplaces to enhance the visibility of their product. This means the marketplace software solutions should adopt product suggestion schemes according to the interests of the individual consumers. Similar products, as well as best-selling products, should be placed side by side for consumer comparison.

Instant Search

Good marketplace software should allow instant product searches. This expedites the searching process and confers a hassle-free experience for the customer. In some cases, the top-tier software allows better-performing products to be seen instantly through the search bar of the software.

Return Management

Marketplace software should aid in the easy return of products availed by customers. Item returns are commonplace in the e-commerce field. This makes it imperative for the software to be conducive to returning products even when multiple middlemen are involved in the process.

Order Management

The marketplace software should make it easier for online shoppers to purchase their intended products. Convenience, flexibility, and control in purchasing should be provided to consumers through easy checkout features and quick delivery methods.

Benefits of Marketplaces Software

Top-tier marketplace software systems allow businesses to quickly sell huge numbers of stock-keeping units without having an actual inventory.

Products get organic exposure to a community of potential customers. Marketplace software also increases the credibility of the product by giving customers an accessible feedback mechanism.

The deployment, collection, and billing of products are automatically performed. This helps businesses to focus on the quality of the product itself and its marketing. This has also implications for the cost of these services bypassed by the company.

Marketplace software solutions give customers flexible pricing options through automation of payment schemes. Payment integration ensures payment is done on a regular basis on the part of the customers.

Marketplace software solutions enable companies to provide free trials for their customers. The trial period is customizable through the software dashboard provided, giving businesses control over what should be enjoyed for free and/or for how long.

Delivery and usage reports determine the performance of the company in the marketplace. This gives the company a solid figure to base their strategic decisions on.

Common Features of Marketplaces

Design A discipline geared towards deciding on visual aspects and appearances of elements.
Development A discipline focused around the creation of technological components, such as websites, software and other IT systems.
Video Support for video elements and other moving picture graphics.

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