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What is free onboarding software?

Free onboarding software solutions are designed to streamline the tasks involved in the recruitment process. When it comes to hiring and training a new employee into the workforce, a stream of responsibilities and duties are involved. Proper management of documentation and files needs to be considered when onboarding a new hire, so using a software solution to handle this is more reliable and efficient for businesses than outdated methods.

Company onboarding processes that aren't up to standard can contribute to high employee turnover and low job satisfaction, while an efficient onboarding process that incorporates processes and methods for new hires to succeed allows for greater job satisfaction and a sense of trust and loyalty to the company.

Aspects that need to be considered include preparation for their starting day, introduction to essential systems and platforms and an office and team orientation.

Most onboarding platforms offer similar features, including:

Is a checklist necessary for your employee onboarding process?

Are you interested only in free tools or do you have a designated budget to spend on a new employee onboarding tool?

Do you need multiple features with your onboarding platform?

Is a comprehensive HR tool that automates multiple aspects of your operations like onboarding and payroll processes crucial for your outfit?

Their main objective is to assist human resource departments in organizing the recruitment process and optimizing the onboarding experience. They differ according to the number of employees you have and the features you require the most.

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Enboarder 91


Enboarder creates better human connections across the entire employee journey. View Listing...

Enboarder's easy to use platform has a unique combination of automation, personalization, and manager coaching to truly solve and simplify the onboarding process for your business.

How are free onboarding software solutions used?

Free onboarding software solutions are primarily used by small businesses and startups to easily streamline the processes involved with hiring and training new employees. These systems are suitable for businesses that don’t have a human resources team available. With onboarding software, hiring managers are more equipped to deal with integrating new hires into the workplace.

Most solutions are cloud-based, allowing you to upload vital information online. Cloud-based solutions also make it easier to access regardless of where you’re currently located and let you collaborate with team members to ensure insightful feedback about the entire experience.

Enboarder, an online human resource platform, utilizes many features designed to assist businesses of all sizes. Some of its most notable functionalities include timesheet management, accounting integration, an employee portal and third party integration with popular platforms.

HR leaders use Enboarder to achieve everything they want from onboarding, from more efficient automation and personalization processes to consistently provide amazing onboarding experiences that engage both new hires and managers.

The features to consider include:

Orientation management

Through an orientation management feature, you can ensure that new employees are onboarded and orientated properly to their new workplace. This feature ensures that new hires have everything they need to succeed in their new position and see if anything is missing from their orientation that could be utilized.

Training and development

A training and development section of the platforms ensures that your new hires have access to the information and resources they need to help grow into the role. With the help of this section, you can assign training courses to your employees to learn the relevant skills needed to succeed and progress in your business.

Employee portal

One of the most functional features usually integrated with software solutions is an employee portal. The portal provides human resource teams and your employees with a cloud-based site to share important information. It also has self-service functionalities for employees, allowing them to process forms and communicate with people more efficiently.

Document management

When a new employee is hired, the relevant paperwork needs to be completed to ensure that they can be onboarded properly. A document management feature allows for all relevant documents to be in one place and allows for them to be accessed and amended at any time by a business.

What are the benefits of free onboarding software?

Free onboarding software solutions utilize onboarding tools such as applicant tracking systems, deadline setting and tracking, course management, employee portals and orientation management to optimize the entire onboarding experience. Using this system, you can improve the training and development of employees and ensure high retention rates.

Some benefits of using free onboarding software include:

Most software solutions are easy to set up, especially for small businesses with a limited number of employees, with intuitive platforms and simple, user-friendly interfaces.

Customizable processes mean you can define the most important aspects of your onboarding process and ensure that these are being utilized properly.

You can integrate other software tools in your onboarding system, such as payroll, accounting and other multi-functional HR platforms.

The software provides insightful opinions and feedback regarding the performance of a new hire and can be essential in building stronger relationships within the workforce.

Using free onboarding software streamlines the onboarding process for businesses of any size and ensures that new hires can become fully integrated into a workplace without any issues. With most solutions offering a number of benefits and extensive features, using the software will make your processes more efficient, new employees feel more comfortable and engaged and help them grow and develop into their new role quickly.

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Enboarder 91


Enboarder creates better human connections across the entire employee journey. View Listing...

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Employment Hero 85


Employment Hero is Australia’s first integrated HR Platform, transforming the way businesses manage HR through the entire employment lifecycle. Our cloud-based HR platform combines HR software, financial ... View Listing... From: $0.00/month freemium Employment Hero Pricing

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SilkRoad is a cloud-based onboarding and talent acquisition software. View Listing...

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