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What is free absence management software?

Free absence management software enables businesses and organizations of any size to easily manage and keep track of employee leaves and absences.

An absence management solution is a type of software that helps HR managers and supervisors keep track of absences, paid time offs (PTOs) and vacation leave in the workforce.

With this kind of information readily available, managers and employees will be able to communicate their concerns with each other and address any issues or concerns that may arise.

This type of attendance management software can also serve as a platform for creating monthly attendance and leave reports. By implementing absence and leave tracking, employers will be able to more effectively identify employees with good attendance records and reward them accordingly.

On the other hand, absence tracking and reporting will also allow companies to identify which of their employees are always absent or late for work and penalize them accordingly as well.

Some free absence management software solutions offer a self-service portal for managers and employees. By utilizing this portal, employees can easily send in their time-off requests as well as review their current leave balance and approvals. In the same portal, managers can use the self-service function to grant or deny time-off requests. This feature is designed to help reduce the workload of employers and HR teams.

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Freshteam is a smart HR software solution that helps organizations handle recruiting, onboarding, time off and employee information on one simple, easy-to-use platform.

How is free absence management software used?

Absence management solutions help SMBs, startups and large enterprises plan, manage and monitor employee attendance and absences. This includes their vacation and sick leaves, paid time-off, and more. Businesses, for the most part, use this type of software to properly define personnel absences as well as manage leave requests and approvals.

This type of employee management software typically incorporates local and international compliance laws to help the organization remain compliant with employment/labor laws and standards. Absence management solutions are also often utilized by the HR department and are integrated with their existing HR management software systems.

Additionally, there are two basic types of absence or attendance management system: one is a standalone product that only serves the attendance/absence aspect of employee management, while the other is an integrated module of traditional HR management suites.

Free absence management software includes features that are essential in helping businesses manage their absences, including:

Employee scheduling

While there are standalone employee scheduling tools available, a number of absence management solutions do incorporate employee scheduling as an additional function. With this feature, employers and HR managers can create weekly as well as monthly schedules, ensuring well-balanced employee shifts and work hours.

Small businesses and startups with less than 200 employees can greatly benefit from this added feature as they often don’t require unnecessarily sophisticated scheduling capabilities.

Approval/denial process control

This feature is a staple in any employee management system, including absence and leave tracking solutions. It enables you to effectively route absence and time-off requests to the appropriate managers and supervisors so they will have the responsibility of approving or denying those requests. This feature gives you control as to who will have the power to approve or deny requests pertaining to absences, leaves, PTOs and even shift changes.

FMLA tracking and compliance

Having the ability to easily manage the absences, leaves and schedules of employees is important to any organization. However, it is also crucial to ensure compliance as far as regulatory standards and requirements are concerned. This feature pertains to the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA. The tool allows you to easily track the work hours of all your managers and employees while receiving regular notifications/alerts regarding your compliance with FMLA guidelines.

Calendar management

This is a feature that goes with the approval process control function. When searching for a good absence/leave management software solution, it’s worth noting the importance of calendar management.

This will serve as your centralized calendar, which contains data that will help you track employee leave balance and absences. You may also approve or deny absence requests using the application. There are third-party calendars that can be integrated with absence management systems, but it’s nice to find one that already has the feature built-in.

Reporting capabilities

Almost all software solutions nowadays have reporting capabilities, including free absence management software. This function will allow you to generate insightful reports regarding absence patterns, assigned tasks and the clock-in/clock-out time of all your employees.

Employee portal

This is a feature that is not always available in every absence/leave management solution, regardless of whether it’s a premium or free version. Employee portals are quite useful in facilitating the whole employee management process as it allows employees to submit requests online and simply wait for the approval of their managers/supervisors.

Managers and employees can use the portal to manage leaves, PTOs and schedules and get information about their absence balance and vacation leaves.

Freshteam by Freshworks, like most software in this category, is a cloud-based solution. It is an applicant tracking software designed to assist recruiters with the sourcing, screening, interviewing and hiring process of potential candidates. The platform also offers time tracking and time off management for existing workers.

Some of its core features include candidate engagement apps, web-based feedback forms, searchable databases, a user-friendly dashboard and more.

What are the benefits of free absence management software?

Having a better understanding of the benefits of this type of software may help you decide whether a free absence management software solution can actually help you manage your entire workforce more effectively.

Some of the best benefits of using free absence management software include:

Minimize administrative workload

For HR managers, manually tracking employee time off balance and approving leave requests can take up work hours that could have been spent on other more worthwhile and productive tasks.

Absence management solutions with features like the self-service portal allow employees to view their own leave balance, file PTO requests and even manage their own shift schedules. The requests are routed to the appropriate manager or supervisor, meaning the respective manager can then approve or reject the request with just a single click.

Lower the occurrence of absentees

Absence management software keeps track of employee absence and helps generate insightful reports to help HR departments and employers identify potential absence trends.

Absence and leave tracking data can then be used to come up with the most reasonable solutions to effectively reduce absenteeism and improve employee attendance. For instance, employers and managers may introduce an organization-wide rewards program for employees with good attendance records.

Enhance workflow management

Most free absence management software is equipped with a centralized calendar feature. This calendar serves as a tool that displays scheduled leaves, paid time offs and upcoming vacation days for all staff members and employees in an organization.

With this calendar, HR managers can ask staff to prioritize specific tasks or rearrange their work queue to meet deadlines and so important assignments are completed before they go on their vacation.

This will help make sure project timelines and deadlines are maintained and never compromised even when one or two team members are on paid time off. Having advanced knowledge of an upcoming leave, especially if it involves an employee with a significant role in a project, should help managers find the appropriate personnel to fill in for the team member who’s about to go on leave.

Save time and reduce errors

An absence/leave management system can serve as a central hub for managers and employees where all leave applications will be submitted, viewed and assessed for approval.

Featuring a clean and well laid out dashboard that’s easy to understand and navigate through, users will have a clear overview of all aspects of attendance management.

Managers and supervisors will be aware ahead of time which staff members have upcoming leaves, employees will know which of their co-workers are out of the office and most importantly, department heads will have ample time to find appropriate replacements for team members who are out on leave.

Accurate and reliable employee attendance data

Free absence management software solutions have the capacity to record and store all kinds of data associated with employee attendance, absences and PTO entitlement.

The software makes it easier for managers and employees to access the data they need, especially when mobile access is made available. Most absence management platforms, though not all, have mobile app versions that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Any personnel with an account and authorized access will be able to view and edit the information stored in the management system anytime and anywhere. You will also be able to assign role-based permissions. For example, employees can only read or view the data while HR managers and supervisors will have the authority to make important changes whenever necessary.

No investment needed

Free absence management software means you can use the product without spending money and see how it fits in your current employee management procedures. From here, you can make an informed assessment as to whether it’s worth investing in, all without having to make a major dent in your spending budget.

This type of software is ideal for small businesses and startups that don’t have the budget to invest in expensive HR management solutions with built-in leave tracking and absence reporting functionalities. Opting for free software versions is also perfect for when you’re just getting into this software category and have no idea what you actually need in terms of features and capabilities.

Using free absence management software allows organizations to easily manage and keep track of employee absences. paid time offs (PTOs) and vacation leave in the workforce. When used effectively, it can increase company productivity, the collaboration between employees and help businesses save money, time and resources by reducing absentees.

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