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Analytics software is a must for any business that has a large volume of structured data. New business models, improvements in website operational performance, the discovery of new markets and more can be discerned with Analytics software. There are a wide array of metrics that can help businesses make sense of their data from past and present campaigns, and customer behavior, ensuring that businesses can make more informed decisions by being able to self-evaluate their performance. The following is a list of the best Analytics software.

This ranking was published on November 09, 2017. For the most up-to-date Crozscores, user reviews and other information please have a look at the full list of Analytics products.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (54)

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The most widely used web analytics solution and one of the most powerful, Google Analytics has a wide array of analytics metrics that will be useful for any website. It has solutions for eCommerce, Adwords, campaigns and much more. In addition, it is cost-effective as it operates on a freemium pricing plan. More Information...

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg (62)

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Crazy Egg is an analytics software that has excellent A/B testing & heatmaps capabilities. With Crazy Egg, you can find out what works for your website and what doesn’t, and it does this by tracking how visitors interact with your website, even down to mouse movements and clicks. You can find out what users clicked on, what they ignored, and where they came from. More Information...


KISSmetrics (48)

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KISSmetrics is an analytics platform that will help you understand how people are interacting with your website. At its core, KISSmetrics is a behavioral analytics and email campaign automation software. It has in depth behavior reports, funnel leak identification and A/B testing among a range of other features that give you the insight to identify roadblocks and the confidence to remove them. More Information...


Mixpanel (257)

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Understand every user’s journey, with Mixpanel. This product will give you a wealth of insights and the ability to analyze complex behavior and get answers within a matter of minutes. Best of all, Mixpanel is easy to use. Every snippet of information is comprehensible and easily digestible. More Information...


Hotjar (131)

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Hotjar is a software that provides an intuitive way of determining how users interact with your website. It has a wide range of features, including heatmaps, conversion analysis, feedback polls, surveys, and even recordings, which gives you the ability to watch the playback of real visitors interacting with your website. More Information...


Woopra (133)

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A customer data and analytics platform, Woopra will give you key insights into your customer data. Some of its features include customer profiles, automation, application connections and real-time analytics. Woopra is a complete package, giving you the ability to assess your customer data from every angle and build better segmentation. More Information...


Segment (98)

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Segment is an analytics and customer data API platform. In essence, this product will give you the ability to use one API for all of your data needs. Segment makes it easy to store and distribute data across countless other applications that you may use, freeing you up with more time to do the things that matter most for your business. More Information...


Qlik (180)

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Qlik is an analytics platform that allows users to build and embed attractive analytics into any application. Qlik has a staggering amount of possibilities that will let users be as creative as they want. Whether it's dashboards, reports, client-side APIs, and integrations into existing business workflow applications, Qlik will open the doors to deeper analysis. More Information...


Izenda (49)

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Izenda is a great resource for viewing and analyzing real-time data and creating reports. It is an embedded self-service analytics platform that is built for software companies and their customers, giving them the ability to enhance their applications with dynamic reports and attractive dashboards. More Information...


Countly (16)

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Countly is an open source data analytics solution that can offer real-time mobile analytics.This product lets you gather data from a wide array of sources. It has analytics solutions for desktop, web, game, IoT and professional services, all of which can be accessed on a single dashboard. More Information...


TrendKite (10)

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TrendKite is a PR analytics software with a clean and easy to use interface. It will give you the ability to measure you PR impact and communicate findings to executives through interactive presentations. In addition, you can pinpoint journalists with the right credentials, so you don’t waste time with unqualified contacts. More Information...


SessionCam (7)

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Improve the usability of your website with SessionCam, a customer experience analytics software that will show you how customers use your website. The software primarily comprises of session replay functionality, heatmaps and form analytics. Additional features include a machine-learning algorithm which pinpoints problem areas of your website. More Information...

Logi Info

Logi Info (0)

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Logi Info is a widely used embedded analytics platform. With this software, you will be able to determine why users behave the way they do on your website. It has a wide range of features, including behavior detection metrics, heatmaps, segmentation, error reports and behavior alerts which let you know as soon as there is a significant shift in behavior. More Information...

Decibel Insight

Decibel Insight (0)

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Decibel Insight has all of the customer experience metrics that you need to improve your website. With Decibel Insight, you will be able to use advanced algorithms that tell you how visitors are using your website. Pinpoint areas where users are frustrated or where errors are occurring and fix them to enhance the user experience. More Information...

Performance Analyzer

Performance Analyzer (3)

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An analytics software with a wide range of features to use at your disposal. Performance Analyzer will give users the ability to delve deep into the data behind a business operation in order to give more insight into their operations and for ways to make sense of unstructured data. Find Disk I/O bottlenecks, determine memory issues, and track cluster usage with Performance Analyzer. More Information...

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