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What is vacation rental software?

Vacation rental software facilitates the key processes associated with managing short-term/vacation rental properties, client management, online booking and facility maintenance. It is designed to help lighten the load for rental property managers, landlords and owners.

As a rental management software solution, the platform helps rental property companies and vacation rental owners manage customer satisfaction during their vacation. It is a great tool for property managers and vacation rental firms to help them keep track of daily responsibilities and guest traffic, which is a little different from managing long-term rentals.

A vacation rental business often deals with different customers in a relatively short time. These properties could be anywhere in the world and with some property managers owning multiple properties, it’s important to have a platform that can assist with vacation rental management and maintenance.

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Hosthub 89


Hosthub is the top #1 rated Channel Manager & PMS for vacation rentals. Hosthub has everything you need to manage your properties effortlessly and reliably. View Listing...

Syncbnb is a calendar synchronization tool for vacation rental homeowners and property managers that want to list their property on multiple channels. Syncbnb utilizes cutting-edge software, Advanced AI and Human Quality Assurance to ensure 100% success rate in updating calendars and offer a solution to the most important problem of current channel managers.

How is vacation rental software used by rental property managers?

While hotels and other similar establishments typically use hotel management software systems, vacation rentals utilize solutions that have more in common with property management platforms.

Vacation rental software solutions integrate some of the most useful features of hotel management systems with many of the tools and functions required to efficiently manage a vacation rental property.

They successfully combine all the important functions of hotel management and property management systems to deliver a software solution that serves the needs of a vacation rental property owner and manager.

Some of these features include website management, calendar functions, booking management, document management, maintenance management, billing and invoicing and accounting.

Website builder

Website management also includes a website builder. This is a tool that enables users to create a professional-looking website that houses all the key information about their vacation rental property, including photos, dimensions, reviews, pricing and other important details any potential guest might need before booking the property.

Booking calendar

Calendar and booking functions are features used by the property owner/manager and potential guests interested in a holiday rental. The booking tool allows you to keep track of who is renting your property and in which time period, thus preventing double-booking and reservation errors.

The tool also lets you keep a comprehensive record of past renters and the booking engine allows potential clients to book the property or make the reservation at a later date.

The calendar function provides users with a detailed, fully automated and customized calendar containing all the booked reservations and important facilities management schedules. The tool also lets you set reminders and alerts regarding critical management responsibilities that need your attention.

This function also serves as a guest management solution, as it enables you to send out alerts and reminders to future guests about their reservation.

Billing and invoicing

The billing and invoicing functions are often integrated with the accounting capabilities of the vacation rental property management software. It lets you create invoices as well as process payments from your guests, which can include deposits for reservations and online booking.

Maintenance management

Vacation rental owners are aware of the fact that maintaining a short-term rental property can be challenging, especially during the peak months when guest traffic is at its highest.

The maintenance management feature covers the cleaning schedules, potential maintenance problems and work orders. This is one of the platforms that will help you keep your vacation/holiday rental property in the best condition for future guests.

Document management

Document management is another feature that you might find quite useful when running a vacation rental business.

With this feature, you will be able to produce marketing and promotional materials to get more bookings. With customizable templates, you may also use it to create professional rental agreements for future guests as well as manage other important documents and emails.

A good example of vacation rental software is Syncbnb. Syncbnb is a cloud-based software solution that allows short-term rental property owners to effectively manage their properties through synchronization across multiple distribution channels.

The platform is designed to provide a centralized view of rental properties and the availability of those properties, bookings and reservations, ensuring you will have better control over your vacation rental business.

What are the benefits of using vacation rental software?

Using vacation rental software can provide many benefits to property owners and managers who operate in this industry. The main benefits and advantages of using this type of software include:

Direct bookings

Another great advantage with this particular software is being able to handle direct online bookings. Most people today use the internet when searching for any kind of product or service, including vacation rentals and accommodations. Providing potential customers the ability to book reservations online, using either a traditional computer or their smartphone, can really help your vacation rental business thrive, especially in a highly competitive industry.

Save time and resources

Using a good vacation rental software solution can also help you save time and resources by automating administrative tasks. Vacation rental property management can be a difficult and time-consuming undertaking, especially when you’re dealing with multiple properties.

Even if you’re managing just one-holiday rental, dealing the paperwork, the website and the online booking can still cost you a lot of time. This is where you’ll find the true value of this type of software.

It can help automate key tasks and processes and manage your vacation rentals from a web browser or mobile device, saving money, time and resources for all involved.

Professional appearance

Through the website builder, invoicing and inbuilt calendar functions, the property owner can professionally manage and maintain their properties using this type of platform. They can create a more professional website, invoice using branded or personalized documents and provide quality service.

This can help increase customer satisfaction in their experience and potentially increase repeat bookings.

Vacation rental software solutions can help rental property owners and managers efficiently take care of their property in all aspects, from the administrative side to marketing and maintenance. It allows vacation rental owners to easily organize all their business affairs from one place, saving them time, money and effort.

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iGMS 90


iGMS is a professional all-in-one vacation rental software with direct integration to major platforms such as Airbnb/ Start a free 14-day trial. View Listing... From: $14.00/month trial/premium iGMS Pricing


Hosthub 89


Hosthub is the top #1 rated Channel Manager & PMS for vacation rentals. Hosthub has everything you need to manage your properties effortlessly and reliably. View Listing... From: $35.00/month trial/premium Hosthub Pricing


Lodgify 84


Lodgify’s innovative software empowers vacation rental owners to create their own mobile-ready website with a booking engine, manage reservations and sync external calendars. View Listing... From: $9.00/month trial/premium

9 Award(s)

Rentals United 82


Rentals United is a next generation channel manager for vacation rentals. The cloud-based software distributes availability, rates, and property info onto 60+ booking sites. View Listing... From: $58.00/month premium only

8 Award(s)

Tokeet 82


The most advanced vacation rental management software available for vacation rental owners & managers. View Listing... From: $9.99/month trial/premium

3 Award(s)

Vreasy 67


Empower your vacation rental business. Built-in channel manager, master calendar, total automation, and guest experience platform. View Listing... From: $99.00/month trial/premium Vreasy Pricing

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