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A performance management system helps managers and HR personnel create precise job profiles and expectations, allowing them to set objectives that align with their organization’s goals and mission.

This software category is considered a major component of a much broader human resources software suite. This is because employee performance management is among the core HR processes that involve managing and nurturing human capital. Good performance management software allows for timely and labor-intensive processes to be streamlined and automated, giving HR teams, project leaders and managers more free time to address other areas of concern in their operation. The data that are captured when conducting an employee performance appraisal can also be used to improve the pay-performance connection, increase employee engagement, leverage long-term competency management, maximize productivity, minimize cycle times and utilize cost-effective labor spending.

An open-source performance management system is a different category of software but offers the same functions and capabilities. It is the same as any commercial performance management tool, with the exception that the source code of that particular software program is available to the client/user, allowing them to do whatever they want with it. They can inspect the source code freely, make small modifications to it, improve upon it or use it as a foundation for building a fully custom performance management application that addresses the unique and complex requirements of an organization. Free and open-source software is primarily designed to be publicly accessible, although there are developers that offer the source code only to their clients/customers.

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How Is Open-Source Performance Management System Used by SMBs?

For most people, when they hear the term open source, one of the first things that come to mind is timely and labor-intensive programming. If the only thing that you know about open-source software systems is that it involves lots of coding and programming language expertise, then obviously it’s going to be intimidating, especially if you know nothing about the matter.

However, just because you’re dealing with an open-source performance management system, doesn’t mean you’re going to have to learn programming or that you need to invest in professional coders and programmers. The goal of an open-source system is to build and nurture a community of like-minded individuals who can help each other with enhancing and customizing a software solution that they can all benefit from. So, you don’t know how to write code but know that there are others in your community that can do it for you for free or for small compensation. This is the beauty of the open-source community.

Open-source performance management solutions can be utilized by businesses of all sizes, whether it’s a small business, a mid-market company or a large enterprise. The key difference is that most large companies have more resources and therefore won’t have any trouble opting for open-source systems. They can just have their IT department customize the application to fit their performance review needs. When it comes to small and midsize businesses, however, resources can be limited, especially when it comes to their development operations or DevOps. But this doesn’t mean SMBs can benefit from using a good open-source performance management platform.

Open-source performance management systems are just like any other commercial performance management software. They are equipped with the same basic features and tools that are vital to the implementation of an effective employee evaluation process. First off, just like modern management software, most open-source performance management systems are web-based. Hence, you don’t normally need to install the software locally. This is the preferred deployment option for most businesses and organizations nowadays, because it’s cheaper and it requires little to no maintenance.

Cloud-based performance management solutions are equipped with a variety of features that are very useful in many HR processes, including proper employee evaluation and performance reviews. One of these is the 360 degree feedback tools. With this feature, employees are able to receive constructive performance feedback from their managers, supervisors, reporting teams as well as their peers or co-workers. They can also use the function to give performance feedback to their colleagues and their superiors. 360-degree feedback is a constant process and is far more effective than traditional annual performance reviews.

Another great feature that both commercial and open-source performance management solutions offer is self-assessment. This is where employees manage their own performance appraisals and feedback. It enables them to rate themselves and review their own performance based on specific parameters like completed goals and objectives, assigned tasks they’ve accomplished and the projects they’ve previously worked on. The self-assessment function is not about allowing employees to rate their own performance for the sake of boosting their own ego. It’s about giving them the opportunity to assess their performance so they can identify their areas of improvement.

Employee collaboration tools are another component that a good open-source performance management system can offer. If you’re a small or medium-sized business that often works on projects that require extensive collaboration with internal teams or even outside sources, a performance management solution can help create meaningful relationships among the members of your team, whether they’re outsourced or are geographically dispersed. The software can open a communication channel that helps to simplify the dialogue and the sharing of feedback among team members.

Continuous real-time feedback and coaching are functions that are commonly integrated into modern performance management systems. These feedback management tools can help develop a culture of constant development and improvement through continuous employee performance evaluations and guidance. Many of the top performance management solutions in the market value continuous feedback and coaching because it works.

The traditional yearly performance reviews are still being implemented, but if you’re looking to improve employee productivity and efficiency, you need a tool that can provide meaningful performance insights continuously and in real-time. This has become a significant aspect of modern human resources and talent management.

Open-Source Performance Management Software Benefits

The best open-source performance management system can do wonders for your business, regardless of the size or scale of your operation. While there are paid open-source solutions out there, there are also plenty that are free to use. If you’re a small business owner or a startup, with a limited budget, that’s looking to improve employee performance through proper continuous and 360-degree feedback, a free and open-source application is a viable option.

If you’re looking to use a performance management solution in order to gain actionable insights into the performance trend of each of your employees, open-source systems are more than capable of capturing that kind of data. Good open-source performance management software systems are often equipped with powerful employee analytics. This functionality can play a huge part in identifying the top performers in your organizations as well as the performance trend of each individual employee.

Managers and HR teams will have complete access to multiple reports that are generated by the system, allowing them to create various talent management strategies and development plans that will suit each employee, depending on their strengths and weaknesses. This function will also help optimize your goal management process. Goal management or goal setting is a process that involves human resources and managers and the creation of prioritized objectives and goals according to the competencies of each employee. A good open-source performance management system can make this process easier and more effective.

The biggest benefit of all, when it comes to implementing free and open-source performance management tools, is how it can help motivate employees without having to spend a lot of money on premium solutions. When used properly, open-source performance management can be just as effective as any commercial performance management software. They are all equipped with the same basic features and tools after all. Through ongoing performance tracking, managers can closely monitor employee performance and provide continuous feedback by simply creating and implementing a good employee evaluation program that employees can easily get onboard with.

The performance appraisal process is a vital component in talent management as it enables employees to better understand their role within the organization. The process can give them valuable insights into what skills they need to develop in order to become more effective at their jobs. It can help them identify their strengths so they can capitalize on them, as well as pinpoint their weaknesses so they can start working on them and convert them into something that they can add to their strengths list. It also allows individuals to help out their colleagues by giving them honest and actionable feedback.

When your employees are performing to their potential, the results can be beneficial to your organization as a whole. An open-source performance management system can be a good jumping-off point for small businesses and startups that want to start tracking employee performance with the least cost possible.


Modern businesses and organizations need a software solution that can help optimize and streamline the performance review process, regardless of business size or industry. Performance management systems are the kind of software solutions that can help HR departments and managers implement an effective performance appraisal program that will equally benefit the employee and the organization they work for. However, one of the most common concerns that many businesses have when it comes to investing in any kind of software is the cost. This is especially true for small businesses and startups.

A good open-source performance management system is a viable option if you’re concerned about your budget or your ability to implement a consistent performance review process. Most open-source systems are free to use and contrary to popular belief, are usually very user-friendly.

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