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Free instant messaging software is a free-to-use app that enables users to exchange text-based messages in real time, allowing for efficient information sharing, team communication and collaboration.

Instant messaging is the practice or method of real-time online communication, connecting two or more individuals virtually. Instant messaging apps come in different forms. There are standalone business instant messaging tools and then there are those that are fully integrated or built into specific software solutions like employee engagement software, employee intranet software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, employee tracking software, employee evaluation software, ecommerce software, project management software, etc. A cloud-based standalone instant messaging platform is designed to facilitate voice and video calls, virtual meetings and conferencing, file sharing, text-based exchanges and even screen sharing, all in real time.

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes across different industries use instant messaging, chat apps and other digital communications tools for dynamic and efficient video conferencing, information-sharing and collaboration. There are two basic categories of instant messaging apps, one is business-oriented instant messaging solutions and the other is personal or individual-grade instant messaging tools. Both types have free versions available, depending on the vendor or the developer. This means that free instant messaging software is available in the business category as well as the personal-use type of app. A good example of this is the instant messaging tool that comes free in virtually every social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook (Meta) with Facebook messenger and Twitter.

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How Is Free Instant Messaging Software Used in a Typical Business Environment?

Free instant messaging software for personal or individual-use are often incorporated into social media platforms, which have become a free or inexpensive alternative to costly telecom plans with the old SMS messaging and data plans with proprietary group chat tools. Today’s instant messaging apps afford billions of individual consumers with cheap and highly efficient personal chatting capabilities due to the significant advancements in texting capabilities, voice and video communications, the availability of GIFs, stickers and other media, as well as the support for different operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and other desktop or mobile systems.

While instant messaging is free for personal use, free instant messaging software for the business setting is not as commonly available as a totally free tool. However, the technology is more often integrated or built into a more comprehensive business process solution, which in essence is free when you purchase or subscribe to a business solution like an employee tracking system, for example, or a field service management solution, a VoIP service, CRM or fleet management software. All of these software solutions are typically equipped with built-in communication tools that offer private and team messaging capabilities.

Instant messaging or IM applications are widely used by all kinds of businesses and organizations. The same technology used in personal IM apps is being implemented on the majority of business IM tools and applications. Moreover, almost all instant messaging software, regardless of who or which entity it caters to, are often equipped with the same basic feature set. A good example is Google Workspace, a centralized platform for cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, as well as other software products from Google. This free platform is also equipped with Google Chat, which is Google’s version of free instant messaging.

Google Workspace is great for personal use as well as for business purposes, thanks to its rich administrative features, enhanced protection and security protocols, as well as its fully integrated productivity and collaboration tools like Gmail, Calendar, Google Meet, Google chat, etc. Google Chat was, in fact, initially designed for teams and businesses, but has since become a free instant messaging tool for general consumers. There are business process solutions as well that are designed to be open for integration with Google apps, which means business users will also benefit from Google’s free instant messaging software solutions, such as Google Chat, Hangouts, Meet, etc.

There are plenty of core features and tools that are available in both free and premium instant messaging solutions, which are pretty useful in a business setting. One of these is of course the chat function. The live chat function is one of the core features of any instant messaging tool, giving users the ability to communicate with multiple individuals simultaneously through a secure chat server. Another important feature is mobile integration. Through native mobile apps like Facebook Messenger, for instance, users can receive instant messages and notifications through their smartphones, tablets and other capable mobile devices.

In addition to mobile integration, there are free instant messaging software solutions that allow for third-party integrations as well. While this particular feature is virtually inherent in paid or premium applications, you may have to look for it in the free versions of cloud-based business-oriented instant messaging apps. This feature allows you to connect your instant messaging tool with other third-party systems that facilitate or extend your data exchange capabilities.

Aside from the text-based chat function, instant messaging platforms are also often equipped with video chat capabilities, regardless of whether they’re designed for individual consumer or business use. In a business setting, employees and teams can efficiently communicate face-to-face with their co-workers and team members via the webcam on their desktop or laptop computers, as well as the front-facing camera on their smartphones and tablets. This is an effective video conferencing tool for businesses, allowing them to conduct face-to-face meetings with colleagues and stakeholders across the globe via the internet.

Finally, there’s the file sharing, screen sharing and notification functions, which are just as crucial as any of the aforementioned features, especially in a business environment. The file sharing function lets you share contracts, video/audio clips, images, etc. effortlessly via the instant messaging app, which is very useful during meetings as you don’t have to use a separate app just to be able to share important files with the other people in your meeting.

The screen sharing function is the same as file sharing, but instead of sharing files, you can share your screen with other individuals in your chat/conference room. This is useful if you’re conducting a presentation, for example, and you wish to share slides, graphs and other important graphical data to colleagues and stakeholders. The notifications feature, on the other hand, is all about providing users with the control they need in terms of how and when they will be alerted whenever a new message comes in.

Most, if not all, of these features are quite basic and should come with your free instant messaging software. They may also be available in a number of free and open-source instant messaging solutions as well as premium productivity and collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of Free Instant Messaging Software

Regardless of the size of the business, whether they’re a small company with a handful of employees or a large-scale organization with hundreds if not thousands of employees, almost all of them are using some type of instant messaging tool to facilitate better communication and collaboration. A free instant messaging software solution is typically the ideal choice for smaller businesses and startups that just wants a tool that will allow multiple individuals or team members to communicate with each other with ease and efficiency.

The main purpose of using instant messaging tools in a business setting is to ensure a consistent, efficient and speedy form of communication among employees, especially those who are geographical dispersed or are working from different locations and even time zones. Instant messaging apps, free or not, are also very useful for collaborative purposes. This is very evident when it comes to project development where some of the team members might be working from satellite offices—or from home even—which is already very common in a post-pandemic world.

If you’re running a small business that has limited financial resources, opting for free instant messaging software is certainly not a bad option, especially if you’re only looking to optimize the communications capability of your business operation. The Facebook Messenger app, for example, should suffice for basic communication in the workplace. It has instant messaging, voice and video call capabilities, as well as image and video sharing. Another option that is also beneficial for small businesses is free and open-source instant messaging apps. Whatever software they choose to implement, a good instant messaging tool can help individuals and team members efficiently communicate with each other.

With the implementation of native mobile applications, instant messaging solutions are also capable of connecting people all around the world. If you’re a business owner or a team leader, for example, and you’re trying to hire a remote employee for your team, it doesn’t matter where they are located, you can easily conduct face-to-face interviews via video calls and get to know all the applicants as if you’re all in the same room.


In this day and age, instant messaging apps have become a staple in the current technology stack of both individual consumers and businesses. Whether it’s through social media, open-source platforms or fully integrated business process solutions, there are plenty of free instant messaging software that can facilitate the need for efficient and streamlined communication.

For small businesses and startups, an instant messaging app that is either available for free or sold for cheap is often the logical option, especially if there’s just no room in their budget for a premium application. These free apps are typically equipped with all the basic features and capabilities that a business user might need to communicate on a daily basis.

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