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Project Management Software for Creative Agencies

Creative project management software solutions are designed to assist with and enhance operations for creative professionals, agencies, and teams. Creative agencies primarily use this software solution as a way to improve collaboration among their creative staff, streamline workflows, make the sharing of ideas and communications more accessible as well as keep important dates and deadlines well-organized.

In order to stay on top of competitors, creative agencies must be able to deliver high-quality results in a cost-effective and timely manner. This is where creative project management software solutions can bridge the gap between managing creative talent and streamlining key processes in order to take on more projects.

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Workamajig Platinum

Workamajig Platinum 82

168 ratings

The #1 Project Management Software for Ad Agencies and In-House Creative Teams. View Listing...

Workamajig is tailor made specifically to meet the requirements of creative firms. The fully-featured solution provides project management, collaboration, accounting, CRM, digital proofing, and media management capabilities.

How is creative project management software used by creative agencies?

Tackling creative projects can be tough, especially when each individual project presents a unique set of challenges that need to be overcome. This is why proper task management is vital when dealing with creative projects and teams working together to accomplish the same objective.

Facilitate Project Collaboration

Creative project management software helps users to become more efficient in accomplishing tasks through collaboration. This type of software provides a wide variety of collaborative tools including real-time chat and centralized data access. This means anyone on the creative team can easily communicate with other members, share files, and obtain any information they need from one database to ensure data accuracy and consistency.

Enhance Productivity

Software solutions like these also help to eliminate, or at least minimize, the need for manual input as the majority of key daily processes are covered through automation. Project managers can generate quality reports with ease, in a way that is comprehensible to stakeholders and clients.

Another quality of using a creative project management solution is that most of the products out in the market are mobile-friendly, meaning they work on just about any wireless device, be it a smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android.

Working with a creative team can be hectic and most often time-intensive. You’re getting requests left and right, but your resources are almost always limited. Smaller agencies and startups face tight deadlines with even tighter resources and budgets. Needless to say, this situation can push creative teams to the edge in terms of workloads and not having enough time to complete project tasks and assignments.

Transparent Progress Tracking

More often the not, the main issue with handling a creative project is communication and delayed or missing feedback and status updates. This problem will come into play when you have one team member waiting on another team member to finish a task before they can do theirs. In this scenario, communication, regular status updates, and feedback are crucial. 

With a creative project management software solution, however, most of these issues can be mitigated as each individual team member can work independently while establishing constant communication and feedback, as well as real-time status updates to keep each other informed on their progress.

There are several project management software solutions that can be implemented to facilitate key processes: Workamajig, Function Point, and Streamtime are just three examples of creative project management software that will work perfectly for virtually any creative project that might come your way.

Workamajig, for instance, is a great software solution for creative agencies and teams. It covers a variety of aspects in the creative process, including agency management, traffic and resource management, CRM and sales, finance and accounting management, and of course, creative management. Workamajig Platinum is the most recent release, which is completely built in HTML5 and boasts a very responsive design so users will have complete access to its features and functionality with any device.

What are the benefits of creative project management software?

Regardless of the type of project you or your team is working on, dealing with workflow processes is an inescapable challenge for every project manager. And when a creative agency has invested in a workflow management solution, then that is where most of the creative team’s time is more likely spent on.

A creative project management solution is designed to improve workflow. This is one of the many advantages of implementing this kind of software. Project managers and creative decision-makers will have the ability to easily define core processes for the rest of the team members to follow. Team leaders can set key processes so they include the important tasks needed to complete the project.

In addition to setting up the processes and tasks, project leads may also set the flow of the assigned tasks, how it’s going to go, the transition process, file sharing, access to the required information, and other relevant resources associated with the completion of the project, like images, videos, and other forms of content.

Creative project management software systems also offer seamless communication for team members as well as the client. While email is still a popular means of communication over the internet, it’s not well-suited for real-time communication, especially within a teamwork project. Chat tools, messaging boards, and file-sharing solutions are more applicable to this kind of working environment. As such, these solutions enable project managers to easily create a chat group for the team—and the client for their input—so they can communicate, share files, and ideas easily with any device.

Efficient file management and project templates are also among the key benefits of using project management software for creatives. The platform allows users to store and easily access files through a seamless file management system. Templates are available, as well, for different types of projects.

While there are unique projects, some of them are more common than others, like emails, e-books, landing pages, and so on. These types of creative projects can greatly benefit from a professionally made template, which cuts down on the initial work time to get set up and going with a new project.

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Paymo helps your team work better by getting everyone on the same page. Planning, scheduling, task management & time tracking integrated in one app. View Listing...

Champion 90

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An easy and intuitive tool for your team to plan, track, and organize work View Listing...

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Freedcamp 90

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Freedcamp allows you to quickly access and manage every project in your life. One place to stay organized, updated, and productive. View Listing...

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Scoro 89

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Scoro is an all-in-one business management software designed to bring your team, projects, sales, and reports together. View Listing...


Teamwork Projects 88

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Teamwork creates business management applications for teams of all sizes & industries, so you can be more efficient, organized & happy. View Listing...

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Asana 88

7261 ratings

Asana facilitates effective teamwork by keeping communication and task management in one place. View Listing...

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Mavenlink 88

382 ratings

Mavenlink is an enterprise-grade business and project management solution for professional services & businesses. View Listing...

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FunctionFox 87

78 ratings

FunctionFox is the leading provider of simple, online timesheet & project management software for creative professionals & In-House groups. Demo available on our website! View Listing...


Float 87

26 ratings

Visual resource planning for teams. Since 2012, Float has been helping the world’s top creative teams plan their projects and manage their team's time. View Listing...


Zoho Projects 86

212 ratings

An online project management software that helps its users plan their work, keep track of progress and collaborate with ease. View Listing...

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ActiveCollab 86

86 ratings

ActiveCollab is the project management software that gives you complete control over your work. Make Real Work happen now! View Listing...

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Wrike 86

1957 ratings

Manage multiple Enterprise projects from start to finish with Wrike. Perfect for your Marketing, Creative, Operations, IT, and Project teams of over 20 people. View Listing...

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Workfront 86

1440 ratings

Workfront is a web-based work management and project management software. View Listing...


Basecamp 86

5051 ratings

Basecamp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool. View Listing...

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ProofHub 85

54 ratings

Project management software that helps teams to plan, collaborate, organize and deliver projects. Try us "FREE" for 30 days- Lifelong Love, guaranteed! View Listing...

1 Award(s)
Product Leader

Forecast 85

29 ratings

Forecast helps you execute large projects effectively without compromising on time, quality, budget or other projects. View Listing...

1 Award(s)
Product Leader

Podio 85

159 ratings

Podio is a freemium cloud-based project management and collaboration service. View Listing...


Clarizen 84

113 ratings

Clarizen is an enterprise-class project management and work collaboration solution. View Listing...

1 Award(s)

iMeet Central 83

0 ratings

iMeet Central is project management, collaboration, file-sharing, and workflows tool. View Listing...


Workamajig Platinum 82

168 ratings

The #1 Project Management Software for Ad Agencies and In-House Creative Teams. View Listing...


Nifty 79

1 ratings

Nifty is an all-in-one project management workspace that combines project management, teamwork, and client collaboration in one place. View Listing...

Market Leader

Streamtime 78

2 ratings

Streamtime is project management software for creative businesses. We believe in creating tools that treat creatives as humans, not robots. View Listing...


Screendragon 77

0 ratings

Screendragon is a leading cloud-based project, resource & workflow management solution designed for the needs of mid-large sized marketing, agency & professional services. View Listing...

Market Leader

Hub Planner 73

4 ratings

Resource Scheduling | Project Planning | Time Tracking | Reporting | Vacation Leave | Billing & Budget Management | Custom Fields | Smart Groups | API | Project Tasks & Phases View Listing...

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