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Video Editing & 3D Software

What is free video editing and 3D software?

Video editing apps, more commonly referred to as video editing software, are platforms that give users the ability to create and edit high-quality videos for various purposes, which includes promotional, education and entertainment video clips.

Free video editing software is the cheaper or low-cost alternative to premium video editing platforms. This type of software is ideal for those who are just starting to get into the video and audio editing process. You can be someone who’s just doing it for recreational purposes or you can be a small business owner looking to capitalize on high-quality video presentations to market your company.

Just like free video editors, free video editing and 3D software is the cost-effective version of professional 3D video editing apps, which can be rather expensive and not ideal for beginners. 3D video editing software has the capability to process 3D videos using a separate video editing technology.

As 3D videos have an extra dimension compared to standard videos, editing them will require dedicated editing software, although some video editing tools are designed so they are fully capable of processing both standard and 3D videos.

Modern free video editing solutions are equipped with amazing visual effects and other cool features. Most of them are optimized for various operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

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Rocketium 88


Rocketium is an agile CreativeOps platform that helps enterprises take their communications to market faster and at lower costs. View Listing...

Rocketium is an easy-to-use and intuitive video creation platform that improves and refines the editing process. It has simple tools that enhance the videos of individuals and advanced and complex features that improve the videos of businesses.

How is free video editing and 3D software used?

Free video editing software is an ideal solution for people who are just now getting into video editing. It’s not reasonable for a beginner to just go out and buy premium video editing apps without knowing how to use them. Gone were the days when you had to spend a ton of money on premium video and audio editing software, without even knowing if it’s ever going to help you with your marketing efforts.

Nowadays, almost every premium video editor has a free version that you can try and practice on. And if that’s not what you’re looking for, there are standalone free video editing software platforms you can easily install to your computer or mobile devices.

Most free video editing tools includes intuitive features and functionality such as:

Import video clips of different file formats

One of the most basic features you can expect from a video editing tool, whether it’s a premium or a free version, is the ability to import video clips. Almost all video editing solutions use a standard media browser tool, which everyone is familiar with, to let users import clips stored in their system and navigate through their operating system to look for files.

Another feature most free video editing software comes with nowadays is the ability to process a wide variety of video file formats. There are many different file types being used when it comes to videos, which include MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, AVCHD, M4V, OGG, MPG and MPEG just to name a few. There are loads of different file formats out there so you want video editing apps that are capable of processing most, if not all, widely used video file types.

Titles to sequence automation

This particular feature is perfect for when you come across a need to place a number of titles in a sequence. The editing software lets you create a series of markers throughout the runtime of the video in which the titles should be placed. This feature is extremely useful in the video creation process.

Audio level conformity

This feature will let you select multiple video and audio clips with different sound levels and set them so they all conform to the same exact audio level.

Top and tail editing capability

This is a fundamental function in all video editing software. It enables users to cut the in (top) or out (tail) point of video clips and ripples all neighboring clips in the timeline once the edit is completed. The top and tail editing process can be time-consuming and difficult, but video editing apps mitigate this by employing a click-and-drag and/or drag-and-drop method to make the whole process as user-friendly as possible and to ensure the best experience for the end-user.

Mobile video editing

In recent years, professional-level video editing apps for smartphones and tablets started to become more and more popular. Because of this growing trend, more vendors of video editing tools began introducing mobile app versions of their products to provide an even more seamless process for users on the go.

Of the many different free video editing software in the market, Rocketium is an ideal solution for those looking for free editing software. It is a video creation and editing platform that is user-friendly and highly intuitive.

It comes with a wide variety of features like stock and premium content, themes and templates, image editing, subtitling, accelerated media upload, motion graphics, video trimmer, custom voiceover, multi-language support, advanced styling and so much more.

What are the benefits of free video editing and 3D software?

The advancements in video editing technology have made it possible for free video editing software to be just as robust and fully capable as any premium editing solution used by many professionals in various industries. For business and marketing businesses, video editing tools have become an integral part of a marketing team’s efforts for facilitating video marketing campaigns and strategies.

They include many benefits for the user, including:

No need for plug-ins.

Today’s video editing apps do not require users to install any plug-ins just to run them. This applies to computer-based and mobile-based applications. All you have to do is install the free software on your computer or mobile device, record the video using your smartphone or a digital camera and edit the video footage using the free video editor.

Enhanced video quality.

Just because you’re using free video editing software, doesn’t mean you’re going to end up with poorly edited videos. Nowadays, even the free version of a less well-known video editing platform is capable of producing high-quality videos with the number of features you are essentially getting for free.

Some video editors even allow you to convert poor-quality video clips into high-resolution videos. Others offer the appropriate tools that will enable you to transform 2D videos to 3D.

Low minimum investment

In the past, you would require the services of a professional to have your videos edited. Of course, this also means spending a lot of money for that service. With video editing apps easily accessible and completely free, there hasn’t been as much need to pay for professional editors as it was in the past.

All you have to do is download any free video editor on the App Store or Google Play and start practicing until you are confident you can start producing high-quality videos on your own, with your newly acquired editing skills.

Add music and special effects.

With most great video editing tools, it’s easy to add audio and visual effects to your videos. After all, the whole point of a video editing solution is to make the editing process more accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill or experience with video and audio editing.

Top-tier video editing platforms come with a comprehensive library of stock audio and other special effects that you can use to make your videos more engaging and pleasurable to watch.

When used effectively, free video editing software can help users of all abilities and from all industries create engaging content and videos to assist with their marketing and promotional campaigns. The software can also be used by individuals and anybody who wishes to create better videos for whatever purpose.

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